MST Chapter 82 : Mom and Dad is here

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After lunch, Liu Chiyan didn’t get angry with Ye Guang. The wood was already in a boat. It couldn’t change. It was not a matter of holding Ye Guang. The man made a mistake. He had to be disciplined. It was angry and punishable. Grasp the scale, you can’t end your eyes on the nose, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Although some of the officials do not like this sentence, I still have to say that this is also Liu Chiyan, her mother told her.

In the afternoon, Liu Chiyan found Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin to discuss the recruitment. Since I was preparing to shoot a TV series, the problem must be solved first. With Studio’s current staff member, it is really not enough to complete a TV series. Look, it’s not that you can’t shoot, but the efficiency will be very low, at least for a few months. It is necessary to recruit people to expand the size of studio. Studio is now 20 people, but the building has three floors. It has always been in an empty state. It is indeed a little concession.

Ye Guang listened to what Liu Chiyan had discussed with them, but he didn’t understand the hiring and some messy things. He couldn’t insert the words and he always wrote the script in front of the computer.


Working late at night, Liu Chiyan was busy in the kitchen for dinner, and Ye Guang was helping her.

Tok Tok Tok.”

Someone knocked at the door.

“Yiyi, go open the door.” Ye Guang shouted in the kitchen.

Yiyi slammed down from sofa and opened the door. When the door opened, there was a pair of middle-aged couples who were not too old. Yiyi asked very politely, “Grandpa, grandma, who are you looking for?”

The couple saw a little girl who opened the door and looked at each other.

“Is it wrong?”

“Yes, this is what it was written.”

“Make a mistake, or I still have to call and ask.”

“It’s not what you said that was surprised.”

The couple groaned a few words, and Yiyi looked at the couple curiously with big eyes in the door.

Ye Guang has been looking at the door. Because of the perspective, he can only see Yiyi standing at the door. “Yiyi, who is it.” Ye Guang is not at ease with Yiyi and came out.

“Dad, Mom.” Ye Guang was shocked. “How come you guys!!!”

The person who came is Ye Guang’s parents.

“Son.” Mother saw Ye Guang, rejoicing, “Yes, that’s right.”

Father confidently nodded and smiled. “I said it was this, you still don’t believe it.”

Ye Guang walked to the door, shocked and scared. The expression couldn’t be said to be wonderful. “Dad, Mom, how are you here?”

Mother smiled. “Your grandmother caught the old hen to eat for you, free-range, didn’t eat the feed! You are not at home these days, this is no way, I have stewed the chicken and sent it to you.”

Father nodded. “Well, by the way, I’ll drive the car to you too. I won’t drive this car anymore. It’s not a matter of stopping the car all day, you can use it.”

“You are enough to show up, so you can’t open it.” Mother laughs.

Father screamed twice.

Mother: “Son, enter the house, mother will give you the chicken soup, fresh.”

Ye Guang’s face is white, shocked and scared, I’m afraid I couldn’t hide it.

Kacha.” There was a broken sound of a porcelain bowl in the room.

Mother heard it, “Son, is there anyone in the house? Your colleague, and this little lady, looks really beautiful, too flattering, come, come, let them come to drink chicken soup, Mom brought a lot.” Say, mother staggered Ye Guang and walked inside, father followed. “Oh, this house is really nice. This living room is so big, this dining room is quite big, and this kitchen….. Li… Liu… Liu Chiyan?”

Liu Chiyan was wearing a home uniform, wrapped apron around her, her hands clasped together, and there was a small bowl broken into three petals on the floor. Liu Chiyan’s face was a little white, her eyes were a little scared, and she saw Ye Guang’s parents. After a while, she shouted, “Uncle, Aunt.”

Father and Mother entered the room and was surprised to see Liu Chiyan, but also for a while, then looked at Ye Guang, mother pointed to Liu Chiyan, and pointed to Yiyi, “Son, this is…..”

Ye Guang closed the door, sweating, laughing more than ugly, “That… Mom, Dad, sit down first, sit down, sit down and say.” Saying that Ye Guang greeted the undecided parents to sit down in the living room, and wondered if there was any reason to fool the past.

Father and Mother sat down, Liu Chiyan did not dare to go out in the kitchen, Ye Guang poured a glass of water for the two old men, “Dad, Mom, how come you don’t say hello, scare me.”

Mother also stretched her neck to the kitchen, and Father said, “Your mother said to give you a deadly blow.”

Yiyi is beside him, “Grandpa, is surprised.”

Father, Mother and Ye Guang all look at Yiyi.

Ye Guang coughed, “Yiyi, you will go back to the room to play with yourself, my parents and I will say something.”

“Oh.” Yiyi was reluctant to go back to her room. Ye Guang’s father and mother came, she was very curious.

Ye Guang: “That, Dad, how do you know that I live here?”

Father: “I saw a delivery note in your car. The address is this. I checked the map and found that it is not far from Time’s Square you said. I guess it is here.”

Ye Guang is sweating, Father, why don’t you be so wit! Also, what is the delivery note in the car? Ye Guang forgot, when he first bought electricity with Liu Chiyan, the electric city gave him a delivery note, a delivery master, one for him, and he left it in the car. Then was accidentally turned over by Father.

Mother glanced at the kitchen again, but the place where she sat was not good, and she didn’t see anything. “Son, is that just Liu Chiyan? How is she here?”

“……Yes…” Ye Guang, wanna cry, “That… President Liu ……Come… Come… Come to have a meal! Yes, President Liu and I have a meal together.” Ye Guang’s brain flashed and found an excuse. “Mom, you know your son, what kind of food, what to do, thanks to the presence of President Liu, President Liu is good at it.”

Mother: “What about the little lady?”

Ye Guang: “That is President Liu niece, and President Liu is also brought her together to eat.”

Father and Mother obviously does not believe, Mother glared at him, and then turned her mouth towards the shoe cabinet at the door, meaning I were blind!

Ye Guang glanced at the shoe cabinet. There were no doors on the upper two floors of the shoe cabinet. There were a pair of leather shoes and a few pairs of slippers. Both men and women had more obvious eyes. Liu Chiyan also had several pairs of women shoe.

The nonsense lie was smashed at the beginning, and Ye Guang was full of sorrows, he said that and he couldn’t say a word for a long time, and for this part, even if he racked his brains, he can’t think of any excuse to hide from his Father and Mother.

Nothing, it seems to be really exposed.

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