MST Chapter 192 : Jumping River Event

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Listening to Jiang Fengxian’s words, made Ye Guang puzzled. When he watched TV, he saw the man standing at the bridgehead jumping forward. The whole person disappeared in turbulent river, and the crowd of people screamed and shouted. In one piece, the picture looks messy.

Ye Guang is a little dumbfounded, actually jumped.

Ye Guang just wanted to talk, and the picture in the news back to the broadcaster.

“Subsequently, our firefighters and the masses quickly launched search and rescue work. Unfortunately, no trace of the man has been found so far, the search and rescue work is still continuing. It’s reported, the man who jumped off the bridge claimed, it’s because the persecution from Ye Guang of Journey to the West storytellers. The specific reasons are unclear. We will continue to follow up on the report.”

Ye Guang is silent.

Jiang Fengxian at the other end of the phone obviously shocked, and didn’t speak for a while.

Liu Chiyan also full of horror in her eyes. Her look was terrified, and she almost couldn’t hold back on the spot.

Ye Guang frowned, “Old Jiang, do you know what’s going on?”

Jiang Fengxian at the other end of the phone took a deep breath, “I know this person, he really have something to do with you.”

Ye Guang asked hurriedly, “What happened?”

Jiang Fengxian: “I have seen this person’s photo. He is the owner of the Giovanni children’s clothing store when you took Yiyi to mall last time.”

Ye Guang was shocked, “Giovanni boss?”

Jiang Fengxian sighed, “Yes, it’s him. I’m watching the news today. I just saw this. He stood on the bridge and shouted, saying you killed him. I quickly called you. I didn’t expect him to jump…”

Ye Guang is obviously a little frightened. He said excitedly, “No, what does it matter to me if he jumps into the river?”

Jiang Fengxian thought for a moment, “I may know some reasons.”

“Say it quickly.” Ye Guang was a little anxious, “What’s the point selling at this time.”

Jiang Fengxian: “Perhaps it’s because of your work in Giovanni. In the end, their family was fined a huge fine by industry and commerce. They also faced infringement lawsuits by British British Giovanni, last time I said he has lose a home, I don’t know the next situation, but I guess it’s because of this. I’m going to find someone to ask them, how they deal with this matter tomorrow.”

Ye Guang is a bit speechless. How long has this matter been, why hasn’t it finished? Today, he jumped into the river. It’s even reported in the news. There will be some messy rumors tomorrow, what Ye Guang rumors will be. The news of people jumping off the bridge is flying all over the sky. Originally, because The Strongest Voice, Ye Guang already a hot topic, so he don’t know what it will be like after this.

Ye Guang feels a bit wronged. When you jump off the bridge, you jump off the bridge. What I’m doing? I made a fuss in your house for a while, but if it wasn’t because you weren’t upright, shoddy, and counterfeit, would you be fined and litigated later? The reason is correct, but from the TV. I watched a person jump off the bridge and disappeared into the turbulent river water. The reason for this person jumping off the bridge is related to Ye Guang. Ye Guang can’t help but feel cold all over his body, his  heart is like pressed by stone, a sense of guilt came to life.

From Ye Guang standpoint, you might feel Ye Guang is a bit wronged, but Giovanni boss boss doesn’t think so. Many times people have inertial thinking. What is the cause? What caused it?. Ye Guang is the whole thing fuse, so Giovanni boss regarded him as the culprit. He hated industry and commerce for fines him, and he also hated the British genuine Giovanni sued him and let him lose his fortune. But what he hates most is Ye Guang, if there’s no Ye Guang, industry and commerce will not come to investigate, and the British Giovanni is still in the dark, and the matter will not be where it is today.

After Jiang Fengxian said a few more words, Ye Guang hung up the phone.

Ye Guang frowned, his eyes were a little empty, he was a little scared, “Liu’er… I… what should I do?”

Liu Chiyan also frowned, looked at Ye Guang, silent.

Ye Guang down on the sofa, I still thought of the picture Giovanni boss jumping from the bridge. I was a little lost, “I didn’t expect to become like this. I really didn’t expect it to be like this. I don’t want to harm people, he just disappeared… I don’t want to be like this… it’s all because of me… because of me…”

Obviously, Liu Chiyan was still in shock, but she was not a party, and she was much better than Ye Guang. She gently sat down beside Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan hugged Ye Guang head, put him in her arms, as if comforting a child. Gently supported Ye Guang’s head, “It’s okay, don’t think so much. It’s not your fault. Brother Jiang also said, he jumped into the river because he lost his net worth. It’s none of your business. You don’t need to feel guilty, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Liu Chiyan softly comforted Ye Guang.

Ye Guang leaned in Liu Chiyan’s arms for a long time before he calmed down. Strictly speaking, the fact Giovanni Boss jumped into the river has nothing to do with Ye Guang. It wasn’t Ye Guang that caused him to lose money, but Ye Guang couldn’t get through it in his heart.

Liu Chiyan hugged Ye Guang for a while, and after Ye Guang calmed down, he was silent for a long time before saying, “Liu’er, what should I do now? After all, this happened because of me… I’m afraid the explanation is not clear.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “You won’t explain it now. Now the explanation is equivalent to three hundred taels of silver in place. Let’s wait the wind direction. This matter has nothing to do with you. Don’t worry too much.”

Ye Guang sighed helplessly, “That can only be the first thing. I hope others can be safe and have nothing to do. Now this matter is on the news, it will definitely be discussed by everyone. I don’t know, what will happen.”

Liu Chiyan: “There is no way. Look at the wind direction tomorrow. I hope there will be no strong wind that will be unfavorable to you. Don’t think about it. You have too much trouble today. You have been upset when watching TV. Now, this thing happened, don’t think about it, relax, go to sleep, maybe you will have no troubles when you sleep.”

Ye Guang nodded. There’s indeed a lot of troubles today. One wave after another, the whole person is not well. First, Teacher Fan’s condition, and then I thought of PM2.5 things that bothered him, and then the matter Giovanni Boss jumped off the bridge, Ye Guang feels his head is a bit bigger now.

Ye Guang shook his head and dispelled the messy thoughts in his head. Liu Chiyan pulled him back to bedroom.

Sleeping, sleeping, don’t thinking about it, falling asleep, and not worrying so much. Maybe as Liu Chiyan said, maybe after sleeping, everything will be gone.

This night, after Ye Guang fell asleep, I don’t know if he dreamed of something. Ye Guang’s brows were frowning all night.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan thought this matter might not have a wind until tomorrow. After all, it was evening news and the spread was not very fast. But, they still underestimated the good news and spreading ability of netizens.

That night, shortly after Ye Guang fell asleep, there was a wave of discussion on the Internet.

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