BTC Chapter 237 : Has big man

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Improvise? It’s okay for everyone to be envious of death, and they are willing to do it themselves. In the past, Chen Daming was a rare role among them, but today, many people have taken the initiative to chat with him. There are still several female students who want to add him to the program, indicating that they will have more contacts in the future.

Feeling this change, Chen Daming’s heart is even darker. No one has seen him before. Who knows him now and doesn’t shout Chen?

“In our classmates, the best to mix is Brother ​​Chen?” A male student sighed. Before he graduated, he mixed up in the school and took the civil servant. But until now, it is still a nameless soldier. The income  of his and Chen Daming are far worse than they are.

“Don’t dare to act, don’t dare to be, there is another big sister in our classmates!” Chen Daming said.

“Who?” Everyone looked at him curiously. A pretty female student said: “Big, you are worth tens of millions. It’s better than you. Isn’t that worth more than 100 million? who is it?”

“You may not believe it when you say it.” Chen Daming said in a mysterious way. “If it wasn’t for Di Chao, I wouldn’t believe it.”

“Who is it? Don’t sell it!” The crowd urged.

“Zhu An, do you know?” Chen Daming said.

“Zhu An?” The crowds were all confused and emoticon. Some people thought about it and said, “It’s the guy who wears glasses and is tall and thin. I remember that he has a good relationship with Lu Zixin.”

“It is him, do you know what identity Zhu An is now?” Chen Daming began selling off.

“What identity?” The curiosity of everyone has been mobilized. Is Zhu An still the legendary second generation or rich second generation?

Di Chao passed by and said: “The people are now General Zhu, this is not the general total. The vice president of Red Letter Games! Don’t say that billions of dollars, it is possible to have more than one billion!”

“I specially invited him this time, and I hope to find him to help!”

When they heard about Di Chao, a lot of people showed emotion.

“What? Zhu An, is he the vice president of Red Letter Games?” a female student said with amazement. “Is he already so powerful?”

Some people don’t know, ask: “What is the relationship between Red Letter Games and Red Letter?”

“You don’t know this.” Someone immediately gave him a popular science. “Red Letter is a subsidiary of Red Letter, but it is a subsidiary. Now it is also top five game company in China!”

“The trough, so cow fork!” The boy was stunned. “I didn’t see it before!”

“Yeah, Xiaolei, he seems to chase you?” A female classmate asked another female classmate.

“When I was a freshman, I didn’t agree at the time.”

“It’s a pity, you missed a potential stock!”

A few girls have some regrets in their hearts. If they knew that Zhu An was so powerful, they might have the opportunity to become a wealthy lady!

“Right, Di Chao, what are you looking for in Zhu An?” Chen Daming said curiously.

Di Chao is not concealed. Anyway, this is not a secret. He said: “Is this not a logistics? Our company has heard that the country is supporting high-Science and Technology logistics and transportation, so I want to do drone logistics. But in In terms of R&D capabilities, hardware and software are all a lot worse.”

“Red Letter’s hardware and software capabilities are particularly strong, so we want to find Red Letter cooperation. That is, my company said that it is not big, it is not small. This project is relatively empty, can not match the line of red letter. I ponder Zhu An is vice president of the Red Letter game, and he definitely know some friends at Red Letter Company.”

“If he can help me talk, take a line, I will be grateful.”

“It turned out to be the case. Zhu An is so capable and sure to do it!” Someone said that although he couldn’t remember who Zhu An was, he now recognized Zhu An and even prepared to wait for Zhu An. Looking for him to drink, not to mention friendship, is a good show in the social circle.

On the other hand, Lu Zixin and Xue Yao were driven by the uncle of Di Chao to the hotel. Lu Zixin saw that there were a lot of guests from the five-star hotel. There were banners outside. It seems that Di Chao really did not bad.

“Lu Zixin is here, haha, I will pick him up, then go to pick up a kiss.” Di Chao said.

He went to pick Lu Zixin, and the other students didn’t have any interest. On the first floor of the hotel, Di Chao didn’t recognize Lu Zixin, and Lu Zixin recognized him.

Compared with the time of college, Di Chao is fat in his face, whether it is his face or his stomach!

“Di Chao!” Lu Zixin first called him.

Di Chao heard a familiar voice, then revealed surprised expression and said, “You are Lu Zi?”

“Why, can’t you recognize me?” Lu Zixin smiled and took his shoulder.

“I can’t recognize it!” Di Chao exclaimed, and squeezed Lu Zixin’s biceps. “Why are you getting fat, you are more handsome? tsk tsk, this body muscle, thief hard!”

“Exercise!” Lu Zixin scorned. “You have to practice this figure. Now you have to get married, be careful about kidney deficiency!”

“Go to yours! Brother nine times a night!” Di Chao said with a smile, talking between the two, a little more intimate feelings of the past.

Soon, Di Chao put his eyes on Xue Yao who got off the car. Xue Yao wore a light-colored dress, which outlined a flatter figure and made a light makeup, but still could not hide the bright and touching face and temperament.

“Heaven, isn’t this goddess of Yao?” Di Chao exclaimed and showed an incredible look. “Are you coming too? And still with Lu Zi! Are you?”

When Xue Yao was in college, he was awarded title of Yao goddess by some people.

“Guess?” Xue Yao did not answer directly, but gave him an ambiguous reply.

“Impossible…” Di Chao said of the conditioned reflex.

Xue Yao smiled and said: “It can’t be because you didn’t think of it, but you can’t think of a lot of things. Right, now, what time is it, you haven’t picked up the bride yet?”

“Right, pick up the pro! Lu Zi, fast, go together, go to my wife’s house to pick up now!” Di Chao can not think about the two things, bring them to go to the marriage.

Those students naturally went to the team of groom, and saw Lu Zixin simply say hello, because it has not been contacted for a long time, the relationship is not very good, so some people seem to have more points, such as Chen Daming.

“You are Lu Zixin? You are turning to be a fitness instructor?” Chen Daming compared Lu Zixin and his looks and body, and felt a little dissatisfied. He is a beer belly, and Lu Zixin has become a man.

“No, I am still doing the old business.” Lu Zixin replied simply.

“Oh, this dress is very modely, mixed well?” Chen Daming asked tentatively.

Because of the wedding, Lu Zixin naturally wears a body suit, which Su Zhirong is looking for, and he doesn’t know how much.

“Alright, don’t worry.”

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