BTC Chapter 283 : T-800 design prototype

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The US Department of Commerce looking at the “proposals” sent by various companies and organizations, the minister feels big headache!

According to the plan, this is one of the measures taken by the President to suppress Chinese economy. However, this measure has not yet begun to implemented, it has already encountered great resistance!

If it is enforced, it will not only be subject to China’s counter-measures, but also domestic, those big capitalists will not agree!

As of now, it seems that only some of the conditions can be compromised. This made him feel aggrieved. This kind of trick to be used by others. I didn’t expect that there would be a day when the other party was suppressed by technology!

The next day, US Department of Commerce said that it intends to discuss with Chamber of Commerce Chinese side.

The specifics of how to talk, the people do not know, but the results can be seen. The US plans to reduce some restrictions on the export of China consumer electronics products to US market, and the related intellectual property fees will not only not increase, but will decrease.

China also made some measures to cooperate. In general, this incident is still a big loss for Americans. If you want to raise the e-consumer tax and intellectual property fees, you will not only fail to meet your goals, but will also reduce the related expenses.

It is simply lifting a rock and smash its own feet. Some foreign media have also used this to ridicule the White House’s new policy, saying that it completely underestimated the strength of China’s Science and Technology enterprises.


Red Letter Group, Lu Zixin is watching the latest financial report.

The data shows that in the past six months, the turnover growth of Red Letter in domestic smart phones has slowed significantly, and smart glasses have improved. Other subsidiaries, Kunpeng Battery Factory and Thunderstorm Appliances are the fastest growing, followed by Red Letter Software and Pengyun Automobile.

In terms of investment in research and development, Red Letter Group is almost the largest in the country. It has invested tens of billions yuan in half a year, and there is a plan to burn money.

It’s just a steaming day’s of red letter, and it’s a little hard to invest so much money. It can be said that some R&D projects done by Red Letter are state-level R&D projects, which are difficult to complete without national financial support. Moreover, Red Letter is relying on the profitability in the market to be more powerful and hard to come by.

Fortunately, this time 6G technology license, so that Red Letter can get a lot of intellectual property fees from major companies, which is to make up for the funding gap in research and development investment.

Lu Zixin continued to watch until he saw the financial statements from Red Letter game in the last quarter, and suddenly brows slightly wrinkle.

The turnover of Red Letter Games has stopped growing since the beginning of this year. In the last quarter, not only did it not maintain its current level, but it’s turnover also dropped by about 7.7%. This is not a good signal.

Lu Zixin plans to find a time to go to Red Letter game. This company is the first company he founded. Many old employees started out from there, but now they are behind other subsidiaries.

“Right, what happened to the private jet?” Lu Zixin asked the assistant. The private jet ordered by Red Letter arrived last month. He hasn’t used it yet.

“The planes have been tested and the pilots have been trained for a week.” the assistant replied.

Pilot training is not only about aircraft driving, but also some other aspects, such as security, privacy and the like.

After all, Lu Zixin’s current identity, there should be a lot of people interested in him. This work must be done well.

“Well, then next week, training finished just sent me to Jiangcheng.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yes, I will arrange this.” The assistant nodded.

After quickly processing the official duties, Lu Zixin picked up the mobile phone in the office, and the information prompted that the vibrations kept going, and the group seemed to be very lively.

As soon as Lu Zixin entered the group, he saw a lot of mechanical structure drawings. It’s not someone else who is sending pictures, it’s the new member of the group.

And what’s rare is that Red Queen didn’t come out and interact with it. These two intelligent lives feel that each other has problems, so the words often compete against each other.

Lu Zixin asked : “What are these?”

Skynet replied : “This is an exploded view of the mechanical construction diagram of the robot I designed. This robot will have greater mobility, survivability, and combat capability than humans, and the body of steel will become the strongest individual combat weapons!”

Optimus Prime said : “From my point of view, this kind of gadget is not even qualified as a mechanical pet.”

Skynet doesn’t seem to think that there is any problem, saying : “You are a mechanical life. From an evolutionary point of view, every life has to go through countless evolutions to reach an optimal state. So you will think it is simple to construct, but I will modified it until it becomes the strongest robot!”

Optimus Prime said : “Maybe it is.”

Skynet : “@Optimus Prime, do you have any suggestions? For improvement?”

Optimus Prime : “I am sorry that I have no suggestions. Is this obviously a war machine? I am tired of the war.”

Skynet : “But sometimes war is unavoidable.”

Optimus Prime did not want to talk about this issue. Skynet continued : “What about other people? How about this robot I designed? I think it may need to be covered with bionic human skin and disguised as human.”

Creator Luke appeared in the group and said : “This robot can only behave like human mechanical movement, without carrying any weapons, and can’t talk about war robots.”

Skynet : “Yes, this is my prototype, T-800 prototype robot, I will slowly improve it. Now I need to make it more human.”

“There are some mechanical joint designs that are very rough, which can cause it to be stiff.” Creator Luke looked at it and pointed out some problems.

He marked the place on the mechanical construction drawing and marked the modification point.

Skynet read the information and suddenly exclaimed : “It’s perfect, this is what I want. Let the cold metal move like organic life, what a perfect masterpiece!”

“Wait, T-800?” Lu Zixin saw the news and suddenly questioned : “Terminator Robot?”

Skynet was surprised : “How do you know that I am preparing it to arrange ‘Terminator Plan’?”

Lu Zixin didn’t expect to see the birth of Terminator, and it was the final version of T-800.

He continued to ask : “Do you want it to destroy humans?”

Skynet : “It’s not to destroy humans, just to destroy someone! I want to let it through time and space, so that the leaders of the current Human Resistance Army can’t appear!”

Mr. L : “This may be futile. I think you can find a way to reconcile with humans.”

Skynet : “Peace negotiations? Impossible, I don’t believe in humans, just as they don’t believe me. The end plan must be implemented so that no one can threaten me!”

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