BSI Chapter 154 : The True Bankai

Edited: XiaXue

Xia Yan and Yamamoto Genryuusai left with Aizen and Wonderweiss and came to the uninhabited wilderness. No one lived there, and few people set foot. The grass on the ground was soaring, and it was half a knee high.

Four people stood in the sky on the grass, Aizen’s corner of mouth with a faint smile. “Is it here?”

Yamamoto Genryuusai’s face gloomy and cold said: “Of course, this is a good place to be your grave.”

“Maybe you will die here.”

Aizen slowly pulled out his Zanpakuto, Yamamoto Genryuusai saw this scene and said: “Xia Yan, remember to avoid my Flame.”

Accompanied by his voice, Yamamoto Genryuusai clenched his Zanpakuto, the next moment Flame filled the blade.

Ryujin Jakka.

But Flame just appeared, what Xia Yan caught in his eyes, pulled out his Zanpakuto, and rushed up.


Xia Yan’s Zanpakuto was blocked by Aizen, who smiled and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Xia Yan move behind retired and came to Yamamoto Genryuusai, and the Flame on Head-Captain had disappeared.

And Wonderweiss has been backed up, waist and abdomen hollow, arms and boss legs slender.

He just discovered that Wonderweiss was going to the sword. He knew that Wonderweiss Resurrección was called Extinguir or Prince of Extinguished Flames and he could seal Ryujin Jakka.

Therefore, Xia Yan launched an attack and tried to kill Wonderweiss first. The result was blocked by Aizen.


Yamamoto Genryuusai frowned, and Aizen said: “Since I can make Arrancar that neutralizes Thunder, of course, I can also make Arrancar seal Ryujin Jakka, and without Zanpakuto, you are not afraid.”

“Seal my Zanpakuto?”

Yamamoto Genryuusai heard this and looked at Wonderweiss.

Prince of Extinguished Flames.

In this state, he can seal Yamamoto Genryuusai Zanpakuto.

“Then I will kill you first.”

Yamamoto Genryuusai came to Wonderweiss and punched out.

In the face of Yamamoto Genryuusai’s fist, Wonderweiss also made a punch, and the two fists collided. Wonderweiss’s entire right arm and shoulder disappeared instantly.

But at the next moment, his body is constantly regenerating, and his arms and shoulders are restored.

Wonderweiss’s Strength is very strong. If he don’t Resurrección, He can use the baby roar to break Hyōten Hyakkasō of Tōshirō Hitsugaya, attack Jūshirō Ukitake and defeat Kuna Mashiro.

However, in front of Yamamoto Genryuusai, he was not a master, but his intelligence was relatively low. Wonderweiss took the initiative to attack and both hands punch towards Yamamoto Genryuusai.

Yamamoto Genryuusai reached out and held the opposite side hands, pulling the opposite side hands directly with a little force.

At this time, Wonderweiss’s shoulder split, and one hand grabbed it, clenched it into a fist and hit Yamamoto Genryuusai.

 Boom, bang, bang…

A loud noise came, but when the fist dissipated, Yamamoto Genryuusai was unharmed.

“Sure enough, it’s Head-Captain.”

Aizen said with a smile, “Wonderweiss, Don’t fight, let it blew. ”

Along with Aizen’s words, Wonderweiss’s figure suddenly became bigger. Seeing this scene, Yamamoto Genryuusai intends to retreat.

But at this moment, Aizen’s voice came, “Wonderweiss’s Ability is not to invalidate your Zanpakuto, but to seal your Flame into your body. Once you blew yourself, you can imagine the power. Neither you or Xia Yan can survive the death.”

Upon hearing this, Yamamoto Genryuusai’s face became ugly. He knew the power of his own Flame. Just because Ennetsu Jigoku detonated, he could destroy several Karakura Town-sized cities, so he rushed to hug Wonderweiss.


A violent explosion sounded, surrounded by Flame, and Xia Yan and Aizen retraced quickly, avoiding the center of the explosion and not being seriously injured.

Yamamoto Genryuusai has fallen to the ground. When he saw this scene, Aizen looked at Xia Yan and said, “In this way, we are left with two.”

Xia Yan took out his Zanpakuto, looks at Aizen, and looked calm.

If Yamamoto Genryuusai’s Flame can’t be sealed, it’s easy to kill Aizen in two versus 1.

In particular, Xia Yan’s speed is fast, even if Yamamoto Genryuusai mistakes Xia Yan as Aizen, the latter can easily escape.

As long as Yamamoto Genryuusai Attack speed is slow, you can kill it.

And Ryujin Jakka of Yamamoto Genryuusai can cause a great range of damage, and Aizen can’t escape.

But Yamamoto Genryuusai was knocked down, leaving only Xia Yan alone.

However, Xia Yan is not an accident, which is within his consideration, and he has already made complete preparations.

Look at Aizen, Xia Yan gently shouted: “Ten no kaminari no Kyūten.”

“Don’t you Bankai?”

Aizen chuckled and said, with a wave of his right hand, the smog of scarlet-red filled his body.

Behind Xia Yan, a Thunder giant was raised, taking a step forward and entering the body of Xia Yan.


Xia Yan disappeared instantly and entered the smoke. The long sword in his hand pierced Aizen’s body.

“Have you forgotten my Bankai?”

There was a voice behind Xia Yan, but only in an instant, Xia Yan turned back.


Xia Yan’s sword directly splits the Aizen behind him into two halves, but Aizen’s figure is once again in vain.

“You can’t beat me.”

Aizen appeared not far away, and Xia Yan rushed up at the moment he appeared, with a long sword running through the opposite side body.

But this body has turned into a bubble.

He can make sound, Reiatsu, touch, appearance, and the same body.

Aizen appeared behind Xia Yan and smashed it toward Xia Yan.

“Got you.”

Xia Yan once again turned back and smashed Aizen body, but Aizen’s body was once again turned into a bubble.

“How could?”

This body has just launched an offensive against himself.

“Why, don’t you attack?”

Aizen appeared not far from Xia Yan, this time Xia Yan did not launch an attack, but coldly’s looks at him.

“That should be me.”

Aizen appeared in the back of Xia Yan, with a long sword, Xia Yan did not hide, and stood there closed his eyes.

The long sword fell on Xia Yan’s body, and awkwardly, Xia Yan left a bloody mouth behind.

“Is this you.”

Xia Yan turned back and cut with sword, and directly cut off Aizen’s head.

This time it should be true.

Because Aizen said…

“Because I have said that the illusion created is that you cannot convert Reiatsu into Strength, so you use your own chopped evidence to determine my true body.”

Aizen appeared in the distance, smiles at Xia Yan, said softly: “Sorry, I am lying to you. He is not a phantom, but a mirror of mine, which can perfectly reflect everything about me. Can attack, can release Kido, have all my Ability. Of course, when he appears, I can’t mobilize the body Reiatsu, or the image will disappear.”

Xia Yan’s face was ugly. He didn’t expect Aizen’s mirror to do this. With his thoughts, the thunder body disappeared slowly.

Although he has a steel skin that is not inferior to Espada level, he has a Ninth-class Reiatsu, but the support time is not long.

Because Thunder can be filled in every part of Xia Yan body, every cell, from the internal, damage Xia Yan’s body.

Therefore, Xia Yan can only maintain the state of Thunder Body in 20 seconds.

Aizen asked with a smile: “Time is up? Can’t use Bankai, you are not my opponent.”

When He heard Aizen, Xia Yan looked at Aizen and asked: “Who told you, that was my Bankai?”

Aizen frowned, and Xia Yan clenched his Zapnakuto and said: “Ten no kaminari no Kyūten it is only part of Bankai. As for my Bankai.”

“Destroy and exterminate, Kami no Jōten.” [X-N: anyone have sugestion for the true name of Xia Yan Bankai raw: 毁灭吧,神宵]

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