BSI Chapter 81 : Equipment

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“Any solution?” Soi Fon eyes are shining, and she knows that Xia Yan always has a lot of ideas. As long as he says yes, he can.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Soi Fon sister came with me. I have two ideas. Now I have completed the first one, just you can try it.”


Soi Fon is very much looking forward to follow Xia Yan toward the residence, while walking, a Xia Yan said: “My first thought is about speed, I can’t help Soi Fon’s sister to improve her speed, but can improve through the external style, such as clothing.”


Soi Fon look at Xia Yan, the latter explained: “I observed the soi Fon sister criminal suit, found that this set of clothing shortcomings too much, not suitable for close combat, crotch skirt is too fluffy, crotch is connected up, there are more spacious hems, there is a large area of the air, moving easily by the wind block, resistance is too large, So if you change the shape of your clothes, you can increase the speed slightly.”

Soi Fon skirt is very resistant, especially the flail between the thighs, which tends to block the wind.

Moreover, the trousers are very spacious. When moving, the wind blows the trousers tightly on the skin, and even swings with the wind.

There is also a gap, the sides of the thigh are hollow, the back is also hollow, the underarm is also hollow, it is easy to enter the wind.

Therefore, the criminal war service is not conducive to the battle, and Yoruichi did not pass through after leaving Seireitei.

Soi Fon nodded and said, “There are some obstacles.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “So I made a dress for you.”

Xia Yan walked into the house with Soi Fon, took out a dress from his pocket and handed it to Xia Yan.

“this is…”

Soi Fon took out her first dress and her face immediately became red. She looked at Xia Yan and said incoherently: “I, how can I wear this?”

The clothes that appeared in front of Soi Fon were a trouser-free garment with smooth, high-fork, back-skinned, tight-fitting.

That’s right, it’s the dead water, the whole body is blue.

This dress, is similar to Yoruichi. When she fight Aizen and D-Askin Nakk Le Vaar , Yoruichi clothes  are only black (Manga chapter 657).

Xia Yan and Yoruichi taste are heavy, come to a blue, more youthful vitality, with Soi Fon white skin and youthful faces, much like a female high school student going to the pool.

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon and smiled and said: “This dress has little resistance, and there are stockings and shoes.”

The stockings are white, up to the thigh, and Yoruichi fight Aizen are wearing black stockings with armor when fighting, and black boots when fighting with D-Askin Nakk Le Vaar.

Xia Yan felt that the boots were not very good, only the white stockings were left, and the shoes were replaced with gym shoes.

That’s right, it’s gym shoes, rounded edges of red, simple style, simple, light and flexible. Although there are some soils, you should know that Soi Fon used to wear shoes, which is ugly.

As long as Soi Fon wears this outfit, it can reduce a lot of resistance and become more beautiful and sexy.

Soi Fon threw the clothes aside and said, “I won’t wear it.”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon and asks: “Why?”

Soi Fon said with a red face: “This dress has a thigh.”

Xia Yan grabbed the white stockings and said: “But there are socks, only the naked ones, there is no difference between the one and the criminal suit. It’s more portable, weighs only a quarter, and has little resistance. ”

Soi Fon twisted her head and said, “I don’t wear it, even if it’s better.”

Xia Yan touch his hair, but he did not expect that he had failed after a long time to change her. He said: “That can only be changed into tight pants and tight clothes.”

Tights pants and tight clothes are the second choice for Xia Yan. As long as you avoid too much trousers and flail, the weight will not be reduced too much, but the resistance can be reduced by more than half.

Xia Yan took out a book with the style of this dress. Soi Fon nodded and said, “This is okay.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Then I will order it.”

As he said, Xia Yan put the clothes in his pocket and put it away.

Soi Fon saw this scene and asked with a blushing look: “You still have what to do. I won’t wear it, just throw it away.”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon and said, “You can’t wear it now, but if you get married, Soi Fon can wear it to me.”

Soi Fon thought of the scene at that time, her face became red and she said: “Do not wear.”

“Then don’t wear it.”

Although Xia Yan said this, he secretly hid the clothes and let them go.

Soi Fon doesn’t know what Xia Yan is thinking, but she didn’t stop it. When she got married, it’s fine to wear it.

Xia Yan picked up the book just now and opened the second page. He said: “Before it was clothes, you can reduce the resistance and increase the speed. This is the means of Attack.”

“This is…”

Soi Fon looks at the contents of the book. It is four armor, some like handcuffs and leg squats. It can cover the hands and both legs. The Metal material has a texture at the same time, which allows Thunder Kido to Rotate and finally play a pure thunderbolt.

Extremely hard to crush Arrancar steel skin.

It is like the special armor created by Kisuke Urahara for Yoruichi, which can crack Aizen skin of the second state, and then cooperate with Shunko to continue to cause damage.

Xia Yan designed the texture, with thunder Shunko, you can shoot the thunderbolt.

There is also a tip, the left hand is a cone, all built by Metal, and Attack can concentrate all the strengths at the apex of a cone.

The right hand is a paw, but with a gap left, you can put Suzumebachi Shikai in.

However, such a strong material has not been found, Xia Yan intends to find Kurotsuchi Mayuri, asking if it is possible to do this.

Soi Fon saw the description of the armor, the eyes lit up and said: “If you can really build this armor, my Attack Power and defensive power can be greatly improved.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “And I will leave a small hole for you in the right hand, you can carry Shikai as the equipment of Suzumebachi. There are also these lines, you can superimpose the thunder system Kido and you can also use Shunko. And here…”

Soi Fon listened to Xia Yan’s words, knowing that this armor must have infused Xia Yan great efforts, and her heart was very moved. It turned out that he had done so much in the dark.

Soi Fon couldn’t help but say, “Thank you.”

Xia Yan smiled a little, and said: “This is not a thank you.”

Soi Fon said with a smile: “If you build this armor by then, then I will show you the first outfit you designed after we get married.”

Xia Yan eyes lit up and asked: “Is it true?”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Of course it is true.”


Xia Yan thought of Soi Fon wearing dead water, white stockings and gym shoes, and he was very excited.

“Need to be so excited?” Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, not a good voice.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Of course.”

Soi Fon gave a look at Xia Yan, but at this time, a figure opened the door, walked into the room, came to Soi Fon and whispered a few words.

“I will go there.”

Soi Fon said, looking at Xia Yan, said: “The criminal army has mission, there is a Shinigami murder attempt, and escaped from Seireitei, once a nobleman, ordered to pass down, without trial, went directly to the assassination.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Soi Fon Captain, let’s go.”

Such mission appear every once in a while, and generally do not pick up, but directly send Onmitsukidō troops to assassinate.

Just like Rukia violation, if the death penalty is really imposed, it is necessary for the Onmitsukidō troops to be dispatched.

But in the end, let 6th Division come out and bring Rukia back.

Soi Fon quickly left, Xia Yan yawned, packed things up, and planned to go to Kurotsuchi Mayuri in a few days.


But after two hours, Soi Fon hasn’t returned yet. A Ritten team member pushed the door open and said: “Xia Yan, Soi Fon Captain hopes that you will lead a combat team and search for the South Rukongai area.”

Xia Yan stood up and asked, “Is that Shinigami not found?”

The Ritten team member said: “Well, Soi Fon Captain went to East Rukongai, but when she half of the search, she learned that he had left, so Soi Fon went to West Rukongai, but at the same time, She hope that Xia Yan and Ōmaeda Marechiyo together. Go to help search. Ōmaeda Vice-Captain will go to North Rukongai to search, while Xia Yan will go to South Rukongai to search. This is the look of the defection Shinigami.”

The Ritten team handed a picture to Xia Yan. After Xia Yan put it away, he said, “Okay, I will go.”

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