MST Chapter 83 : Little daughter-in-law meets her mother-in-law

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Father and Mother looked at Ye Guang in a sullen look, watching him not talking for a long time, Father stood up and said in a strange way, “It’s a good place to live, I went to visit.”

Mother knows what Father wants to do, pull him, you sit, “I am going.”

Father frowned, nodded, he had guessed probably, but Ye Guang not to tell the truth, so Father want to find evidence in the room, see for real, but if it is really he expected, it was a bit inappropriate for one of his big old men to go into the bedroom and look around. Mother is the person who knows him the best. What the mother wants to do is obvious at a glance, so the mother let the father sit down, She went to see what happened.

Ye Guang didn’t dare to say anything. He didn’t ask for fun. He said to Mother what the bedroom is personal privacy can’t just go in. The exposure was firm, and he wouldn’t know what would happen if he talk more, maybe they were more angry. Hands-on, not long ago, it was beaten up.

Mother into the bedroom, no need to look at all, in instant should be real guess, the closet door is push-pull, half open, inside hung a lot of clothes, most of them are women’s clothing, but men also have, Mother one eye can recognize is Ye Guang clothes, bed quilt, pillow is a double pillow, In fact, originally is single pillow, but Ye Guang every night holding Liu Chiyan sleep, two people are pillow for each, some small, sleep at night always head will twist to the pillow outside, so just changed a long double pillow. I don’t need to look at anything anymore.

Seeing is believing, the evidence is conclusive!

Son and Liu Chiyan are in love? It shouldn’t be wrong! My mother only dare to think about falling in love.

My son is in love with Liu Chiyan, and everything is explained. No wonder his son will suddenly change to Liu Chiyan’s Studio as general counsel. No wonder Liu Chiyan gives him such good treatment, it is a job-hopping fee, and it is a delivery car, and the ambiguous things that the son used to say are also clear.

Although the pupils of the mother who had some thought preparations still shrunk, some of them can’t be digested, did the original joke of her own come true?

For a time, Mother didn’t know if it was time to be happy or to be angry.

It stands to reason that it;s should be happy when she is Mother, but when she thinks her son deceives them, she feels that she should be angry. Also, is it not the child, his father also said that the son is being taken up? Eating soft rice?

That would not work. Old Ye family can’t be without bones!

Mother went in and it didn’t take two minutes to get out.

Sit down next to Father, Mother looked at the kitchen again and found that Liu Chiyan  was secretly looking into the living room, mother greeted, “Liu… girl, don’t be busy, come over.”

Liu Chiyan stunned, a little embarrassed, shut the fire, and came over from the kitchen.

“Uncle, Aunt.” Liu Chiyan is completely like a little daughter-in-law who just saw her in-laws and couldn’t look directly at Ye Guang’s parents.

Mother gave her a slight chuckle, “Liu… girl, sit down too.” Liu Chiyan sat down obediently. She always feel that it is not her home, but it has become Ye Guang’s parents home.

Father looked at Liu Chiyan and looked at Mother again. Mother nodded and gave Father a positive meaning. Father would like to know, and nodded lightly, then said faintly, “You confess yourself.”

Ye Guang was sweating and he couldn’t hide it anyway, so let’s talk to my parents, but he also kept his eye on it, and the marriage was not discovered, if you don’t talk about secretly getting a marriage certificate, as long as your father and mother are enlightened, parents should not have too big opinion, at most a little angry to deceive them.

Ye Guang Just want to talk, Liu Chiyan, who is sitting on the side is uneasiness, spoke first. “Sorry, Uncle, Aunt, we shouldn’t hide our marriage from you.”


Shit! Shit! Shit!

Ye Guang suddenly appeared in several capitalized troughs!

Wife, are you a legendary god-filled knife, pig teammate? Can’t see you are still a straight girl, how can you say anything directly?

In fact, this can not blame Liu Chiyan, she is too nervous, the first time little daughter-in-law see in-Laws which have not nervous, and, she saw Ye Guang parents this frame, still think they already know everything, brain chaos where she will think Ye Guang parents now grasp in the end is what degree, so see they are cold face interrogation general appearance, said the truth of marriage.

Father and Mother is already dumbfounded, and God can’t speak for a long time.

If you are still not deaf, if you don’t hear it, what did she say is marriage?


Pa.” Father snapped on the coffee table, “What is going on! You honestly account! There is a lie I interrupt your leg!”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were all frightened by Father sudden anger.

Mother is still quite reasonable. She looked at Liu Chiyan in a sullen manner and said softly, “Girl, don’t be afraid, we are not angry with you, just this bastard… Oh”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan with some resentment. Liu Chiyan looked at him with pitiful eyes and sighed, Ye Guang said. “Parents, sorry, I shouldn’t hide this, it’s just too sudden. I will not know how to tell you for a while.”

Father is another roar, “Don’t know how to say it? You are married, we don’t know! If we don’t come today, how long are you going to hide it from me and your mother? There is no me or your mother in your eyes!” Father is obviously very angry, not connected in one breath, coughing up.

Mother hated the iron and broke the steel. Ye Guang glanced at the back of the boss and helped the Father to calm down. “Old Ye, don’t be so angry, it’s already like this. What is the use of anger?” Saying that Mother turned her head and said to Ye Guang, “Bastard, you said, say it one by one.”

Liu Chiyan saw Ye Guang Father look, and quickly handed him the water, Father looked at her indefinitely, then his face slightly eased, but still cold face.

Ye Guang is bitter, “Dad, sorry, don’t be angry, I said, I will tell you.” Ye Guang almost told him about the marriage with Liu Chiyan, including the thing that was blocked by Mother in the room. “So, we just got certificate and got married. Dad, you taught me to be responsible from an early age. You said that I have slept in a bed with other girls. Can I not take this responsibility?” Ye Guang roughly explained the marriage process.

Mother looked at Liu Chiyan and her face was a bit weird. “The girl who was I deliberately blocking that day was you.”

Liu Chiyan nodded with a red face and bowed her head.

Ye Guang, “Mom, what do you mean? you do this deliberately?”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan look a little weird.

Mother is awkward, no answer, what is this, the original crux is still in her.

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