MST Chapter 24 : Marriage Exposure?

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This Weibo post has no title.

Direct and simple, the beginning is a short sentence: ‘Married’. These words are also added with fireworks celebration emoticon.

Then there is another sentence, ‘There is someone who has a beautiful poem.’ Next is the original poem of ‘When you are old’ that Ye Guang gave to Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan sent the poem to Weibo, Ye Guang know, or he said one sentence at a time, Liu Chiyan wrote a sentence, but he did not know that Liu Chiyan actually sent the news of their marriage to Weibo! It turned out that Liu Chiyan said in the car was true!

Ye Guang’s have cold sweat on his forehead, think of Liu Chiyan’s tens of millions of fans, who knows if there will be a few extreme madness, will not really be out of the flesh and then be killed?

Weibo also attached a photo that made Ye Guang feel guilty.

That’s right, the photo is a red book marriage certificate!

Liu Chiyan gave him a living road, only shot the shell of the marriage certificate, did not shot the inside, the relationship between the two was directly made public. Ye Guang felt that, this morning it’s not so easy to be awake by the phone. Yes, Ye Guang, who has gotten up, felt that being awakened by the phone was easy.

Ye Guang’s brain makes up for him to be exposed and then angered by Liu Chiyan’s crazy fans, all sorts of strange and inhumane deaths methods, make him shuddering.

Also reading the message in the message area, Ye Guang suddenly relieved.

Catkins No. 201 : “Haha, grab Goddess Liu Sofa!”

Catkins No. 191 : “Sofa!”

Catkins No. 651 : “191 you are a step late.”

Catkins 008 : “What is the situation! Is our family Goddess Liu married?”

Catkins 921 : “The trough! Real or fake? Impossible.”

Catkins 10086 : “There is a picture of the truth, Ah, Goddess Liu is actually married, sad, I can’t feel it.”

Catkins 583 : “Upstairs roll, fake powder, even Goddess Liu if get married, we also powder her life! But it is sad!”

Zhixuan : “This is a big news! Goddess Liu is actually married? It’s unbelievable.

Catkins 102 : “Are you upstairs stupid? Goddess Liu can get married? You don’t want to think about what day it is today.”

Catkins 321 : “That is, today’s April Fool’s Day. Stupid! Really worried about your IQ.”

Let me fly : “I said, I also forgot. I was too surprised to see this news. I forgot that today is April Fool’s Day. How Goddess Liu can get married.”

Save money brother : “Oh, April Fool’s Day joke.”

Catkins 411 : “Goddess Liu is too naughty, actually giving us this April Fools joke.”

Catkins 109 : “This shows that our family Goddess Liu is easy to approach.”

Liuxu 832 : “If I don’t have low IQ, I almost believed. Oh, April Fool’s Day jokes, stupid, upstairs are stupid. ”

Liu Chiyan fans are claiming to be Catkins, yesterday Liu Chiyan made Weibo post, instantly fans blew up, a few fans thought Liu Chiyan said is true (really is true), but then someone realized yesterday Liu Chiyan post time is April Fool’s Day, when Liu Chiyan and they open April Fool’s joke, behind the commentary incredibly wind direction surprisingly consistent, all think Liu Chiyan is open April Fool’s joke.

Of course, this is also a reason. First, yesterday is April Fool’s Day. April Fool’s Day, although everyone loves to make some jokes on April Fool’s Day, but everyone wants to be a joke, not the fool who is fooled. Since everyone said that Liu Chiyan is a joke on April Fool’s Day, it is a joke on April Fool’s Day. Three people become tigers. Even if some people are a bit suspicious, they still don’t want to be fools in April Fool’s Day, so they all follow one big flow, say this is Liu Chiyan’s April Fool’s Day joke,

Secondly, Liu Chiyan has always been beautiful and moving in the eyes of the public. The image of ice and jade is suddenly said to be married. There is no news at all, it’s feel very abrupt. Then many fans are subconscious and do not want Liu Chiyan to marry. Naturally, they will find themselves an excuse to look like Perfect, April Fool’s Day joke!

Ye Guang breathed a sigh of relief and continued to read the comments below.

Flying domineering : “Goddess Liu wrote poetry again! There was also one poem the day before yesterday.”

Dynamic GG : “Goddess Liu is unparalleled! The writing is great!”

Waiting for love : “But one man loved the pilgrim Soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face. I was conquered by this sentence! If someone loves me so much, I will marry.”

Nanyang Han : “Upstairs photo please, as long as it is beautiful, you can go to the brothers!”

Liuxu 662 : “It’s too beautiful to write. A little doubt, this is not written by Goddess Liu.”

Zall is not a group : “It’s not. Didn’t see Goddess Liu saying that someone wrote it?”

Catkins 451 : “Upstairs is stupid! That’s what Goddess Liu said to coincide with the April Fool’s Day wedding! This is what our family Goddess Liu wrote!”

The Emperor of the Truth : “In case it is not a fool’s day joke?”

Liu Xuan 051 : “Is it troublesome to bring IQ before going upstairs, is your family married in Fool’s Day?”

Catkins 176 : “Haha, that is, April Fool’s Day, it is not that marriage became the biggest joke on April Fool’s Day. The fool is only going to get married on April Fool’s Day.”

Ye Guang sweat, okay, I am with your family, no! My family and Goddess Liu are the two fools. After reading some comments and comments area, they actually didn’t talk about marriage. Instead, they paid more attention to the poem sent by Liu Chiyan. Sometimes, some netizens jumped out to question the marriage, and they will be considered to be married in large numbers. The wise friends who are jokes on April Fool’s Day don’t dare to take the initiative! In the end, no one even talked about Liu Chiyan’s marriage, as if Liu Chiyan didn’t say anything about it, they all focused on “When you are old” from Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang took a deep breath and felt that he had lost his life. Thank you for many wise friends!

This is also a coincidence. Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are married on April Fool’s Day. Coincidence is not exposed in the Civil Affairs Bureau. Ye Guang thought that Liu Chiyan would definitely be the first to squat. He didn’t expect to turn her hair and send Weibo post. Although she did not photograph the inside marriage certificate, it is already plain and clear to the public. Liu Chiyan is angry because she really wants fans to die Ye Guang? No way!!

The more Ye Guang think, the more weird, what does this girl want to do? She seems to be not afraid of getting married at all? She dare to send Weibo post in such a big way. Luckily it was also April Fool’s Day yesterday, so everyone thought it was a fool’s day joke. Otherwise, when Liu Chiyan send out Weibo post, even if there is a fan who doesn’t believe it, but the letter will definitely not be less. Let’s not say if Ye Guang will be killed by fan anger. Just say Liu Chiyan, she is not afraid of the trouble and impact of getting married?

Ye Guang can’t understand.

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