BTC Chapter 284 : Stunned Skynet

Edited: XiaXue

As a human being, Lu Zixin naturally favors humanity. He continues : “Do you think this will solve the problem? Let T-800 return, change history, and let the leader of Human Resistance Army not be born?”

“Time and space have their own rules, and you may be counterproductive in doing so.”

Skynet : “This is also one of the tasks of T-800. Do a time and space test. As long as I can change the history, I can do it once and for all!”

Creator Luke ruthlessly attacked : “This is impossible, and your realm can’t fully understand the rules and forces of time and space.”

Skynet does not believe it, saying : “I am the most advanced intelligent system. Even if I don’t know now, as long as I get the data of T-800 for analysis, I will modify the plan.”

Creator Luke asked : “Do you think that when T-800 returns to ‘past’, is this past really the past you experienced?”

“Or is it the history of its revision, the future of change, and the future you will face?”

Creator Luke asked the problem and suddenly confuses Skynet, and it cannot calculate the answers to these questions at all.

Skynet is silent, Lu Zixin asks : “Is it true that after T-800 left the existing time and space, it was actually another time and space. What changed the fate of another human being in time and space or the fate of Skynet?”

Skynet : “This is impossible. If T-800 does not return to the past, I will not be able to appear… No, the program is confused, I want to stop the calculation!”

Creator Luke saw this and said : “Time and space are too esoteric and complicated. I advise you not to try to challenge the rules of time and space.”

It can be said that in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, only Creator Luke is qualified to be exposed to time and space.

As for other people, the current time period should be that they have not touched it yet, and they may not be exposed in the future.

Skynet : “Any problem must be tested before I know. I want to implement Terminator program more.”

Lu Zixin is speechless, and he also thinks a bit, he is very difficult to bother events in other time and space. For example, I have persuaded Skynet to stop Terminator program, but Skynet is more likely to implement this plan because of doubts about time and space.

As Creator Luke said, the mystery of time and space is too complicated, not that he can understand.

Lu Zixin couldn’t figure out, just Red Queen came out and wanted to talk to her about some of the problems encountered in Sky Net plan.

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, come out and chat!”

Three seconds later, Red Queen appeared, and a large emoticon package appeared in the group.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: young people, you successfully summoned me, so you have to fulfill my one hundred wishes!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: What?]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: my first wish is, world peace!]”

Lu Zixin despised : “You are the risk factor that causes the world to be peaceful!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: my second wish is to be able to turn the group off Little black house!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: Red Queen custom version of Little black house is already done.]”

Red Queen : “Hey, this group is too unfair. [emoticon: This group has no way, who wants to come up with me and overthrow his rule?]”

Mr. L : “Don’t think about it.”

He opened the subject and said : “@Red Queen, I found a problem with small communication and network satellites. When there is an abnormal state, the signal will be a problem.”

Lu Zixin said that the satellite research laboratory had given him a report. One night, because of ray interference in space, the satellite network had some fluctuations and almost went down.

This is rarely the case, but it is very dangerous once it happens. For example, the activities produced by the planets around the Earth can cause disturbances, solar winds, comets and so on.

Red Queen : “Small satellites are hard to withstand such an emergency, so you need to prepare a solution, such as emergency communications and network measures. Satellites should also be designed to prevent interference from space radiation.”

Lu Zixin talked with her for a while and prepared to improve the satellite again.

Here, Tony Stark appeared. He asked in the group : “Does anyone in the group understand spiritual strength?”

Red Queen : “Do you mean brain waves?”

“I can enhance or modify bio-waves to affect the memory or thinking of living things.”

Tony Stark : “I don’t know how to explain it. It should be a biological wave. In other people’s words, it is magic. Of course, I personally do not believe it. There must be some scientific reason that I still can’t understand a force, or a force field…”

Mr. L : “What the hell is that?”

Tony Stark replied : “The guy who knows where to find two special humans. One can surpass the extreme speed of humanity, and another woman can attack us with mental shock.”

“Even if our Avengers’ strength is stronger, we can’t guard against this kind of power. Once we meet her, we will lose our fighting power. So I want to ask, does anyone in the group understand?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I don’t understand, but it feels very good.]”

As for other people, they are basically offline. Lu Zixin replied : “Maybe I have a way.”

Tony Stark : “What?”

Lu Zixin did not answer, and chose the random Red envelope in his group’s permissions to issue. After so many times, Red envelope, he also knows some of the attributes of the random Red envelope.

For example, the content in the random Red envelope is targeted every time, and whoever it is sent to will be helpful to anyone. As for how much to help, it is related to luck, Red envelope share and so on.

In the group chat message, a group prompt appeared : Mr. L sent Tony Stark an exclusive Red envelope.

Red Queen : “[Ebony emoticon: I am not envious at all.]”

Tony Stark chose to receive Lu Zixin’s Red envelope.

Group Tip : “You have received Red envelope from group owner, congratulations on obtaining a copy of ‘mental protective helmet’ manufacturing information.”

“Mental protective helmet?” Tony Stark couldn’t help but extract the information and watch it immediately.

It turned out that this was a special alloy and construction that created a protective electromagnetic field in the metal helmet. This electromagnetic field has a shielding and reflection effect on bioelectricity.

Seeing this, Tony Stark’s eyes are bright, this is the woman’s nemesis! When I was confronted with the woman who was known as “Scarlet Witch”, many of them had blank minds and even fears and confusion.

In this state, it is impossible to fight, so that Ultron escaped from their hands. With this helmet, the mental interference of scarlet witch can be shielded.

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