BSI Chapter 80 : Wind Attribute Shunko

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After fighting with Zaraki Kenpachi, Xia Yan returned to the coutyard building to heal his injuries. He was cut by a sword, but the wound was not shallow.

Xia Yan can use Kaidō himself and does not need to go to 4th Division.

On this day, Xia Yan and Soi Fon gathered on the training field, and Xia Yan both hands were covered by wind.

“This is?”

Soi Fon stared big eyes, looks at Xia Yan suspended in midair.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Wind Attribute Shunko, of course, it is not a complete version.”

Soi Fon asked in amazement: “You have mastered an Shunko, but it seems that your thunder has not been completed.”

Xia Yan replied: “I have Thunder wing and Thunder Shape, so Thunder does not need to be completely completed, so that when Zanpakuto be sealed by a guy like Ramirez, i have solution.”

Once again, when you meet Ramirez, you can beat it with an increasingly strong body with Shunpo and Hakuda.

If you use the wind, you can easily kill it.

But if it is Arrancar of the level of Wonderweiss, even Kuna Mashiro can only compete with him in the state of illusion, even if he uses the wind, he can’t win.

Therefore, the wind must be perfected, and the body must be quenched as soon as possible.

Xia Yan thought, Soi Fon said with fighting intent: “Come on Xia Yan, let’s spar, try your wind.”

Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “I can’t compare with Soi Fon Captain.”

Soi Fon smiled and said: “I don’t have to use Shunko, just use Shunpo to fight you.”

Xia Yan eyebrows picked and smiled and said: “That Captain is not my opponent.”

“Try it, or do you not dare?”

Soi Fon both hands Asked Xia Yan.

Xia Yan laughed and asked: “So if I win, what reward does Captain give me?”

Soi Fon turned red and asked, “What reward do you want? And let’s not say that, before you reach my standard, I won’t let you pass the relationship between us. ”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon and said: “My reward is that as long as I can win, I will not have to pay respect to Soi Fon Captain in the future.”

Soi Fon thought about it and said, “It can be, but it can only be in private training. When training, you can use no honor, but in the Division or there are other players, you must call me Captain.”


As long as you can close the title, this is enough. Every time you get along, you should call Soi Fon Captain, which is really awkward.

“Come on.”

Soi Fon screamed, Xia Yan shouted carefully, and the body disappeared.


Xia Yan appeared behind Soi Fon and punched the back of Soi Fon.

Under the upgrade of the wind attribute Kido, his speed has been upgraded by half a grade. Although it is not as fast as a thunder, he has already had his own Shunpo.

But when Soi Fon was getting out of the wind, the body slid forward sideways, avoiding the blow, and with the bend, the body twisted and kicked out of the left leg.

So fast.

Xia Yan eyes shrink, and I didn’t expect Soi Fon Captain speed to be so fast. I used it quickly and it was only a little faster than her.

Did she always hide her Strength?

No, it should be that she has been improving, she is constantly improving with her training, and how she can stand still.


Xia Yan took back his arm in time and blocked it in front of him. Soi Fon kicked Xia Yan arm in her left foot.

The next moment, Soi Fon shoes are all shattered by the whirlwind of the hovering. This is the explosive force of the wind, and the objects that come into contact can be destroyed.

Soi Fon, a flash, came to the distance, standing with a pair of white jade feet, standing in the void, thinking about the means.

Can’t be close, can’t touch the wind, speed is slower, and it’s completely unfavorable.

Just when Soi Fon thought about it, Xia Yan was laughed, and his body flashed directly to Soi Fon, punching it out.

Soi Fon didn’t fight hard, dodge directly, and with shunpo appeared in the distance.

But at the moment she appeared, Xia Yan came to her, cocked her hand and stabbed Soi Fon.

Soi Fon evaded again, Xia Yan continued to chase, several ups and downs, Xia Yan said with a smile: “Soi Fon Captain, if you continue to escape, you lose.”

“Do I?”

Soi Fon flashed again, Xia Yan continued to chase, but just halfway, there were three bitterness in front of him, and they attacked his face, chest and abdomen.

All of Attack is the center line position.

Xia Yan right hand waved, and immediately three pieces of bitterness were not broken, but after the bite was not broken, it was a silver needle that came face to face.

“This is..”

Xia Yan slight glimpse, these silver needles are scattered, what can be used?

But at the moment of Xia Yan know, Soi Fon extended her right hand, pointing to Xia Yan, the next moment, and a thunder spread in her hands.

Hadō #11, Tsuzuri Raiden.

Tsuzuri Raiden is to release Lightning along the object. If it is released in the air, the power is greatly reduced, and it is difficult to spread too far in the air. It is not as good as Byakurai.

However, Soi Fon is not far from Xia Yan. There are dozens of silver needles in the middle. These currents directly hit the silver needle, and then from the other end of the silver needle, they shot at Xia Yan.

  Zī zī zī zī.

Azure blue light came in an instant, Xia Yan could not escape, and only had time to put his arms up and keep in front of him.

Zī zī zī zī

The wind in Xia Yan arm will weaken the thunder, but some of it falls on his arm.

And Soi Fon took the opportunity to come to Xia Yan and make him to kneel down.

As long as Lightning can bring Xia Yan a stagnation, Soi Fon can succeed.

But at the foot of Soi Fon, Xia Yan was blocked by his wrist, and Xia Yan other hand was already on Soi Fon’s stomach.

“You lose!”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon Captain, said softly.

Soi Fon frowned and asked, “Why is Lightning not useful to you?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I have been using the magnetic field to quench the body, the skin and muscle density have been more than before, and the weakened Lightning can’t hurt me.”

“So it is.”

Soi Fon breathed a sigh of relief, she was a little disappointed, and the moves she practiced were useless.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Soi Fon, I will call you Soi Fon in private.”

Soi Fon said with anger: “I shouldn’t promise you, I’m called by a little devil, it’s awkward.”

Xia Yan quickly said: “Then I call you Soi Fon sister, as long as it is no longer called Captain in private.”

Soi Fon heard this and said a little blush: “Okay.”

What Xia Yan thinks of again, asks: “Soi Fon sister, the silver needle you just used to release the current, is this a newly developed move?”

Soi Fon snorted and said, “I saw that you developed a lot of moves using Thunder, so I thought of a way, but it doesn’t seem to be of much use now.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “It is really not very useful. For the expert, the power is too weak. And Soi Fon sister doesn’t create a release environment every time, but it will have some flaws due to the layout.”

Soi Fon sighed and said: “I just want to increase my Strength as much as possible. I feel that my Strength has a bottleneck. I am still far worse than your progress.”

Soi Fon strength is already good, the complete thunder and the level 2 will kill, unless the Reiatsu is high enough, it is difficult for someone to avoid her sneak attack.

Xia Yan reveals a mysterious smile and says: “Soi Fon sister Strength and speed are the best weapons, so there is no need to use indirect means. Just add Strength and speed. And I have a way to help Soi Fon sister improve.”

Soi Fon curiously asked: “What?”

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