MST Chapter 04 : I want to be celebrity!

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“Ding, Secondary task announcement : Become a celebrity, the top of domestic entertainment circle. Task time limit : 8 years. Task Punishment : This task is released in conjunction with the mainline task. If the task fails, you will not want to know what the penalty is.” System sound little proud.

Ye Guang is speechless.

Become a celebrity? Ye Guang is a little dizzy, why do you want to be celebrity? Is there a relationship between teacher and celebrity?

Carefully pondered, Ye Guang understood a bit. This is because the system analyzes the five major factors of Saint Confucius success.

One: high cultivation level; two: personal ability; three: having ideology; four: huge reputation; five: diversity and Believers.

One is high cultivation level. There are countless discices under Saint Confucius, and half of the world’s scholars regard him as a teacher. The level of culture is unquestionable. Ye Guang also knows a bit about why Dream World will be dreamed of during college. The original intention of the system is not to let him and his wife meet, but mainly let him feel and learn the cultural knowledge of the world. To improve his literacy. Ye Guang is a bit shameful. Although he has Highly Retentive Memory skill, he dreams of being intimate with her wife. How many schools will be interested. How many learned, but said that compared with the cultural level of Confucius, there is not much difference, it is a Everest.

Second is a strong personal ability, Confucius is all-rounder, four arts shot Royal riding everything proficient, personal ability visible, and Confucius is sabre, do not think Confucius sword is only ornaments, Confucius although is a scholar, but the image is not the text of the human weak image, History records Confucius father is a military commander, so is certainly not small, Confucius with a record length of nine feet six inches, although there may be exaggerated, beautify the saints so the possibility of fabricating, but the multi-data also shows that Confucius is absolutely tall stature.

The Confucius Sabre is really martial. Moreover, Confucius traveled around the country in the past, and there was no point in the use of force. Can Confucius be able to drive away the bandit thief with a mouth cannon? Confucius encountered a road robbery on the road, the mouth guns came out, and the bandits forced back. Or simply kill them with their mouths and kill them for the people.

Far away. In terms of personal ability, Ye Guang feels that she does not seem to spit out, but he has system! The power of system skill he has seen, with system, afraid of incompetence?

Third is having ideology. Confucius Confucian is the mainstream of Chinese traditional culture. It has far-reaching influences. The most influential genre in China is also the mainstream consciousness in ancient China. Can be described as the first person of a hundred thoughts! This realm is too high, and Ye Guang does not recognize it.

Fourth is the huge reputation. The success of Confucius is not only his academic strength. Pre-Qin philosophers, why is Confucian respect? Some people say that it is the applicability of the historical era. In fact, the Faculty’s thoughts are actually very suitable in the past dynasties, but their status has not been as good as Confucianism. The applicability of the historical era, we will not say for a moment, the topic is too big.

The success of Confucius is inseparable from his fame. Confucius traveled with his disciples for more than a decade to spread the culture, although he suffered a lot. But in an age when information is blocked, this move is a very powerful propaganda. Let him gain a great reputation. Many people in the world may not know who the neighboring country is, but who is not knows Confucius. With fame and popularity, there was a large number of good masses at the Confucius school.

Ye Guang estimates that, system should make him a celebrity for this purpose. Be famous! If you have a reputation, you can do things. Otherwise, it’s just a primary school teacher. Even if you teach and teach for a few lifetimes, if you want to get the title of Eternal Teacher Of All Era, it’s an idiotic dream, not to say that it’s not good or not enough, just because the audience too small. However, the name of this thing, in addition to several central big shot, who is the most famous? Exactly! Celebrity!

Fifth is that there are many representatives and believers. In fact, the same is true. There are more people and Believers, and the wider the cultural communication. Similarly, the higher the popularity of celebrity, the more fans will come and the more influence it will have.

Ye Guang is a clear understanding. It seems that to become a celebrity is inevitable. However, when celebrity is said to be light, but where is said to be able to be. It’s hard to go north, what will happen in a few years? Then I was counting on which female director to look at, and sneak a rule on him and then hold him up. Don’t tease, Ye Guang said that it is not ugly, but also handsome like those teen idol.

What can I do? Ye Guang is very upset. There is no threshold in the circle!

By the way, Ye Guang thought of a person, Uncle Li.

Uncle Li is a comrade-in-arm of his Father and has always had a relationship with Ye Guang family. It seems that he has heard that he is working at Jiangxi Radio station. The Radio station is also an entertainment circle. Got it, ask father for help.

In the living room, Ye Guang father is drinking tea, and mother is lying on the sofa watching TV.

“Hey,” Ye Guang greeted his father. “Dad, what about tea? Cool, I am going to give you a hot cup.”

Father did not lift his head: “No, just fell, I will have a cold tea.”

Ye Guang smiled and went to mother: “Mom, watching TV? So lying down can be bad for your body, your legs are numb, come, son will pinch you.” I started to get started.

Mother snorted: “Your youngster is holding on to other ghost ideas, you will staying away.”

Ye Guang is not happy, “Mom, have you said your son, I am not honoring you, I am still not your son.”

Mother shouted: “No! Charged for the call.”

“Oh, my dad has already worked on the charge.” Ye Guang smiled.

Mother scorned Ye Guang and said, “You are poor.”

Father took a sip of tea and said, “Oh, let’s talk, what do you want to do?”

“Well, let’s just say, I want to hear what you are wanna do.” Mother should be harmonious.

Ye Guang smiled and touched his nose: “Dad, I remember you have a comrade-in-arm, Uncle Li. He is working at the Radio station, right?”

Father was a little weird and asked, “What are you asking for?”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “I want to be celebrity, I want my dad to ask Uncle Li to see if he has any way.”

Father: “…….”

Mother directly gave Ye Guang a word “Roll.”

Ye Guang: “Don’t, Mom, I am serious.”

Mother disdain: “Are you taking it back as a demon is not serious? If you are not serious, my dad and you can still get eight horses, you have not pulled you back?”

Ye Guang is really serious, “I am really serious this time, I promise you. You are trusting me once.”

“Do not believe!” Mother didn’t even think about it, “You want to be celebrity? You don’t go to the bathroom to look in the mirror. How do you look like a celebrity?”

Ye Guang is still going to the bathroom.

A minute later, Ye Guang confidently came out of the bathroom and said, “Mom, I have seen it seriously. I think I am handsome enough, I think I can do it!”

“Ah!.” Mother is angry and happy. “Don’t be poor with me, I haven’t gotten rid of your resignation. Let’s go out of the way.”

Seeing mother, this doesn’t work, and the face of the fart is squinting to the father.

The father is drinking tea with a smile: “Don’t look at me, your mother has the final say, you don’t know.”

Mother snorted at Ye Guang again.

Ye Guang has a black line and swears: “A big old Father, it’s a shame to afraid of a woman at home.”

Father is anxious, “Bad boy, what do you say!”

Ye Guang quickly changed his mouth: “I said Dad, you are wise! The world is unparalleled! Say it all! I praise you dad!”

Father snorted. “Don’t think I didn’t hear it, don’t provoke me, I don’t want to eat you!”

Ye Guang, “oh, okay, the little tricks failed…”

I saw that father took out the cellphone on the spot and dialed a number. “Hey, Old Li, it is me, there is something to ask you…”

Ye Guang stunned and watched the father and talked for seven or eight minutes, then hung up.

Ye Guang is busy asking: “Dad, is it Uncle Li? And how was it? How Uncle Li say?”

“It’s done.” The father is full of enthusiasm, quite majesty of the head of family. “Your Uncle Li let you report directly to him tomorrow!”

Ye Guang, Ah! That’s it? Is it a little unbelievable? Father is mighty! The radical method is really useful.

Ye Guang is overjoyed, “Dad, you are too good. Sure enough, the head of family, amazing! Formidable!”

Father calmly throughout his life, took a teacup and took a sip. The tea is a little cold. “Go, get me hot cup!” There is quite a head of family majesty.

“Get it!” Ye Guang went to the father to pour tea.

Mother glanced at the father and snorted: “Go back to the room to pack you.”

Father felt cold and contracted his neck, and his momentum was weakened by half.

For Ye Guang, mother is not talking about anything. It is the default. The woman is strong at home, but the two big fathers at home decide what to do, and the face should still be given. This is the practice of smart women. Let this youngster toss it, no matter what. It is annoying to look at himself at home. Still too lazy to serve him.

So, Ye Guang’s work schedule is settled.


The next day, Ye Guang got up early, shaved his beard, washed his hair, smeared some hair gel, wore a suit, and tied a tie. I ate the breakfast made by Mother and went out. Today is his first day to report to  work.

Ye Guang home is far away from the radio TV station. His small battery bicycle can’t get there. He took 5 subway stations, transferred 2 buss, and walked more than a thousand meters. He finally arrived at the door of Jiangxi TV station at 8:30. Radio station Working hours are 9:00 am. Ye Guang is a person with a heavy sense of time. Moreover, today is the first day of reporting. If you are late, it is not very good.

Jiangxi Radio station is a 20-storey building consisting of Jiangxi Radio station and Jiangxi TV station. The Radio station only occupies the eighth and ninth floors. The other floors belong to Jiangxi TV station and other departments. The name of building is called Jiangxi TV station, and the Radio station is also a subordinate institution belonging to Jiangxi TV station. Jiangxi Radio station is the provincial radio station and covers the entire Jiangxi area. Over the years, the show has been tepid, but compared to the Radio stations where the city’s Radio station can only cover one city, the Jiangxi Radio station’s acceptance rate is far ahead. Of course, it is incomparable with the central Radio station and the first-tier metropolis with a concentrated population.

This is the place to work in the future!

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