MST Chapter 53 : Advertising on air

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Have eaten.

On the way back, Ye Guang remembered the opening of Studio.

Ye Guang: “The advertising is fixed, when will Studio open?”

Liu Chiyan: “The day after tomorrow.”

Ye Guang: “Is it fixed?”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, looking for someone, the days are not bad.”

Ye Guang said: “I really looked for someone to see it.”

Liu Chiyan: “That is!”

Back home, Liu Chiyan may have been tired in Beijing for the past two days. After taking a shower and watching TV on Sofa with Ye Guang, she fell asleep in Ye Guang’s arms.

Ye Guang took her back to the room, and he was not tossing anything. He fell asleep with Liu Chiyan.

The next day.

Liu Chiyan announced the company’s advertising broadcast plan and the company’s opening news.

The employees are also happy.

There are some things to do in the opening, but most of them are Jiang Xin and Jiang Fengxian who are busy. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are playing chess in the office for killing time.

However, Ye Guang will not play.

Why? It’s not Liu Chiyan who plays with skill, but it can’t be done! Really!

Ye Guang asked himself that his IQ is not low, and that chess skills are good, but the pieces was killed by Liu Chiyan in minutes.

Liu Chiyan is somewhat proud: “My grandfather likes to play chess. He taught me to play chess when I was young. How about it, I am amazing.”

Ye Guang is speechless, then changed the game, flying chess! You don’t have any technical suppression in this game.

Yes, there is no technical repression, but there is luck in the repression, Ye Guang lost half a day of the dice actually a plane did not take off, and Liu Chiyan already half reached the end, angry, he almost use Good Fortune Pledge in system storage, Liu Chiyan See he lost his teeth and kissed him on the face, said to reward him, this just let him down.

In the afternoon.

Ye Guang idle bored wandering everywhere, once looking for the three brothers who are on camera to chat, then find Old Shang for quarrel, then directing and commanding employees who are busy, full company up and down are he make chicken fly dog jump, all employees are annoying by him, but he is the leader, we all take him, finally can’t stand, lawsuit to Jiang Xin.

Jiang Xin couldn’t take care of him, and she went to Liu Chiyan with a public opinion. Liu Chiyan heard that, she had casually said, “Let him come.” But in the eyes of Jiang Xin, instead of a slightly deeper look, Ye Guang was taken back to the office.

Everyone was rejoicing and applauded.

“What is this person?”

“Advisor Ye is really… Very personality, haha.”

“There is a personality, you just say that he is wonderful.”

“What did President Liu think, recruit him.”

“Don’t you say that he is President Liu relative?”

“It should be, or which company will want him, and they will be in trouble.”

“Who said no, my good plan is written. When he comes over, he swears and ruins.”

“No way, who is the leader, bear it, helpless.”

They are very angry and helpless in the presence of all the employees.

Ye Guang was taken back to the office, kneeling on the chair, bored straight, opened the system and took a look, the prestige points rose a little bit, prestige points: 10032, sure enough, not doing the radio station host, prestige points less pitiful. Recently, his Weibo is also a smashing powder, system can’t pass the time, Ye Guang continues to pick it up.

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help him, and she found him a boring novel called “My Star Teacher” to pass the time.

After getting to work, Ye Guang suddenly became energetic, and Liu Chiyan help crying and laughing. “I’ll do something for you when the business opens tomorrow.”

Going home


Take the shower.

Go to bed.

Touch it.


Don’t ask me what it feels like.

The next day, Studio opened its doors very grandly, saying that it was opening. In fact, there were several flower baskets at the door, a few posters in the reception hall, and then hanging the sign with the words ‘Youxianqi Entertainment’ at the door. In addition to the Time’s Square property sent a flower basket, no guests, no activities, so quietly opened the low-key, let Ye Guang look forward to a few days.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Studio employees gathered at the staff canteen on the first floor. The canteen has a TV and CCTV channels on the TV.

“Come on, fast, it’s almost time!”

“:ook forward to.”

At 9:40 in the morning, it was the first time the company self-shoot advertisement was broadcast.

When the time is up, CCTV’s 9-point TV series ends, and it enters the advertising time. First, an advertisement for a drink is played, and then their studio advertisement begins.

“You only smell my perfume, but you don’t see my sweat.”

“You have your rules, I have my choice.”


The advertisement started, although the employees present had already seen the advertisement, but when they were officially broadcast, they were still very excited, holding their breath and looking at the advertisement with solemnity.

For a minute and forty seconds, the length of the advertisement was not long. The advertisement ended in a short time, and the canteen have a warm applause.

“I told my mom yesterday, let him watch TV.”

“Ah, watch the TV and watch the advertisement, haha, laugh at me, but I also said.”

“Hey, this time, I have a long face, and the next class reunion has blown up.”

The staff were very happy to talk about it. There are also employees who immediately calling.

“Hey, Mom, have you seen it? Yes, yes, that is me, that is.”

“Xiao Li, have you watched TV? I said that I didn’t lie to you, how about, this time you are marrying…What? You promised, good! Good. Great!”

The phone said that the lighter was called the lighting division, called Gao Bin. When he finished the call, he immediately took Ye Guang’s hand and looked excited. He grabbed Ye Guang’s hand and said. “Advisor Ye, thank you so much. Thank you! I am not convinced that the old man is the leader of the horse! If you say dry, I will do it! Thank you so much, I thank you.”

Ye Guang didn’t hear that Gao Bin had just called and was confused. Which one is it? Just because he was so excited about taking an advertisement on TV?

No, the last TV family proposed a successful marriage! You should not thank you.

The advertisement was successfully broadcast. After all, the money has already been spent, and the contract has been signed. It is definitely a matter of ironclad that no major accidents will be broadcast, but after the advertisement is broadcast, what is the market reaction, then it is not good, this is not the case. It depends on the market test.

However, when it comes to how much effect an advertisement can have. In fact, Liu Chiyan doesn’t care too much. First, they don’t run any specific products in studio, nor is it a online shopping platform. This advertisement is more effective even if it is effective. Only by leaving a few impressions among the masses, laying down the foundation of the masses and adding some impression points. There is no way, they are entertainment studio, what is to rely on the work of speech, no work words of advertising and word-of-mouth to fight again good also useless, but play advertising a little use also not that also is not right, after studio has what works put on the market, others a look, alas, Youxianqi produced, If you look at the name, you might want to see it. The other is to be famous among the industry peers, which can also attract some customers in need to come to their studio to do programs or do business.

This is all depends on the market.

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