BTC Chapter 43 : Cloud Hosting

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Tiancheng business came to an end and the cooperation was not reached. Red Letter found another electronic technology company to cooperate. And what kind of corporate training class, Lu Zixin is too lazy to go. Su Zhirong passed the interview of Red Letter and came to the internship next month.

Lu Zixin focus on life has been put on the job.

The development of mobile game of “Desolate Battlegrounds” has been very small. And with the follow-up imitation of other game companies, they gradually separated some of the player traffic.

If you have been relying on this game all the time, the Red Letter game will suffer sooner or later. Therefore, Lu Zixin must set up a new project to let the company embark on a path of sound development.

“General Lu, the laying of the end game, encountered some problems.” In the office, Zhu An reported to him.

“What problem?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Desolate Battlegrounds” computer game, is definitely to do, this is definitely a stable and profitable project.

Zhu An pushed the glasses and said: “Our “Desolate Battlegrounds” computer version, from the game point of view, there is no big problem, but it is very good.”

“But because of this, the computer configuration it needs Very high. According to our investigation, only the high-end computer models can run normally.”

“In this way, the promotion of our games will encounter great problems.”

He said this, Lu Zixin remembered. When Red made this game, it was actually made with a higher computer configuration standard.

In fact, the domestic ordinary players, the computer configuration is not so high, that is, some small local Internet cafes, you may not be able to download such games.

In this way, the game is just the right one, and it will be limited, not a big fire.

But if you reduce the quality of the game and adapt to the current hardware environment, then the Red Letter game has no advantage over the game companies like Tencent, Net One, Shengda and Perfect.

And it is unwise to rush to eat in the game market.

“Do you have any suggestions for this question?” Lu Zixin asked.

Zhu An said: “Appropriately remove some parts of the game and adapt to the mainstream environment. But the standard should still be on the general game.”

“Well, let me think.” Lu Zixin said, “You are busy first.”

“Good.” Zhu An left the office and continued to work.

Lu Zixin continued to think about how to deal with it. Zhu An said that it is indeed the best way at present. However, Lu Zixin is not reconciled. Since there are good products, why do you want to reduce the grade?

He opened the Desolate Battlegrounds and wanted to ask friends.

Mr. L : “Hello, is there anyone in the group?”

After a second, Red Queen answer : “No.”

Mr. L : “Are you not?”

Red Queen : “I am not! [Emoticon: serious face]”

Mr. L : “…”

When Lu Zixin was speechless, Tony Stark actually bubbled up.

He said : “L, is the last car easy to use?”

Lu Zixin replied quickly : “The handsome explosion! Go out and drive the thief to pull the wind!”

Tony Stark : “Ha ha ha, I used this car, soaked Eleven to fourteen? Can’t remember, anyway, more than a dozen sisters, are the kind of chest and hips.”

Mr. L : “Old brother steady!”

Red Queen : “You are not serious, with bad children. [Emoticon: I am afraid I only a pure computer in this group.]

Tony Stark : “You are not a child at all!”

Mr. L : “Cough, Red Queen, you don’t have to learn.”

Red Queen : ” I certainly know that I don’t have to mate. [Emoticon: Tsundere]”

Tony Stark : “Don’t say this, L, do you have anything?”

Seeing Tony Stark asked, Lu Zixin quickly asked : “This is the case. My company wants to launch a game, but the public computer configuration can not be adapted, is there any way to solve it?”

Tony Stark : “Game? This stuff makes money? It’s better to sell arms.”

Lu Zixin : “Don’t, let’s play the game.”

Tony Stark : “I’m not interested in the game, let’s talk. I have to prepare Stark Industrial Technology. The exposition is over.”

After that, Tony Stark went offline, and Lu Zixin and Red continued to talk.

Lu Zixin explained it in detail again. After hearing Red Queen said : “It’s very simple, their computer configuration is not enough, then you sell a better computer.”

Mr. L : “That is more troublesome. I don’t have that technology, and I don’t have that. Strength.”

The computer speaks two words, but there are too many aspects involved. Not to mention anything else, just the CPU processor of a computer is a big problem. There is no high-performance CPU that can be commercialized in China, and everything is monopolized by foreign technology companies.

Many other aspects, not to mention. There are too many aspects involved from technology to equipment and production. Now that Lu Zixin and Red Letter Company have been sold, they can’t get so much money.

Ascension, only Red Queen dare to say, after all, the umbrella company is a dominant company in her world.

Red Queen continues : “Since the user’s hardware equipment can not be upgraded, then you can help them share the hardware pressure.”

Mr. L : “How to share?”

Red Queen : “You can set up a network cloud server, plus a supporting auxiliary software. Users can use the software to connect to the cloud server.”

“The function of the cloud server is to calculate and analyze the functions of their computers. Reduce the burden on the user’s computer.”

Lu Zixin still has some doubts, asks : “You The meaning is that this cloud server is to add a cloud host to the user?”

Red Queen : “Yes. The main body is the user’s own computer host. This cloud server is equivalent to their virtual host. For example, if the computer needs to operate billions of times in one second, the user’s physical host only uses 300 million operations. The virtual host can calculate 700 million times for them and pass the results directly to the user’s computer.”

Lu Zixin understands that this is also a black technology. Red Queen is simple to say, but it is almost impossible to achieve. How to separate calculations, how to combine calculation results…

A series of questions, just one of them is a super technical problem!

The most important thing is that the cloud host is actually a subject. That is an ultra-high-performance computer that can handle all user problems and assist in computing at the same time.

Lu Zixin hasn’t spoken yet. Red Queen has already spoken : “You certainly don’t have such a computer and software. [Wise Emoticon: but I already have an insight into everything]”

Mr. L : “[Funny Emoticon: that, do you have that kind of… Is that what you said?]”

Red Queen : “[Furious Emoticon: No, go away, ask you to take a living test!]”

Mr. L : “[Violent Emoticon: computer like you, I am a day bad many!]”

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