MST Chapter 35 : Send the car

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Ye Guang has no idea what to say, but also moved to Studio, and bought a house to settle in Nanchang, simply because he is in Nanchang.

Is there a warmer confession than this?

Regarding the house, Liu Chiyan did not wait for Ye Guang to ask questions.

Liu Chiyan said: “The house was originally bought by an old couple to buy a son. The new house is not big. The two rooms and two halls are all renovated. But the son suddenly has something, the marriage is blown, and the owner is in a hurry need for money, so sold the house, I have seen it in the past, the house is very good, the decoration is also very good, buy some appliances and daily necessities can live directly. The most important thing is that the community is good, the newly built real estate, close to Studio, security is very strict, and relatively remote, few people, I live more convenient.”

Ye Guang nodded. “That’s good. You live in the hotel every day. Even the best hotel. It looks very clean on the surface, but after all, people come and go, so many people live, not very good, it’s good to have a long stay in your own house.”

Liu Chiyan sighed, “There is this car, it is also newly bought, of course, it is not for me, it is bought for you.”

Ye Guang was surprised. “What? Buy it for me?”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, buy it for you. Most men should like this style of car. You can’t like it if you like it. If you don’t like it, you can retire.”

Ye Guang waved: “I like it, but I can’t, it’s too expensive. I guess more than one million for this car. No, I can’t, you go back.”

Liu Chiyan made an angry look: “How can you not, you are my husband, I am your wife, we are legal couples, I can’t buy a car for you.”

Ye Guang still shakes his head: “No, it doesn’t work. It’s too expensive. I seem to be the little white face that you have to support, and I need money and a car. No, absolutely not.”

Liu Chiyan stared at him and said, “Huh! When the wife bought a car for the husband, it was a small meaning to me. Didn’t you give me all your belongings?”

Ye Guang still insisted on not, although he really liked this car, but this car is too expensive, I really accepted it. I always eat soft rice. It’s very good. I’ll say that my own belonging is both Liu Chiyan took it away, but he only had a few dollars. What is the value of this car? Can it compare?

Liu Chiyan yelled: “You don’t, you don’t want me to drive it to other men!”

Ye Guang: “You dare!”

Ye Guang is a careful man.

Liu Chiyan does not show weakness, “You dare not dare! Not only the delivery of the car, I have sent people, anyway, his men are not rare. Hump!”

How can Ye Gunang get this stimuli, and a slap in the palm of my hand is on Liu Chiyan’s half ass.

Liu Chiyan was so stupid that she was so intimately contacted by a man about her privacy, and she was shy and pretty.

Ye Guang took Liu Chiyan’s ass, and the elastic touch made him feel a little bit stunned. Seeing Liu Chiyan’s blushing face, his eyes wide open, his mouth was slightly surprised, and he suddenly felt up and couldn’t hold back. I went to kiss it in one bite.


Liu Chiyan was secretly kissed by Ye Guang again. This time Ye Guang tongue really got in.

Liu Chiyan didn’t know if she was shocked. I was also a bit confused by Ye Guang. I didn’t push Ye Guang away, let the guy’s tongue invade in her cherry mouth.

For a while, Liu Chiyan felt a little breathless, and suddenly bite on Ye Guang’s tongue. Ye Guang ate pain and quickly retired. There was a thin line between the lips. The angry pink in the car picked up.

Liu Chiyan shyly bowed her head and said easily: “Bad guys, bullying people, the car won’t give you.”

Ye Guang just took such a big deal, very happy smile: “Don’t, this car I want, how can a wife send a car? Yes! Must!”

Brother, say good, don’t you say good principles?

Ye Guang also figured out when he was just kissing Liu Chiyan. He was not really a little white face. He ate soft rice. He and Liu Chiyan were legal couples. He was awkward, not to mention a car is wife send something to yourself, how can you not? Moreover, in the future, Liu Chiyan will manage the money. In addition to giving him 800 pieces of pocket money every month, Liu Chiyan is asked to spend money elsewhere. Today, this can’t stand it? What should I do after that?

Liu Chiyan also looked at Ye Guang with a little shame: “Really?”

Ye Guang nodded. “Well, really, I like this car very much. How much does it cost?”

Liu Chiyan: “The top is equipped with a long-air eagle, a leather chair, and the glass is bulletproof. The safety performance is very good. A total of 2.6 million, cars are bought.”

Ye Guang was a little surprised, but still underestimated the value of this car. I thought it would be like a hundred thousand. I didn’t expect it to be repeated. More than two million cars, is it his future? It’s a little weird.

Ye Guang is also not polite, like a child who just got a new toy. Look at it here, where is it silent, and it has been three or four times. After the research inside and outside, this car belongs to him. Seeing that the suitcase was still in the back seat, Ye Guang quickly took the suitcase out and put it in the trunk. The leather seat, how can it be used to put the suitcase? This is not a bad thing.

Liu Chiyan also ignored him and smiled at Ye Guang’s research of new cars inside and out.

For a while, Ye Guang was still trying to get back to the cab.

“Where is your Studio? When do I go to work?” Ye Guang asked.

Liu Chiyan looked at him strangely, stunned and said, “Would you like to come to my Studio to work?”

Ye Guang is also awkward, “Ah? Not what you said?”

Liu Chiyan: “Are you not willing to resign?”

Ye Guang: “I have already resigned.”

Liu Chiyan exclaimed: “When is the matter, why don’t I know!”

Ye Guang has a black line. Well, it seems that he has completely misunderstood. He thought that Liu Chiyan was angry with him, so she deliberately ignored him, so he gave his resignation without hesitation.

Ye Guang has a bit of resentment, like a sigh of young married woman. “I just sent Weibo the day before yesterday. Didn’t you see it?”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “These days have been too busy. I moved studio and bought a house. Beijing Nanchang flew back and forth, and there is time to see Weibo. How did you suddenly resign? When you said it to me, you didn’t swear, but I thought about moving Studio to Nanchang. I knew that if you resigned, I wouldn’t move!”

Alright this misunderstanding is big.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan glanced at each other and basically understood that this Nima is the fault of the cell phone! One resignation, one relocation.

Then Ye Guang also told Liu Chiyan about his resignation, including his parent’s trial and corporal punishment.

Focus on the whole process of father’s brutal abuse of him!

That said is called a grievance.

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