BTC Chapter 69 : 99.9%

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For Red Letter move, Tencent has paid more attention to it. They have already seen three Red Letter projects, and each time they have achieved great success. It is worth mentioning that in fact, now Jinhai Software largest shareholder is also Tencent. It’s just that the team is different in terms of specific operations.

Tencent computer housekeepers are also among the best in terms of market share. The strategic position of the computer housekeeper software is very important, as long as the user has this software, they can push users various software services.

Instant chat tools, browsers, news, anti-virus software, games, input methods, music, movies… This is a comprehensive hosting platform that can’t be lost.

“This time, what is Red Letter doing?” Tencent, the company responsible for the computer butler business, is anxious.

“General An, Ning General phone.” Assistant reminded.

Ning General, is the executive vice president of Tencent’s game business, Ning Shaozhen.

After connecting the phone and following the simple communication, Ning Shaozhen said: “Old An, the action of Red Letter, we may have guessed a point. If that is the case, our business will not be done well.”

“What action?” An Hao was puzzled.

“It’s not convenient to talk on the phone. You have time to come and I will let the technician explain it to you.” Ning Shaozhen said.

The Tencent game has been analyzing the workings of Red Letter online game accelerator. Although it has not found a way, its role has been understood.

If the functionality of this Cloud host extends from the gaming world to the everyday computer functions of the entertainment office, it will be very terrifying!


The most concerned about this is the Qibao 330 Network Science and Technology. One of their company’s main businesses is computer housekeepers, security software and the like.

At present, the company is at the juncture of the backdoor listing, and any turmoil will affect the company’s future share price.

In a recent news interview, someone asked the question of Zuo Yu, the CEO of Qibao 330.

Reporter: “General Zuo, hello, experts pointed out that the current valuation of your company is too high, there are suspects of speculation, what do you think?”

Zuo Yu said directly and bluntly: “Where is the expert? Finance or the Internet? The valuation of our Qibao 330 comes from the trust of the majority of users and investors!”

Reporter: “So what are your optimistic about the recent announcement of Red Letter Game Co., Ltd. to enter the field of computer housekeeper? Will Red Letter threaten the market share of Qibao 330?”

“Nonsense!” Zuo Yu waved at the camera. “In the field of computer housekeeper, we have been doing Qibao 330 for more than ten years, and its professional capabilities have been well received by users.”

“We have seen too many companies like Red Letter that want to set foot in this field. For example, Tencent and thousands of people are powerful Internet companies. However, our market share is still unshaken, which is enough to illustrate Our strength.”

“Not to mention that this kind of project is blindly carried out without any experience and preparation, and it is difficult to do so.”

“I am still saying that in our field, we are the best of Qibao 330! Please rest assured, we will do better!”

Zuo Yu words quickly boarded the major media. In order to attract people’s attention, the media is also trying to write exaggerated titles.

Miscellaneous news: “Zuo Yu words: Red Letter computer housekeeper plan must fail!”

Net One News: “Interview with Zuo Yu: The new company is not enough, 330 is still the domain leader!”

Huaxia Finance: “Experts pointed out: The Red Letter computer housekeeper project is a failure decision, and the stock price is still looking at Qibao 330!”

UC headline: “Shocked! In the face of Red Letter move, Qibao 330 CEO actually said this sentence, the man looked at the silence, the woman saw the tears!”


For these news, the measures taken by the Red Letter game are ignored. The company’s software products are still not perfect, and it is too early to speculate.

Cloud host is fine, but computer housekeepers have some basic features in addition to Cloud host. The specific release, at least after more than a month.

Lu Zixin didn’t participate in the project himself this time. If he participated in it every time, wouldn’t he be exhausted? It is necessary to improve the company’s research and development capabilities, he can use the supercomputer to check.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin is chatting with group friends. Today is rare, all members are online.

Peter Parker : “@Tony Stark, Mr. Stark, maybe you haven’t heard of me, but you have always been my idol, my name is Peter Parker…”

He type a lot of words, Tony Stark said : “Well, no need to say more. I know who you are, spiderman? Oh, I have already investigated, you and I are not in a world, so you worship Tony Stark, maybe just me in the parallel world. Of course, I am definitely the same genius and handsome!”

His words confirmed some of Lu Zixin conjectures. The group members did not have the same world. Otherwise, why join the Chat Group and you can meet directly.

Peter Parker : “This is amazing. Two Stark are in different worlds. Then there may be a Peter Parker in your world. What is it like? Like me? Become a spider or a lizard?”

Tony Stark : “Little guy, you can try to keep silent. You have to say that your question is too much. From the moment I entered the group, you have been smashed!”

Peter Parker : “Okay, I try to be.”

After the little spider stopped, Lu Zixin asked Red Queen : “@Red Queen, how is your serum research?”

Red Queen bubbling, first sent a few pictures.

The first picture is a DNA structure map in serum, and the second picture is a comparison of the DNA structure of normal blood cells. Some genes have changed, and even some genes have not been added before.

Next, it is the result of various experiments for performing on tissue cell culture.

Red Queen : “After genetic analysis and clonal cell culture, the initial result is that this serum will not cause death, and even contains a super-self-healing factor, which will increase the body’s resilience several times!”

Peter Parker : “That’s great. If I say that, my body is perfectly fine. Thank you, Red Queen!”

Red Queen : “[Happy emoticon: Even if you praise me so much, I won’t be happy, bastard!]”

Mr. L : “…”

Red Queen added : “This super serum has some similarities with Gvirus and Tvirus, which can promote genetic variation and evolution. But in contrast, its aggressiveness is not as strong as two virus, and it does not lead to people becoming irrational or Zombies. Adding animal genes will increase the animal’s habits and super physical fitness, which may affect the thinking mood. The complete analysis results are still unknown.”

Lu Zixin said curiously : “Can you give other people an injection?”

Red Queen : “For the time being, special genetic factors have been added to the serum. Except for Peter Parker himself, the mortality rate of other recipient cells after injection is 99.9%.”

Mr. L : “What about 0.1%?”

Red Queen : “Death. [emoticon: helpless]”

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