BSI Chapter 179 : Meeting again

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There are nine Shinigamis who come to Hueco Mundo, eight of whom have lost, leaving only one.

Soi Fon ran wildly and walked along the long passage, and the thoughts in her heart grew stronger.

I haven’t met for half a year, although I can’t compare it with 30 years, but after that time, Soi Fon and Xia Yan are not separated every minute and every second.

Soi Fon went through the long passage to the interior of Las Noches, where there was a high sky, and the sky was painted with blue sky and white clouds.

Soi Fon came here for the first time, shocking the huge Las Noches, but at this time two figures appeared in front of her, kneeling on one knee, “Lord Xia Yan invited Lord Soi Fon to go.”

These two figures, one tall and fat, one tall and thin, are the subordinates of Nelliel, Dondochakka and Pesche.

“Lead the way.”

Soi Fon waved her hand and the two jumped in the distance, and in a twinkling of an eye they came to a huge palace.

“Please enter, Lord Soi Fon.”

Two people stopped outside, and Soi Fon nodded and walked in, and a white shadow appeared in front of her.

Soi Fon takes a step in retreat and looks at the opposite side. I see the silhouette in front of me. The body is wrapped in white material, with a breathtaking atmosphere.

“Who are you?” Soi Fon coldly asked.

Don’t know me?

Xia Yan pointed to herself and said: “I am Xia Yan, Soi Fon sister, I am Xia Yan.”

Say, Xia Yan went to Soi Fon, but Soi Fon took out Zanpakuto and pointed to Xia Yan, saying: “Fart, how can Xia Yan look like this.”

Xia Yan said helplessly: “But I am really Xia Yan, I used Hōgyoku Evolution, it became this look.”

Soi Fon heard this and frowned, “But why is your voice changing?”

Xia Yan’s voice is a bit boring now, and it’s very different from before.

Xia Yan said helplessly: “I am wrapped up in this thing, the voice is of course different.”

Soi Fon asked again: “So why is your breath different?”

Now Xia Yan, there is a huge spiral of power, with a breath of Shinigami.

Xia Yan sighed and said: “After my Evolution, the breath is different.”

Soi Fon coldly snorted, and asked: “So why is your head high?”

Xia Yan is now three centimeters taller than before, almost 155 or 157.

Xia Yan replied: “Before reaching the next Evolution class, my body will grow, so Evolution will continue until big accomplishment, and then Evolution will go to the next level.”

Soi Fon picked up the eyes and looked at Xia Yan, looks, voice, breath, and height are all different, so Soi Fon is a little disbelieving.

She asked suspiciously: “Do you remember when we first met?”

Xia Yan replied with a smile: “The first time we met, at the Spiritual Arts Academy, you sneaked into my room in the middle of the night and took me away.”

Soi Fon nodded and asked: “Do you remember when we first held hands?”

Xia Yan said softly: “The first summer festival of Seireitei.”

Soi Fon asked again: “Then we kissed for the first time?”

Xia Yan glanced at Soi Fon and said, “My first time, my sister Soi Fon was injured in a fight with Zaraki Kenpachi and was lying in a hospital bed, then Soi Fon’s sister kissed me in the summer festival.”

Soi Fon turned red and said, “I am talking about mouth to mouth.”

Xia Yan said: “The first time I tried to kiss Soi Fon’s sister, it was at the party, but it was interrupted by Zaraki Kenpachi. As for the real kiss, in fact, 30 years later, when I come back from Human World.”

Upon hearing this, Soi Fon sighed and plunged directly into Xia Yan’s arms.

Xia Yan hugged Soi Fon and buried her body in his arms. Although Xia Yan is only six or seven centimeters taller than Soi Fon, he is enough to hold her.

The two men were quietly holding and feeling the long-lost silence.

After a while, Soi Fon’s voice sounded, “Xia Yan, how did you become like this?”

Xia Yan said helplessly: “This is a necessary result of Evolution. By the end of this phase, Evolution can be changed.”

This stage is embarrassing, the next stage is breaking the head, the Fourth Stage is new butterfly, and the Fifth Stage is mature butterfly, which is also the final stage of integration.

Breaking the head can reveal the head, and there will be a butterfly wing behind the butterfly, which is more handsome than the current state.

But the butterfly in the final fusion stage is abnormally terrifying.

However, the role of Hōgyoku is that the dream comes true, so it is possible to avoid the appearance of fifth stage butterfly.

But the current degeneration is the root of horizontal evolution and cannot be eliminated.

“As long as it is not like this.” Soi Fon said softly, but then she said, “I don’t dislike you, it’s just like you, it makes me feel that you are not you at all.”

“I understand.”

Xia Yan heard this, smiled and said: “Believe me, I will change back.”

Soi Fon smiles sweetly, slightly opening the body and just want to saying something.

A lazy voice sounded, “Xia Yan, when will you leave?”

Accompanied by the sound, not far from the bed of the temple, a figure slowly straightened up, staring with sleepy eyes, shouted in confusion.

“Who are you?”

Soi Fon saw not far away, standing with an antelope horn, a huge chest, a woman in a short skirt shouted, “Why is it in Xia Yan’s bed?”

When she heard Soi Fon, Nelliel sat at the bed and asked in confusion: “It is natural to sleep in bed.”

Soi Fon turned black and asked: “Xia Yan, what is going on? How can a strange woman be in your bed.”

Xia Yan just wants to answer, Nelliel’s voice came, “I am the guard of Lord Xia Yan’s. I need to protect Lord Xia Yan’s and sleep in Xia Yan’s bed. Is this not taken for granted?”

When Soi Fon heard this, she became calm and asked, “Who is she?”

Soi Fon believes in Xia Yan, even when Xia Yan has been in Human World for 30 years, can’t change his mind.

20 years of getting along, 30 years of waiting, and 60 years in Dangai.

Soi Fon is very confident in Xia Yan, how can she misunderstand Xia Yan because of other people’s words.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “She is my subordinate, responsible for my guards, but she is very irresponsible and often lazy.”

“Are you sure you didn’t like her?”

Soi Fon coldly snorted, looks at Nelliel in the distance, her face is a bit ugly.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “How can I like her?”

Soi Fon said with a grin: “That can be said, her chest is so big, don’t you like it?”

Nelliel has chest circumference of at least 20 cm. It is not like the coconut-like chest of Matsumoto Rangiku, but the body of the breast is deep and very conspicuous.

And Soi Fon, only B cup, the chest circumference is only one-half of the opposite side.

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, very seriously said: “Soi Fon sister, you have to believe me, I only like flat chest.”

Soi Fon coldly snorted, said: “Is it? But you guy all like big chest? For example, the author.”

“Don’t ignore the brain.”

Xia Yan waved his hand and said, “I only like Soi Fon’s sister alone.”

Soi Fon gently nodded and said: “I believe in you.”

The two quietly embraced each other and enjoyed a short time together.

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  1. I wonder how the author is going to end all this since we are getting close to the end. About 40 chapters left.

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