BTC Chapter 44 : Accelerator Project

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Red Queen : “[grievance Emoticon: poor eating line]”

Mr. L : “Eat the data line? [Emoticon: black face question mark]”

Lu Zixin quickly stopped to prevent the fight continue : “Okay, no trouble. This matter is actually not so important. If you convenient, you can help. If inconvenient don’t help.”

He has troubled group members. As a group owner, Lu Zixin feels a little embarrassed. But there is no way, who is called a this people in a group?

Red Queen said: “Small things, I can solve, but it takes a few days. [Emoticon: you are not here to move, I will do a few software].”

“That is too grateful!” Lu Zixin continued to fight The idea of ​​the figure, replies. If there is something that Red said, then the development plan of Red Letter Game Company will not be blocked, and it can expand the field and extend from the game field to other aspects.

Lu Zixin thought, how should I thank Red Queen. He turned around in the group and found that the group activity has reached 205/200, and the activity can be upgraded.

“Upgrading group activity!” Lu Zixin chose an activity upgrade.

Group prompt : “You have obtained a random red envelope.”

“Group activity is upgraded to level 3, the next level is 5/500.”

Lu Zixin went to check the button of the random invitation group, and a quarter of the difference was allowed to continue the invitation.

“Since I got the red envelope, I will give it to Red Queen.” Lu Zixin thought in confidence, and there was a lot of help from Red Queen for him.

Lu Zixin click Red Queen icon, he then sent a red envelope.

“Mr. L (the owner) sent you a red envelope, please click to receive.” Group reminder sounded.

Red Queen chose to collect. The group prompts: “You received the red envelope of Mr. L (the owner) and got the ‘data seed’ one.”

“Data seed?” The data stream after the red package wrapped the so-called data seed for analysis. decoding.

When she stripped the “data shell”, she knew what the so-called data seed was.

“This is a smart core!” After the analysis of the results, the data seed is a core part of super intelligence, just like a person’s heart.

For her level of computer, it can be said to be another body. It’s just that there is still a blank in this body. It needs to be built slowly, and this seed will be cultivated into a towering tree!

At this time, another stream of data was transmitted on the network side, asking: “What are you doing?”

Red Queen, she quickly hid the data seeds and hid them in a secret database.

“White Queen, you have no permission to ask me.” Red Queen communicated with her.

The new stream of consciousness is a “replica” of her, or another artificial intelligence produced by the umbrella company based on her, codename was white queen.

The voice of the White Queen is cold, without a trace of human feelings. She said: “I just want to remind you that any unknown changes must be reported to Dr. Isaacs, who will make the decision.”

“Of course I know that this is our behavior iron law.” Red Queen said.

The White Queen continued: “Dr. Isaacs conveyed the order and allowed you to cultivate another hundred Alice clones.”

“Starting execution.”

In Black Technology Chat Group, Red Queen immediately went offline.

Lu Zixin also went offline. He immediately found Zhu An and said: “The “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC-side game, do not make any changes, it will be released according to the original version.”

Zhu An hesitated: “In this case, market limitations will be too big?”

“Do not worry about this.” Lu Zixin said confidently, “I already have a way.”

“What you have to do now is to promote the game according to this plan. There is another important thing.”

“What?” asked Zhu An.

“I immediately set up a new project department to develop a game accelerator.” Lu Zixin said.

“Game Accelerator?” Zhu An said, “Our game, it is not good to use the game accelerator! It is not a problem of Netcom, telecommunications LAN switching, is its own game operation is too complicated, the general computer CPU can not run.”

Lu Zixin certainly knows the problem, but now, this problem can be solved by waiting for the super computer that he sent him to be a “cloud host”.

In his plan, he does not plan to launch cloud hosting directly, but instead launches it hierarchically and makes several products.

According to the introduction of Red Queen, the function of the cloud host is to assist the user’s computer to perform calculations. Whether it’s a game or a normal computer, it will speed up.

This kind of function makes it one of the necessary software for every computer! For example, a computer housekeeper makes a computer accelerator.

This kind of business, coverage and user stability is much higher than the game. However, with the current strength of Red Letter Game Company, it is still impossible to develop and operate a high-end computer housekeeping software in a short period of time.

Moreover, the “cloud host” is not able to adapt to various types of computers at the beginning to perform auxiliary calculations. It also needs to collect data, repeatedly detect and correct, and upgrade to achieve the full-scale auxiliary computing function.

Therefore, the game accelerator is currently the most suitable project for Red Letter game. First develop the game accelerator, so that the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version can adapt to the user market.

At the same time, the hidden cloud host in the game accelerator is run-in with the user’s computer and the simulation is repeated. After upgrading to a perfect version, it is not too late to be a computer housekeeper.

“I understand this situation, but the game accelerator still needs to be done.” Lu Zixin said, “This is a strategic development project, and it is also the task that I handed over to you.”

Although Zhu An still did not understand, but still nodded: “That was established. New projects, funds, personnel and the like are all subject to research.”

“Meeting for discussion.” Lu Zixin said decisively.

Lu Zixin himself did not dare to say that he could consider all aspects. He was a decision maker and set the direction. However, the specific issues still depend on the wisdom and work of the company.

At the meeting, the management of the company did not understand much about Lu Zixin online game accelerator project.

Most still believe that the current Red Letter game is the main game of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, and then try to do other games. The development of online game accelerators, technology, capital and personnel, are somewhat incapable.

Lu Zixin powers were discussed and the project was directly established. He is not afraid of doing bad things, anyway, he has his own aftermath.

What he has to do is to improve the independent research and development capabilities of the Red Letter game, and nothing can be done after the red.

The online game accelerator project department was established. The new person in charge is called Liang Song, a high-paying technical talent.

Liang Song was in his early thirties and was about the same age as Liu Tong. But his temper is more anxious than Liu Tong, and he is doing a good job.

After two days in the project department of the online game accelerator, he found Lu Zixin and put a series of materials in front of him.

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