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Abba change to Dad

Because of Tang Gang Weibo, the news media is bustling, especially Science and Technology section, which is almost all about Red Letter.

Nowadays, the influence of Red Letter as a “brand” is growing, and every time a new product is launching, it has made countless red powders waiting!

Lu Zixin is busy with more important things when fans and media speculate.

The quantum computer displayed by Red Letter Group at Supercomputing Conference has attracted the attention of relevant state departments.

This epoch-making science and technology product has great potential not only in business and civil use, but also in military defense.

In a certain place in Beijing, National Security Department of China, a bullet-proof armored vehicle disguised as a commercial vehicle drove into the base.

Lu Zixin was in the car. When he returned to China, he was invited before he could return to the company to handle the business. Of course, it is not because he has violated any laws, but because he attached great importance to quantum computers, he will talk to him in detail

After a variety of checks, such as search body, Lu Zixin was taken to a private reception room.

Here, there are people waiting for him, and they are a few high-powered amnesties.

One of them, Lu Zixin, also knows that a big man in the information security department had contacted him before Red Letter Group carried out the “Crazy Network” program.

The big guys were more polite to Lu Zixin. After introducing each other, Lu Zixin knew about a few people in the room.

In addition to the Ministry of Information Security, there are also a number of places from the Ministry of National Defense and Security, Ministry of Military Science and National Academy of Sciences.

“Your superconducting quantum computer is really amazing. It can be the first in the world. Our group of old guys are dumbfounded!” The National Academy of Sciences gave a thumbs up and said: “A few days ago, our National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering held a meeting with the state, it was pointed out that we should develop our own core technologies in the new Science and Technology field!”

“It didn’t take long for me to hear such news, which is really delightful!”

Lu Zixin joked: “I thought you would criticize us! We just exited the super-calculation conference.”

“Although you are a little impulsive about this, I personally appreciate your approach!” said the National Academy of Sciences, “Americans are trying to keep the computer industry standards firmly in control, and we have been trying to break their core technology blockade. This quantum computer field can no longer form the same situation as traditional computer field.”

“This time I am rushing to find you, there is also this reason.”

“Please say.” Lu Zixin listened carefully.


After some exchanges, Lu Zixin understood what they meant. First of all, the core technology of superconducting quantum computers must be firmly controlled. They decided to raise the security level of Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center again.

Secondly, it cooperates with the departments of national defense security to research and develop superconducting quantum computers suitable for defense, information security management and even military defense.

One big man said: “Modern defense and war, absolutely indispensable from information operations. We are always pursuing the development of a stronger computer, supercomputer is a precedent. But your quantum computer is obviously superior in performance, so I hope Red Letter group can cooperate.”

“We are not asking Red Letter Group to make selfless dedication. I know that the cost of research investment is very high, in order to make Red Group develop soundly. These cooperations are the orders placed by official and military, and traded according to the market price.”

Under these conditions, Lu Zixin was psychologically prepared and he even thought more. Because this kind of computer performance is too strong, he is afraid that the relevant departments will temporarily not let Red Letter Group commercialize sales.

So before the development of quantum computer, he and the old academician Pan Qiwen of National Academy of Sciences said that he hoped that the technology could be successfully commercialized.

The two sides continued to exchange views. For Red Letter Group to commercialize quantum computers, the big names did not object. But the security department has proposed a restriction that prohibits the sale of superconducting quantum computers that are too powerful, such as those shown at Global Supercomputing Conference, so as not to be obtained by criminals or foreign institutions.

It is also necessary to strengthen quantum encryption to protect core technologies from leaking, to make a commercial standard for civilian quantum computers, to avoid new technologies becoming a source of disasters, and so on.

“These conditions are acceptable to our group,” Lu Zixin said. “We also hope that there will be no policy hindrance in promoting the commercialization of superconducting quantum computers.”

“You can rest assured that it is rare for China to have a company that masters the core of Science and Technology. As long as you operate legally, the relevant departments will not be too restrictive.” One big man guarantee.

The big man at the National Science and Technology Institute said: “Not only that, but we will also help you promote this technology to the world!”

“Tell you a good news. The quantum computer standards issued by IEEE Association and American Computer Society are not recognized by Red Letter Group. We will not recognize it too.”

“And next month, China Computer Association will help you to open global quantum computer conference…”

After all the words, Lu Zixin was overjoyed. With these support, Red Letter Group can more smoothly promote it’s products and technologies to the world.

Moreover, he is also keenly aware that China Computer Association seems to be unwilling to be lonely. He wants to take advantage of this quantum computer and compete with United States for the authority of global computer industry. The Red Letter Group is definitely one of the most important.


That night, Lu Zixin declined the offer to rest here and returned to Quantum Computer Research Institute at Red Letter.

He came to see Hong Xiaoxiao, and now it is the little “rapid” growth period. He is worried that he will not be in a few days, and Hong Xiaoxiao growth direction is misaligned.

“Hong Xiaoxiao!” Outside the quantum brain, Lu Zixin shouted and a projection appeared in front of him.

This projection is a three Chinese character that reads “Hong Xiaoxiao”.

“Dad, look, I will write my own name!” The crisp voice sounded, Lu Zixin looked at the three words with amazement.

It is reasonable to say that the text database of quantum brain has the language and characters of the whole world. Even have the Oracle and Sanskrit data, and there are also works of various calligraphy masters. Hong Xiaoxiao can completely design a kind of elegant Calligraphy works to write.

But now the text he saw, like the work written by a child who was just beginning to learn Chinese characters, was ugly and the pen was unstable.

“Xiaoxiao, is your word deliberately designed like this?” Lu Zixin asked.

“No, Dad.” Hong Xiaoxiao said, “I am writing with great care, but I can only do this.”

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