BSI Chapter 56 : Get along

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Xia Yan accompanied Soi Fon for an afternoon, and he was repeatedly knocked down to the ground, making the whole body swollen and bruised.

Of course, in the process of spar with Soi Fon, Xia Yan actual combat experience and fighting skills are also increasing.

More importantly, Xia Yan enjoys the opportunity to train with Soi Fon, and often has body contact, which is what Xia Yan expects to meet.

“End it.”

Soi Fon stopped moving, and look at of Xia Yan, who had a swollen face, she felt a little pity. For Soi Fon, Xia Yan has been promoted from a powerful subordinate to a younger brother.

She is optimistic about him and training him, until he helps herself master Shunko, and then he is injured by her own training.

Soi Fon has a lot of love for Xia Yan, just like her sister to brother, can show more emotions.

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, her eyes are a bit more screaming, and asks: “Does it hurt?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “No pain.”

Soi Fon immediately reached out and squeezed Xia Yan arm. Although it didn’t hard, Xia Yan couldn’t help but cry out.

“You still don’t hurt, come here.”

Soi Fon turned and picked up her haori from the ground. After wearing it, she called Xia Yan to the corner in the train field and pointed to a stone and said, “Sit down.”

Xia Yan didn’t know what Soi Fon was going to do. He sat down honestly. Soi Fon pulled out a small round box from her arms. After opening it, a medicinal fragrance pervaded.

Is this a drug?

Xia Yan knows that in addition to Kaidō, there are some drugs in the Soul Society, such as hemostatic drugs.

The hemostatic drug is hidden the sword handle and can heal the wound.

Soi Fon stretched out her finger and touched it in the small round box. The white cream appeared on her finger and touched Xia Yan face.

The ointment was very cool and it felt a little cool on the face, but Soi Fon’s movement was a bit big, just in a swollen place, “Ah.”

Xia Yan subconsciously avoided, Soi Fon gave him a look and said: “Don’t move.”

“I’m afraid!”

Xia Yan put his head together and Soi Fon continued to smear him, but the movement was a lot softer.

Soi Fon said while applying the medicine: “This is a medicine for treating congestion and swelling. After smearing, it can be swollen in a day or so. It is slower than Kaidō, but it is of great use when it is not treated.”

Xia Yan didn’t dare to move. Look at Soi Fon was on the side of his face. He felt that her skin was quite good, her white hand was tender and the texture was very good.

In the animation, Soi Fon skin is dark yellow, except for the woman other than Yoruichi, the skin is all white, so her skin color looks a bit awkward.

But in comics, whether it’s a serial illustration or a one-page cover, it’s all white, and it’s whiter than other female characters.

Xia Yan is very annoyed at this point now, obviously so white, so watery, what to do into a dark yellow, like malnutrition.

Xia Yan stared at Soi Fon cheek, but Soi Fon was very uncomfortable with the puppy eyes of Xia Yan, but it is hard to say anything and Just look at it.

However, after Soi Fon applied Xia Yan wound on his left cheek, she planned to apply Xia Yan right wound. In the process of turning his head, Soi Fon both eyes stared at Xia Yan both eyes.

Time seems to stop at this moment, this second is as long as a century, Xia Yan can even see his face reflected in Soi Fon eyes.

But only when it is still, it is broken.


Soi Fon raised his hand and gave Xia Yan a hit.

The strength is not heavy, but it is very crisp.

“Soi Fon Captain, why are you hitting me?”

The latter’s poor look at Soi Fon.

How can Soi Fon say that you see with such look, can only pretend to be angry and ask: “You want to fight me for a reason?”

Xia Yan heard this, turning his face, Soi Fon saw this scene and asked, “What? Angry? ”

Xia Yan shook his head and said, “No, I want Captain to play on this side of the face, not to be inferior.”

Soi Fon was teased by Xia Yan helplessness. The corner of the mouth showed a smile, but she still said with a slap in the face: “Noisy, twisting your head, the ointment has not been finished yet.”

Xia Yan turned his head honestly, let Soi Fon smear the wound, in addition to the wounds of the arms and chest.

“Stand up.”

Soi Fon let Xia Yan stand up, Xia Yan honestly stands up, he is now a little more than a meter, but not much shorter than Soi Fon 150cm.

Soi Fon wants to apply Xia Yan wound in his chest. She must squat a little on his side so that her side face is just in front of Xia Yan.

Look at that pink face, Xia Yan wants to kiss, but he resisted his desire, now is not the time, when I get married later, when I want to kiss where I am, where will not kiss where.


Thinking about it, Xia Yan corner of the mouth reveals a smirk.


Soi Fon took a look at Xia Yan, and Xia Yan quickly smiled.

Soi Fon didn’t play Xia Yan this time, but stood up straight and asked: “Where is there pain?”

Xia Yan looked at Soi Fon for a while, hesitated and pointed to his ass.

Soi Fon raised her hand was fanned on Xia Yan head. Do you think I didn’t see your hesitation? What does it mean to ass? Let me apply medicine to your ass?

This little devil.

Soi Fon knows that he likes herself, and when he together with her, he expresses this emotion and pretends to be a good look.

Although Soi Fon does not reject this kind of love, She feel that it is not uncomfortable to get along with Xia Yan, but there is also a person she likes in her heart. Although that person betrayed herself, she would not like others.

And he is too young, still a little boy, he may like her.

Soi Fon handed the ointment to Xia Yan and said, “Then you take it, is there somewhere swollen and go back to wipe it yourself.”

Xia Yan took the ointment and immediately lifted the ointment and said: “Soi Fon Captain, your arm is broken by gravel, can I smear it for you?”

Soi Fon arm has a small wound, which is broken by gravel.

Soi Fon waved his hand and said, “This is swelling and pain relief, and it can’t stop bleeding.”

Xia Yan immediately said: “Then I will treat you with Kaidō?”

Soi Fon was surprised and asked, “Would you use Kaidō?”

Xia Yan said: “I can cure some common wounds and swellings according to the Kaidō principle. Of course, the power is weaker.”

Soi Fon thought about it and said, “Then you treat.”

Say, Soi Fon put her arm in front of Xia Yan.

Xia Yan collected the ointment, placed one hand on the wound of Soi Fon, released Kaidō, and repaired the wound by adjusting the Reiatsu.

When Xia Yan was attacked four years ago, to treat Renji he only able to release Kaidō with both hands, but now he can use one hand and the speed a bit faster.

Look at Xia Yan action, Soi Fon always feels that something is wrong, but I can’t think of anything wrong.

Xia Yan helped her to heal the wound, raised the head and said: “Soi Fon Captain, cured.”

At the end of Xia Yan word, She quickly boasted about me. Soi Fon reacted and raised her hand and hit him on head.

“Soi Fon Captain, how do you hit me again?”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, which has been beaten three times today.

“Well, ask me?”

Soi Fon said with no anger: “If you can use Kaidō, then I have to give you a cream to healing?”

Upon hearing this, Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, laughed and said, “Forgot.”

Soi Fon, a slap, was shot on Xia Yan head and shouted: “How can this be forgotten?”

“I’m afraid!” Xia Yan quickly apologized, but the corner of the mouth was smiling.

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, the hot eyes on the tender eyes, with a look of hope and embarrassment on his face.

She is no stranger to this look, because she has seen this look many times in the mirror.

Thinking of the result of this feeling, Soi Fon’s mood immediately covered the Level 1 yarn, and all the real feelings were pressed into the bottom of the heart.

“Okay, time is not early, let’s go.”

Leaving this sentence, Soi Fon turned and left, leaving only Xia Yan to relive the contact.

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