BSI Chapter 79 : Combat power

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After the banquet ended, Xia Yan life gradually became stable. With the agreement with Soi Fon, Xia Yan worked harder and strived to master Bankai.

But now that Xia Yan is fully utilizing Shikai Ability, there are still some shortcomings, and it has not yet reached the seventh-class Reiatsu that is commonly owned by Captain class.

So the next time, Xia Yan poured more Reishi into the Reiatsu

In this way, time passed, and in the twinkling of an eye two years passed.

On this day, Xia Yan continued to use the magnetic field to quench the flesh, and at the same time continued to replenish Reishi.


The imposing manner of Xia Yan suddenly changed, the external pressure was released, and the surrounding megaliths turned into powder.

Xia Yan slowly stood up, looks at his own both hands, finally reached, seventh-class Reiatsu.

seventh-class Reiatsu, you can launch Thunder shape, you can transform more Thunder to fight.

How long have you been using it yourself?

In two years, it reached the fifth-class Reiatsu, and reached the sixth-class Reiatsu in five years. After that, it took 15 years to reach the seventh-class Reiatsu.

At this level, it also means that you have a more fromidable force, but the peak combat power has not changed much. The Captain level is only in the middle and upper layers, but it lasts longer.

However, it is also necessary to consider actual combat, so Xia Yan appeared in 11th Division.

The goal of this is to challenge Zaraki Kenpachi himself.

Zaraki Kenpachi is the best candidate for assessing his Ability. His Reiatsu is extremely high, and he is more than ordinary Captain. He is good at Zanjutsu, Strength and speed are extremely formidable, and Anti-Ability is comparable to Arrancar.

His only shortcoming is that IQ can’t work, it’s only hard-headed, and the restrained Athlete can only take the dog.

And he rarely evades the enemy’s Attack, which is a very qualified target.

Xia Yan found Zaraki Kenpachi, who was intimidating intent and said, “Is it finally challenging me?”

“Please also ask for more information from Captain.”

Xia Yan took out Zanpakuto. When Zaraki Kenpachi took the Zanpakuto in his hand, he stepped a little and rushed toward Zaraki Kenpachi and cut it out.

“Brat, not Shikai? Don’t use your trick, be careful I to kill you. ”

Zaraki Kenpachi said, with their Zanpakuto colliding, and a bang, Xia Yan flew out, but in the air, Xia Yan landed, and the body slowly stopped.


Zaraki Kenpachi eyes, he did not expect Xia Yan not to apply Shikai and Shunko, only the physical Strength, just repelled, but not opened.

Xia Yan took a chance to move his hands, but he didn’t think it was enough.

I want to try the amount of my Stamina. In the past four years, he has been using magnetic fields to strengthen the body. Strength is getting stronger and stronger, but it is still much worse than Zaraki Kenpachi.

However, if it is the former self, this sword will split his body to two by Zaraki Kenpachi.

Xia Yan shook the body, the right hand and the boss legs came out with a blue light, the next moment, Xia Yan body suddenly disappeared.


Zaraki Kenpachi slashed back and smashed it with Xia Yan Zanpakuto. A huge noise came and the two men’s physiques were in an instant stagnation.

Then, after the sound broke, there were several Slashes in the sky.

So fast.

Such speed, Zaraki Kenpachi without removing the blindfold, could not escape.

Since you can’t hide, don’t hide.

Zaraki Kenpachi coldly snorted, lifted the sword directly.

Puff puff.

Xia Yan Zanpakuto cut two blood marks on Zaraki Kenpachi and then quickly retreat, but it was still in the sword range of Zaraki Kenpachi.

The two men shot three blood flowers.

Xia Yan cut Zaraki Kenpachi two slash, sacrificed Strength for speed, even if his Strength increased, it only left blood marks.

And Zaraki Kenpachi Slash, Xia Yan used this to retreat and escape some of his strength. The remaining Strength, which was partially resisted by Xia Yan skin muscles, still left a small wound.

Xia Yan looks at the bleeding chest, the eyes in the intent intent more, rushed up again.

clang, clang, clang.

The two people’s Zanpakuto continually collided, leaving only a trace of the remains in place. Zaraki Kenpachi is getting more and more excited, and the sword in his hand is getting faster and faster.

But Xia Yan speed is also following the ascension.

Xia Yan body strength getting stronger, the Shunko strength of bearing is also improved, and the speed increase at the same time itself has been upgraded to a higher level than the first and Zaraki Kenpachi spar.

At that time, the use of Shunko, just taking advantage of a moment, was defeated.

But now it is possible to tie in with the Zaraki Kenpachi without eye mask.

The two men played dozens of tricks and Zaraki Kenpachi shouted, “Good, worthy of my right.”

Zaraki Kenpachi said, taking off the blindfold, the huge Reiatsu was filled in the courtyard, and the people around him were overwhelmed.

But at the next moment, Xia Yan just disappeared, leaving Zaraki Kenpachi alone.

“What about people? I dare to run away, I want to kill you. ”

Zaraki Kenpachi saw that Xia Yan fled without fighting and roared out of the courtyard building, only to find that Xia Yan’s figure had disappeared.

“God damn it!”

Zaraki Kenpachi was so angry that he pulled out the sword and slammed it to the wall next to him, banging and cracking the wall.

At this time, a figure jumped on the back of Zaraki Kenpachi and said, “Ken-chan, calm down.”

Zaraki Kenpachi brought back the blindfold and said, “This brat will only run away.”

Kusajishi Yachiru said with a smile: “No, because you open your eye mask, Xiao Yanyan is not an opponent, unless you use Zanpakuto Shikai, but you can’t Shikai, Ken-chan. He doesn’t want to use Zanpakuto Ability to compare with you.”

Zaraki Kenpachi heard this and converged the anger in his heart and turned back to the courtyard.


Xia Yan has been running back to 2nd Division. He is not afraid, but feels unnecessary.

After unpacking the eye mask, Zaraki Kenpachi Strength can be improved again. It is impossible to fight by just Shunko, and Shikai must be used.

With Thunder Wing and Thunder Shape, you can compete with Zaraki Kenpachi without a blindfold. If you can use Thunder Energy and Zaraki Kenpachi can’t hide, you can win. He can dodge and he can get the upper hand.

But once Zaraki Kenpachi uses the both hands Zanjutsu and he is full power, the two are exploding, you can’t stop me, I can’t stop you.

But this is not all of Zaraki Kenpachi Strength, but his freehand Attack Ability.

And even if it is a freehand Attack, there is a seal, how strong after unlocking the seal, how strong after Shikai, how strong after Bankai?

Now, it is equal to Zaraki Kenpachi seal limit.

You need to continue to temper the body, as long as the body reaches the level of the No. 5, plus the Shunko disability and the Kenpachi both hands Zanjutsu.

This will be upgraded with Shikai, so that the combat power can be upgraded again to reach the level of Super Captain.

After that, I will master Bankai, and I will be qualified to reach the level of special combat power and play against Aizen.

As for the collapse of Aizen, the second form is already the existence of two super Captain-class combat powers and can not be defeated, and even after the seal can not kill.

Xia Yan could not find a reason to defeat Aizen, and only exhausted full power to avoid Aizen getting the Hōgyoku of Kisuke Urahara.

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  1. Just 2 years with his electromagnetic his body has become that strong 😀 maybe he can get a body that will much more powerful than any body in bleach world if he continue to use electromagnetic to strengthened his body 😀

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