MST Chapter 52 : 10 million advertising fee

Edited: XiaXue

In the afternoon.

Liu Chiyan called and said that her flight back to Nanchang in the afternoon, Ye Guang said to father and mother, and walk to subway took the bus and returned to studio.

Father want to return the car to Ye Guang, but Ye Guang didn’t want, said let father in open a few days, that Anda in home he also didn’t open, not abandon, reason only one, he didn’t want to refuel, no money, for Skyhawk car, Liu Chiyan gave him a gas card, inside recharge 10,000 yuan, Ye Guang open Skyhawk time to not worry about no money for refueling, just oil stuck in the car, Ye Guang again embarrassed asked father to take back the gas card, had to take bus to studio, cheap!

At the studio, Liu Chiyan’s car still parked there. When Liu Chiyan went to Beijing, she left the key in office. Ye Guang had to came to studio and take the car. Then he went to the airport to pick up Liu Chiyan. There is also an gas card in Liu Chiyan car. Ye Guang doesn’t know how much money, but according to Liu Chiyan temperament, it is definitely not less. She can make it whatever she wants.

Liu Chiyan car is specially made from Beijing. A royal blue Ladis, a real luxury car, more than 7 million cars, a sedan type, soft and beautiful, looks like a Lan Bao stone. Ye Guang’s vision of big manism, he does not like this car very much, feels too beautiful, soft and feminine, of course, for Liu Chiyan are the most appropriate. This car is also one of Liu Chiyan’s favorite and usually drives the most, so it will make people drive from Beijing to Nanchang.

I took the car to the airport, the plane was a bit late, and I waited for an hour at the airport to receive Liu Chiyan and Jiang Xin.

Ye Guang: “President Liu, back to studio?” Jiang Xin was here, Ye Guang speaks very carefully.

Liu Chiyan looked at the time. It was already five o’clock in the afternoon. After thinking about it, she said, “Forget it, don’t go back to studio. Let’s send Jiang Sister back, then we are back…” Liu Chiyan almost said that she missed her mouth and quickly changed her mouth: “Then you are sending me back, the plane is late, waiting at the airport for a long time, a little tired.”

Jiang Xin looked calm, as if she didn’t find Liu Chiyan saying the wrong thing.

But she did make Liu Chiyan feel a little bit weaker.

After sending Jiang Xin back to the apartment, Liu Chiyan changed from the back seat to the co-pilot and whispered: “Jiang sister seems to have found something.”

Ye Guang was surprised. “No? Should we leave no evidence?”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “Still have evidence, you think it is a crime scene. Does this kind of thing require evidence?” Thinking about it again, helplessly said, “Forget it, Jiang sister should not talk nonsense. And she doesn’t necessarily find anything, maybe I think more.”

Ye Guang nodded. “I hope she didn’t find it. All right, don’t think about it, you have been lucky for two days, let’s eat.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and smiled. “Okay, go shopping!”

Ye Guang shook his head and said: “No, go out to eat, you are tired today, go out and eat, eat your favorite opium fish head!”

Liu Chiyan is happy: “Okay, okay, you pay the bill!”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly. “I have 500 yuan left and you have to exploit it.”

Liu Chiyan smiled awkwardly, “Just pay for it!”

Ye Guang: “Yes, OK, I buy, I buy, let me say first, we can only eat 200 yuan at most, no more.”

Liu Chiyan: “Stingy.”

Ye Guang: “Who is stingy, then you give me some pocket money.”

Liu Chiyan said: “No way, drive fast!”

When ordering in the restaurant, Ye Guang ordered an opium fish head that Liu Chiyan likes to eat, the ground vegetables run eggs, ordered a vegetable, and the private room fee cost a total of 160 yuan, so there was nothing to ask for, no money, have to save points, but when ordering, the waiter recommended that they have a special kind of plum cake in the store is very good, ten yuan each is very cheap, Liu Chiyan want to eat, Ye Guang is painful for two is another twenty yuan.

After a while, the dishes were all on, and the waiter had nothing to do to disturb. Liu Chiyan took off the big mask and held a plum cake in one hand, watching with interest.

Ye Guang smiled: “It’s all the same, whatever you eat.”

Liu Chiyan looked at it and handed it slightly to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang: “Is this for me?”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “It’s for you.”

Ye Guang smiled and tried to pick it up. Liu Chiyan pulled her hand back again. “So, can I have a bite of you first?”

Ye Guang glanced, laughing. “It’s all plum, the taste is the same.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head and said: “No, I want to eat you.”

Ye Guang was quickly smothered by Liu Chiyan’s silly and cute look. Haha smiled and said: “Eat, eat.”

Liu Chiyan quickly took a bite on his cake and chewed twice and said, “Well, it’s delicious.” Then she handed over the bite of plum cake to Ye Guang, and Ye Guang did not even give up. He took a big bite at the place where Liu Chiyan bitten. Well, the taste is really good.

When eating, Ye Guang asked Liu Chiyan about the advertising.

Liu Chiyan said proudly: “All are done! The contract for advertising has been signed, and we will be able to see our ads on CCTV the day after tomorrow!”

Ye Guang is surprised, “So fast?”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “Well, luck, it’s just that they have a few ads that have expired, so they’ll be done soon, and the day after tomorrow, they will be aired.”

Ye Guang asked: “How much does it cost for a 40-second ad?”

Liu Chiyan raised a finger and said “10 million.”

Ye Guang: “&%@¥¥……%……%T&*” He knows that CCTV’s advertising costs are expensive, but I didn’t expect it to be so expensive! Ten million, my god.

Ten million, this is an astronomical figure for Ye Guang. He now has only 500 pieces on his body. Oh, there are 300 left after dinner.

Ye Guang is still not willing to ask: “10 million a months?”

Liu Chiyan glanced at him and said, “What do you think? A few months? 10 million a month. It’s still my relationship and selling my personal feelings. I promised to play for their May Day party! Otherwise, no 20 million don’t need to talk at all?”

Ye Guang speechless: “20 million, why not grab it!”

Liu Chiyan grinned. “This is faster than stealing money. No way. Our advertising time is long, the fees are naturally higher, and I bought a full-day set, which is broadcast four times a day.”

Ye Guang can only helplessly nod, have a little regret to shoot this advertisement, what is not good, take a long shot, it is very easy to shoot, the advertisement is also very good, but it is too expensive! 10 million, plus Liu Chiyan played a party for a month of advertising, this is really, can’t stand it.

Liu Chiyan knows that he is distressed and comforted: “Nothing, 10 million, I can still afford it, oh, don’t feel bad.”

Ye Guang feels more painful.

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