BSI Chapter 82 : Surrounded

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Xia Yan went to the criminal army and mobilized a 10-member combat squad and 30 investigators to travel to West Rukongai (location modification).

A criminal squad with smoke bombs, flash bombs and bombs, and a Kido combination, even if the Expert Captain series Expert is ambushed, it can be seriously injured.

As for the investigators, Strength is a bit less, mainly based on investigation and tracking.

The wanted Shinigami is an ordinary Shinigami and does not require too much strength to capture.

Now Soi Fon is in South Rukongai, Ōmaeda Marechiyo is in North Rukongai, and Xia Yan is in West Rukongai, so that you can be sure of nothing.

Xia Yan took the staff out of Seireitei and reached the edge of West Rukongai, let them scatter.

The main investigators are the Maggots Nest monitors, who are good at investigating and tracking, and hiding them in a pull-net approach.

This method is stupid, but Rukongai has a large population, and Shinigami is a completely special existence. As long as it appears in the relevant area, there will always be people who see it.

The area in front is relatively peaceful, most people live and work in peace, and there are few outsiders, so it is a good investigation.

Xia Yan asked two investigators to inquire about a block, one on the bright side and one in the dark, and it took almost half an hour to check an area.

In a short time, 30 investigators will complete all 30 areas and start the next area.

“This grandfather, have you found this person?”

Xia Yan took the portrait and handed it to an old man.

The latter waved his hand and said in a hoarse voice: “We haven’t seen Shinigami for a long time.”

Almost all of Shinigami will live in Seireitei, and a small number of people living outside will also live in the area before the serial number.

After 30 zones, there is very little chance of Shinigami appearing.

Xia Yan asked several people in succession, and did not find the trace of Shinigami, but can only continue to trace.

When it came to more than 50 regions, Xia Yan began a house-to-house investigation. It has been confusing, and care must be taken to hide the opposite side.

But still not, but it should not come here.

Soi Fon Captain investigated East Rukongai and learned that he left, then it is very likely to go directly to North Rukongai and South Rukongai, to the opposite West Rukongai is basically impossible.

Therefore, every time Xia Yan goes to an area, he will send people to stay at some key points to explore, so as not to miss the defected Shinigami.

When Xia Yan explored the 62nd district, the criminal warriors around him gathered around, and Xia Yan waved and waved, saying: “Next.”

A group of people crossed the 62nd district and went to the 63rd district, but between the two blocks, it was a wasteland.

At the moment of stepping into the wilderness, a snoring came, “Shoot to kill, Shinso!”

The sound fell, and awkwardly, a criminal officer at the side of Xia Yan had a pointed tip at the chest, and behind the criminals, a blade was extended to the darkness in the distance.

“God damn it!”

Xia Yan turned back and pulled out his Zanpakuto, and the sword light came again, stabbing the 2nd place criminals.

However, the sword tip has not touched the criminals, and stopped in front of Xia Yan.


Xia Yan blocked sword, looks at the silhouette of the distance, and spit out three words: “Ichimaru Gin.”

The previous Ability is the Ability of the Ichimaru Gin Shikai. It looks like a short sword. The blade can be extended by 100 times and the speed is extremely fast.


Another scream rang, Xia Yan turned around and saw a brown-skinned man behind the other criminals. The long sword in his hand runs through a criminal.

“Tōsen Kaname.”

Xia Yan gritted the three words, Ichimaru Gin and Tōsen Kaname came here, and directly slaughtered, how Xia Yan could not know what happened.

They are all Aizen people. If there is no Aizen order, how can they arbitrarily intercept them?

The answer is already obvious. Aizen wants to kill himself and sends two Captains directly.

Look at Tōsen Kaname A flash came to another criminal officer, Xia Yan body roared, blue light bloom, the next moment, Xia Yan appeared on the side of Tōsen Kaname.

With Tōsen Kaname not Shikai, kill him first.

However, Tōsen Kaname responded very quickly, and Zanpakuto slanted one block, blocking Xia Yan Slash.


The huge force of the direct push Tōsen Kaname backwards, and Xia Yan Strength is far more than Tōsen Kaname under the amplification of thunder shunko.

But the next moment, Tōsen Kaname low call, “Cry! Suzumushi! ”

Xia Yan flashed and came behind Tōsen Kaname, but the next moment, Tōsen Kaname’s long sword hit him again.


Tōsen Kaname flew out, Xia Yan took the victory, but the ears roared, and Xia Yan body appeared for a moment of stagnation.


This is the Ability of Tōsen Kaname Zanpakuto, the Reiatsu of the surface of Zanpakuto, the squeaking sound, which can lift the restriction on Zanpakuto, and enter the lower pressure of the spinal pressure to hypnotize the opposite side.

Xia Yan Reiatsu is not inferior to Tōsen Kaname, so it is only a moment of stagnation.

“Tōsen Kaname, he will give it to you, I will deal with these miscellaneous soldiers first.”

As a result, Ichimaru Gin rushed to the criminal members, and his body flashed to the back of a criminal warrior, but the two criminals next to him rushed in time, to attack Ichimaru Gin.

Ichimaru Gin flew and retreat, and the sharp sword in his hand suddenly stretched through a criminal warrior.

Other criminals dispersed each other, took out bombs and surrounded Ichimaru Gin.

Ichimaru Gin smiled and didn’t care, clenching the gun in his hand.

But Xia Yan shouted: “Don’t fight, hurry to leave, return to seireitei to inform all division.”

A combat squad, in the face of Expert like Ichimaru Gin, is just a slap in the face.

Not to mention that Aizen is still hidden in the dark, and the result of the battle is that the whole army is annihilated.

It’s better to leave with the advantage of speed advantage. As for Xia Yan, the speed is faster, far more than Tōsen Kaname and Ichimaru Gin. But he did not dare to flee, Aizen was in the dark, and the goal was himself.

Aizen won’t let himself escape, so he can only use himself as a bait, let them focus on themselves and let the criminal members go back to find someone.

Along with Xia Yan words, these criminals took out flash bombs and smoke bombs, after igniting, planned to flee.

The sudden flash of light made Ichimaru Gin glimpse and wanted to chase, but did not find their trace.

“Hey, hey, hey.”

Ichimaru Gin closed the eyes, and the long sword in his hand extended the shot, running through three criminal members, but still five criminals fled.

“Let’s land, Kaminari.”

Seeing that Ichimaru Gin slaughtered the criminal members through the sense of formidable, Xia Yan directly use Shikai.

The dark clouds in the sky gathered, the arc flashed, and gathered into a thunder, hōng lòng slammed down, Xia Yan grabbed the lightning and turned into a short gun.


 Boom, bang, bang, bang.

Count the Thunder to Ichimaru Gin.


Ichimaru Gin began to dodge when the electric light gathered, but only escaped two thunders, and the other two thunders, the arc filled.

But at the next moment, Ichimaru Gin had a round shield in front of him.

Bakudō #39, Enkōsen.

Hōng lòng.

The sluice mountain was smashed by the third thunder, and the fourth thunder took the arm raised by Ichimaru Gin.

“It’s really painful.”

Ichimaru Gin’s body trembled, the clothes on his arm disappeared, his arms became black, and the blood was DC.

On the other side, there was a thunder wing behind Xia Yan, which he disappeared instantly and came to the back of Tōsen Kaname, which slash out.

Tōsen Kaname subconsciously avoided, but Xia Yan long spear wiped his waist and directly took away most of the flesh and blood.

Xia Yan suppressed Ichimaru Gin and Tōsen Kaname by himself, gave five other criminal members time, divided them into five directions and disappeared into the distance.

“Runned by them, it’s over.” Ichimaru Gin sighed and said, holding his head.

Xia Yan continued to attack the two men, trying to contain their body shape, as long as the criminal members can leave, they have the opportunity to live.

But at this time, a voice slowly came out of the darkness and said: “The two Captains can actually let five people escape. It is really disappointing. I need to take it out myself.”

Out of the darkness, it was the Captain Aizen of 5th Division. He smiled and the tip of his Sword was covered with blood, step by step toward this side.

Seeing the opposite side, Xia Yan was disheartened. It seems that the five criminal members have all disappeared.

Tōsen Kaname quickly said: “I’m sorry Captain Aizen.”

Ichimaru Gin smiled and said: “Captain Aizen, this can’t blame us, He is too strong.”

Aizen looked at Xia Yan, revealing a slight smile and said: “Long time no see, Xia Yan-kun.”

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