BTC Chapter 142 : The price is too high?

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HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone display, immediately attracted the attention of many mobile phone enthusiasts. There have been several brands that have had modular phones, but the market has not responded well.

The biggest reason is that the compatibility between modules is too bad, often it is a problem, not as good as ordinary mobile phones.

But Red Letter modular phones are completely different, not only compatible with integrated mobile phones, but also with many personalized ways of playing. This is very attractive for young people who are looking for individuality and other age-old mobile phone enthusiasts.

And Red Letter does not have to worry about HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone will affect the sales of HX2 original mobile phones, because the two mobile phone user groups are actually not highly overlapping. HX2 is more convenient and suitable for the masses of users; while HX2 MOUDLE phones are suitable for niche users, so go high with the version.

At the launch of other brands, there have been cases and two series have been released. The first series, if the user has a good reputation, will also drive the sales of the second series. Similarly, the second series will promote the sales of the first one.

“It looks like it’s fun, and it’s not a specific release time.”

“Modular mobile phone, not reliable? Or buy HX2 is better.”

“I will know when it come out, I am not in a hurry to buy anyway.”

“Price, how much is it, fuck I asked ten times!”

“Hey, you can’t beat me!”


After Tang Gang’s introduction, he finally showed the issues that everyone cares about. The price of HX2, as for HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone is not announced for the time being, because this phone is sold according to the module and mobile phone frame, there is no uniform price.

“The standard version of HX2 is priced at 4,888 yuan per unit with memory 64GB. 128GB price is 5288 yuan/unit, the highest price is 6888 yuan/unit……”

Tang Gang also finished the standard version of the price, netizens have already quarreled.

“5288, is it too expensive? Is it not apple or samsung?”

“Domestic mobile phones dare to sell so expensive, red letter wants to steal money?”

“I think this price is very reasonable. HX2 performance is better than other mobile phones, why can’t you sell this price? Apple’s new garbage will dare to sell more than 6,000!”

“Samsung S9 seems to be this price too, red letter, is this hard to just them?”

Tang Gang said: “A penny, a share of goods, we red letter to sell this price, because we have achieved high performance, high quality, a lot of investment in the cost, we look forward to, 1st September, HX2 Officially released!”

Tang Gang did not exaggerate. Red letter’s investment in cost is indeed very large, and the profit of HX1 has all gone into it. R&D, materials, cooperation channels, investment foundries to increase production capacity, as well as the largest investment in the Kun Peng battery factory, these need money.

If it is not Red Letter and the financial support of Red Letter game, it may have borrowed more than one billion from the bank. It can be said that the development of Red Letter Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in the coming year, we must count on the profit generated by HX2 mobile phones.

The audience applauded, and then the reporter asked questions. The guests are also slow to go, want to find red letter seniors to experience this HX2 mobile phone, see what the function just shown is used.

The press conference ended and the latest news was released in the media.

“Shock: Red Letter HX2 mobile phone released, performance has reached the domestic price!”

“HX2 Black Science and Technology mobile phone is available for sale starting at 4888!”

“HX mobile phone system, lithium air battery, red core second generation processor, red letter new mobile phone strong attack!”

“The latest news, Red Letter HX2 will be on sale on September 1!”


HX2’s message was screened on various online media, and the performance of the conference was displayed, which made the public tsk tsk surprising and full of expectations.

Similarly, the price of HX2 has also been discussed.

Mobile phone website has made sales forecast for HX2, and wrote: “HX2 mobile phone standard price is 4888 yuan, which is already high in domestic mobile phones, and Samsung is sold at the price of the previously released M10 series. And HX2 is actually the starting price! People have to wonder if the pricing is too high?”

“It is similar in price to foreign big brands such as Samsung and Apple. But foreign brands have other costs such as import tariffs. Red letters also sell this price, and users may not buy it.”

“We compare the three new machines released in September, the X21 of VI mobile phone, the starting price is 2888 yuan/unit, this pricing is very in line with the domestic smart phone market. Once the X21 was released, it won the champion of the month’s smartphone sales. This may definitely reproduce the glory.”

“Looking at Samsung S9, the sales of the old factory naturally need not be said. The sales volume of the monthly guarantee is also more than one million units. In contrast, the sales of HX2 are the most questioned. The functions displayed at the press conference are magical, but if the user actually experiences Poor, may be suppressed by other brands.”

“In addition, sales of Rice, Huawei, OP and Apple mobile phones have increased in 8 months. In September, it is destined to be a storm in the smartphone industry. If Red Letter mobile phones can achieve an ideal sales result, this website will continue to maintain attention.”

In the management program group of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, Lu Zixin is chatting with the company’s senior officials.

Su Zhirong said: “I looked at the financial department’s report last month. The cost of our HX2 mobile phone production is 1 times that of HX1. Plus the investment amount is too large, which exceeds the amount that our HX1 can make profit.”

Tang Gang said: “The pressure is big, if HX2 is not selling well, these investment projects should stop at least half! But I am still confident that it will sell better than HX1!”

The director of the marketing department said: “Our price is too high and sales will definitely be affected.”

“This is no way to avoid it, and it is also the route we have to take.” Lu Zixin said, “With existing raw materials and production processes, if you want to improve the quality of mobile phones, you must increase your cost, so we must take high-end machine route.”

“As for sales, we don’t have to compare with other brands, only the turnover!”

Tang Gang immediately agreed: “General is right, the sales of civilian mobile phones must be the highest, such as Rice, VI, which is limited by the overall consumption level of the country. But looking at the world, the sales of Samsung and Apple are higher.”

“We are limited by capacity, and producing high-end machines is more cost-effective than civilians. When conditions are ripe, it is not too late to launch civilian aircraft.”

“It’s true, let’s stand on the ground and expand the target market!” The marketing director agreed.

“Right, General.” Yao Li interjected. “After the press conference is over, there are a lot of companies asking about the battery. They want to place an order at our battery factory. How do you arrange it?”

“First drag and wait until the new production line is built. Then, when you pick up the orders, you have to meet and discuss,” Lu Zixin said.

“Yes, I know.”

Everyone chatted for a while and was full of expectations for the company’s future. Now they only need to wait patiently. The sales of HX2 in September will determine the position of Red Letter mobile phone in the smart phone market. In the end, it is a skyrocketing or a fall to the ground.

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