BTC Chapter 285 : Private Jet

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Tony Stark said in the group : “Good things! Thank you.”

Mr. L : “No thanks, gadgets.”

Lu Zixin also received a group reminder : Red Queen poked you.

Mr. L : “Don’t look at me, Red envelope is finished.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: the third wish, the group owner also has Red envelope.]”

Mr. L : “It’s only a wish when summon a dragon. You have too many wishes!”


Lu Zixin is hard to see Red Queen’s emoticon package that has sent a whole hundred wishes, which is make him go offline.

A week later, Lu Zixin was ready to leave for Jiangcheng and went to Red Letter Games Company to check the operation.

Prior to this, he first saw the crew of his private jet.

There are not many crew members, and there are four main members. A male pilot, the captain, is a veteran of an air force in China.

His name is Zhan Yuran. This year, 28 years old, strong and his waist is very good. Lu Zixin is very satisfied.

Then there is a deputy captain, a flight attendant and a ground crew.

The flight attendant is a trained flight attendant. In her early twenties, the Chinese people, although looking good, Lu Zixin did not pay much attention to her.

After all, he is in this position, and there are so many beautiful women he has seen. Pretty women do not lack the market, but the market does not lack beautiful women. If there are no features, Lu Zixin is hard to have an impression.

Ground crews are also maintenance technicians who regularly inspect and house aircraft.

Only Lu Zixin was surprised by the vice captain.

The vice captain is not a Chinese, but an American. Named Fanny Carter, one year younger than Lu Zixin.

She has a beautiful and elegant blond hair, and the skeleton is not as big as the average American. It is estimated to be of European origin. The pupil is blue, the tall nose and the slanted eyelids make her eyes look very deep, like two star gemstones.

Orange-red lipstick and snow-white skin contrast, and cheek is full of life. The collar is tall and the body is covered by the uniform, but you don’t have to guess it.

Especially for a pair of legs, the leg type and proportion are just right. When walking, the legs are on a line, and the hips are slightly swayed, like a model walking the steps.

“Hello, President Lu, I am very happy to serve you.” Fanny was very confident when she smiled, showing neat white teeth, full of exotic style.

Lu Zixin is really rare, some people can be so appealing, and he noticed that even Zhan Yuran, who has been sitting in danger, has relaxed a bit.

“Your China is very standard!” Lu Zixin praised, and Fanny’s pronunciation is very close to that of the Chinese.

Fanny said with a slight smile: “I studied foreign language at New York University and speak English, Chinese, French, Russian and Italian.”

“Great!” Lu Zixin was surprised. “So young, five languages, great!”

Someone learning a foreign language is hard to die, but Fanny actually has four foreign languages, and the innate talent is amazing.

“Thank you for complimenting, I also have a qualification certificate for the aircraft. If you have any need for help, please let me know.” Fanny said.

When she bent down, the button above the uniform seemed to be broken, revealing the faint scenery.

Lu Zixin chatted with the crew members for a while, familiar with each other and ready to leave.

The Gulfstream private business aircraft, which cost more than 200 million yuan, is very satisfying both in its external structure and in its internal space.

The most important thing is that the private jet is very time-saving, as long as you apply for the route in advance, you can take off at any time. More convenient than buying tickets, queuing, and traffic jams.

The plane was lifted off, mainly operated by Zhan Yuran. Fanny took the fruit plate sent by the flight attendant to Lu Zixin, kneeling slightly, half squatting in front of him, said with a slight smile: “President, this is what I just did. Fruit plate, do you need it?”

“Thank you,” Lu Zixin said. “Let’s sit down, I don’t care so much.”

“You are such an easygoing person!” Fanny praised. “I have seen some big men, they are very cold, I dare not talk to them like this.”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Everyone’s habits are different, and my character is like this.”

“I didn’t expect it!” said Fanny, surprised and with a respectful expression. “Do you know? Your company is in United States, many people now know it.”

“There are people who say that red letter is going to surpass Apple company and the president is afraid!”

“Too exaggerated!”

“It’s not an exaggeration!” Fanny said excitedly. “I learned Red Letter when I was training at Red Letter. It is a legend in the business world!”

Along the way, Fanny was chatting with Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin found that she was very talkative and knowledgeable. She was able to do well in other industries. He didn’t know why she was a pilot.

“We are going to the destination soon, chatting with you is very enjoyable, you are a very interesting person.” Fanny said with a slight smile, “I have a small request, I don’t know if you can promise?”

“You say it.”

“Can I add your program? I can sweep it!” Fanny said.

Gulfstream’s latest private jet is available for wireless networking.

“Program?” Lu Zixin looked at Fanny with a puzzled look and agreed.

Fanny’s picture is her photo in the gym, tights, top-quality, Lu Zixin also has no time to pay attention to her circle of friends.

But he left a snack, and the Ministry of the Ministry passed the information of Fanny to him.

This American chick communicated with him too smoothly, and it was not the kind of deliberate catering, but the idea of ​​having his own point of view.

She will also speak five languages ​​and even fly a plane. This talent is too good, right? Lu Zixin wants to check her bottom line.

Only when I got off the plane, the staff of personnel department sent all the information about Fanny.

The information is similar to what she said. American, born in New York, is not rich in her family. Her father also went to jail for taking drugs.

However, Fanny is very hardworking, full scholarship to study at New York University, studying international business and language. She usually like fitness and extreme sports, and she like skydiving.

After accidentally coming into contact with the plane, she fell in love with the plane, so she took the plane driver’s license and studied it in China for a year. After that, it was a coincidence that she arrived at Red Letter as a pilot of private jet.

In general, there is no problem. Lu Zixin temporarily put this aside and went to his destination.

Jiangcheng, Red Letter Game Co., Ltd., Lu Zixin once again came to Red Letter Building.

Because Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. has completely moved to another address, this entire building is now Red Letter game.

From the scale and staff, Red Letter game is much bigger than before.

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