BTC Chapter 397 : War!

Edited: XiaXue

At this moment, the other side of the ocean. The IEEE Association Headquarters received the news from China for the first time.

“It’s ridiculous!” Lancelot looked at the screen from the projector, said with a sneer: “China Computer Association actually wants to reconvene the quantum computer conference with Red Letter Group. It is really self-effacing!”

“With the exception of research institutions in several small countries, no one will participate!” Said a vice-president. “They are self-entertaining and will only be a joke!”

Another vice chairman, Tolan Bell, was somewhat worried and said: “The quantum computer technology of Red Letter Group, um, has a little merit. If some companies and institutions go to participate and recognize their standards, I am afraid it is not going to end.”

During Global Supercomputing Conference, he was responsible for receiving representatives from China. He had the deepest understanding of Red Letter Group, so he was worried that the “major event” that the company had done was quite a lot.

Lancelot and others are also hesitant. Although they are scornful, they know that the standards of the other side are indeed better than the international standards they have announced. It is inevitable that some institutions and enterprises will go to China to participate.

A few seconds later, Lancelot said: “Contact the computer association to limit the members of our club and prohibit them from going to China to participate in this quantum computer conference.”

“I have to see how many organizations will go to China to participate in the conference!”


At the press conference, after Red Letter Group declared war on IEEE Association and American Computer Association, it began to announce the latest product news.

“A lot of enthusiastic fans are very concerned about our new products. I have seen a lot of speculation on the Internet.” Tang Gang said, “Some people say that it is a new generation of smart phones, some people say smart watches, glasses and the like.”

“But I have to say, these are not!”

Everyone is curious, what is the new product? The cameras are all on the stage, and countless news editors are waiting to write the latest reports.

Tang Gang also deliberately paused for a while, let the big guys compete to guess, Lu Zixin wants to urge him.

On the online platform of the conference live broadcast, netizens can’t wait to express their opinions.

“It must be the induction equipment of virtual projection game! I have long wanted it, and it is cool to bring the induction equipment to play the projection game!”

“No, is the computer okay? Red Letter has long been said about computer, and today’s press conference is also this!”

“Maybe it is a sweeping robot, a smart bracelet or something.”

“Computer, tablet, all possible!”

“Come on, damn it, I am tempered!”

Tang Gang continued: “As early as half a year ago, our Red Letter Group announced that it will enter the computer industry. Not only that, but we must also get rid of the constraints of the foreign core technology for computer industry and make a completely independent intellectual property right, the superior performance and intelligent products!”

“Now, we can proudly announce that we have done it!”

“So, the new product we are about to launch is the computer of Red Letter brand! All the core technologies come from independent research and development, and are no longer the traditional computer, but the real supercomputer, intelligent computer, quantum computing and information transmission computer!”

He finished it in one breath, without a half second pause! Bone barely, thunderous applause broke out at the press conference, and some people even screamed excitedly!

A computer with full ownership! This is a feat for China computer industry! For the first time in more than 30 years, China enterprises can achieve this point!

Not only the scene, the audience on the network side is also excited.


“Too awesome, Red Letter actually made a completely autonomous computer, or a quantum computer, it sounds like a hang!”

“I thought that the quantum computer would only be released in a few years. I didn’t expect it to appear now! Red Letter so cool!”

“Face, haha! The United States only announced the standard of quantum computers. Red letters are going to produce products directly. This face is screaming!”

“Aaahhhhhhh! Ah! I look forward to it, I really want to see it right away, I can buy it right away!” There are also loyal fans shouting.

“Red letter produced, must be a boutique, as long as new products, I will support!”

The news editors also took the opportunity to push the news out the first time.

UC headline: “Major event, Red Letters declare war on US, not only to develop new standards, but also to launch Black Science and Technology products!”

Tencent News: “Directly hit Red Letter news conference, Tang Gang broke the news of new products, netizens were shocked!”

New Wolf Science and Technology: “Must see! The quantum hegemony battle started, Red Letter has two moves, and there are new product news!”

Headline message: “The quantum computer is going to be sold! Come see Red Letter electronic press conference!”


Seeing the reaction on the scene so warm, Tang Gang also looked happy. He continued: “Today is not a new product launch, but in order to facilitate the audience, the media, and the peers to understand our new products, I will reveal a few important news.”

This is the decision of Lu Zixin and the seniors management. Since they will hold a global quantum computer conference next month, do not let dry goods come out, how to attract colleagues from other countries to participate?

“The first news, which we released this time, is a commercial quantum computer based on Red Letter standard. It will fully adopt the quantum computing model, and the computing speed will reach a new height, with our current global coverage of 6G communication networks, functions that were previously difficult or impossible to implement, will be completely realized!”

The applause at the scene was extremely warm. It seems that this is not a press conference, but the same as the product launch event!

“The second news is that Red Letter computer is not only hardware, but also the software will be designed independently. From operating System to office and living computer software, it will bring users a new experience!”

“The third message, and the most important one, is a big breakthrough in the computer field!”

The first two news have been amazing and amazing. When it comes to the third, many media workers and fans in front of the screen have even held their breath, expecting to hear a message that will make them excited.

“When it comes to smart products, most people’s first impressions are products such as smart phones, watches, glasses. Few people mention the concept of smart computers!” Tang Gang said, “There are already many computer AI technologies application, but why do you only mention artificial intelligence, not the computer itself?”

“Because the interaction between computers and humans is not enough, artificial intelligence only exists in the data centers of large companies or supercomputers. We are very difficult to contact and experience for use. From the generation of Red Letter computers, this situation will completely change!”

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