BTC Chapter 532 : Full Network Marketing

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Soon, on hot searches and hot topics, the words “Big White Guardian” disappeared. But, in the age of network information, the transmission of information can’t be controlled by a gossip app.

On various hot news and various social software, netizens spontaneously promoted it. That generous reward is extremely attractive to everyone. With a giving it a try mentality, many people sign up or log in to Phantom virtual social platform for forwarding and commenting.

On the Phantom, some social celebrities who settled in also began to forward their messages.

The popular actress Ruan Xueyi also posted a virtual projection video of a photo with Big White, with the text: “What a cute Big White robot, I also forward it, I don’t know if I have this luck.”

In the comments, fans have commented: “I also forwarded, bless Xueyi, draw me!”

“Xueyi is cute, like Big White!”

“I want to be your Big White!”


Her dynamic forwarding and commentary number is obviously several times more than usual. Other stars have seen it, other celebrities also came to catch the heat and sent out various dynamics.

Even some big coffees in the business and science and technology circles are rare to appear, comment and praise the robots.

The major merchants also saw the business opportunities, and also began to catch up the heat of “big white guardian”, there’s many spontaneous lucky draw.

A certain brand of cosmetics: “Dedicated to Big White Guardian, come to our XX cosmetics, we will provide you with a full set of free and latest moisturizing hydration kits. We will also randomly select ten free collections from the users who forward this dynamic!”

Flying Car Rental: “Escorting Big White Guardian, how can there be less ‘flying car rental’? We provide the Big White Guardians with free car rentals across the country, come and experience!”

Flying Bird Virtual Mall: “Dedicated to Big White Guardian! Come to Flying Bird Virtual Mall to buy goods and get a 30% discount! Another 100,000 Yuan worth of virtual mall items will be given away free of charge! We’ll also randomly select 100 netizens who forward this post to get the mall 30% discount!”


For a time, the topic of “Big White Guardian” became popular. Netizens are discussing the huge benefits and guessing who can be the lucky one!

A few days later, it was the day when the official Red Letter draws. Many netizens are holding their mobile phones and set a reminder to the official Phantom account of Red Letter. They are waiting for the draw.

On time, the random system in the official backstage of Red Letter began to draw. As of this time, the total number of forwarding the “Big White Guardian” dynamic on Phantom platform alone has exceeded 8 million times! And the number of people who understand this matter directly and indirectly is unknown! In the backstage of Phantom, this wave of operations brought them millions of new users, and the number of platform activity has skyrocketed!

Judging from the value of advertising, let alone draw a person to win a prize, that is, draw ten people, this wave is still profitable! What’s more, this wave of marketing is far from over!

Soon, the background random system draws the lucky one,  that is, the “Big White Guardian”.

Red letter official: “Thank you for the participation of the majority of users, we have selected the most fortunate ‘Big White Guardian’ from all friends who have forwarded, Congratulations Phantom user @Boiling Water, to receive your Guardian gift!”

After the lottery, millions of netizens participated in this, have regret and curiosity to see that it is not their own winning.

“It’s a pity, it’s a few millionths away, I won the prize!”

“@Boiling Water, brother, you won the prize! Come out and receive the prize!”

“This is a lucky person! He is the happiest person in the country now!”

“Why don’t you pinch me? (black face emoticon)”

“I have a hunch that this buddy wants to become a popular net celebrity!”

“Welcome users @boil water, people, come out and accept the prize!”

“The front row is full of luck!”

In addition to the official Red Letter, major media are also announcing the results of the Red Letter lottery. Many netizens ran to the personal page of the phantom user “Boiling Water” to leave a message, and many celebrities are posting comments.

The individual fans of Boiling Water have skyrocketed by tens of thousands every minute! The dynamic message that he forwarded a few days ago reached 999+ in one second!


On second-tier city in China, an office building, on the 17th floor, there is a decoration design company.

In the company,  a young man in his early twenties is busy in front of the computer. His name is Gao Xiaokang, an ordinary young man who can no longer be ordinary.

No room, no car, three years of graduation, has been working in this company, the salary is not high, single no girlfriend, live a busy and boring life every day.

“Xiaokang, has the decoration plan of Nanhu Garden Unit 203 come out?” urged Manager Wang, the over 40-year-old boss.

“It will take half a day, I’m doing it now!” Gao Xiaokang is very busy.

“Hurry up! The owner is waiting to see!” said Manager Wang.

“Xiaokang, go out to eat together?” shouted the male colleague next to him.

“No, I will eat later! The manager is waiting for the plan!” Gao Xiaokang shouted without looking up.

“Well, then you are busy! We go eat first!” The colleagues all left the office and went to the public restaurant and work area on the first floor, leaving him alone.

Gao Xiaokang sighed silently, he really didn’t know when this busy day will over. In addition to work, every day is work. I often have to work overtime at night, and my salary is low. I don’t know when I can afford a car, buy a house, and find a girlfriend…

While writing the decoration plan, a new message popped up next to him: “Lucky son, the official Red Letter “Big White Guardian” announced! It’s actually him!”

“Is it announced?” Gao Xiaokang directly clicked the close. There is a one in a million chance that he can’t get it.

“I really envy, I don’t know who it is, his luck is so good!” Gao Xiaokang remembered that he had forwarded that dynamic a few days ago with the mentality of giving it a try.

In the restaurant downstairs, Gao Xiaokang colleagues were eating, and suddenly they got the news notification for “Big White Guardian.”

“It really wasn’t me! God is jealous that I am so handsome!” said a male colleague.

“I’m so envious! If you become Big White Guardian, you won’t have to work all your life, right?” a female colleague said enviously.

“Of course!” The man next to her proudly showed off his opinion, “According to statistics, the actual rewards on the prize list alone are worth several million! With various other rewards, the commercial added value may reach one or two hundred million!”

“So exaggerated?” the female colleagues surprised.

“What an exaggeration! Now, in the Internet age, isn’t the commercial value of a super Internet celebrity worth this? Look at the resources in the Red Letter official, people can’t buy it with money. As long as this person is not stupid. If you make a reasonable use of it, you can definitely become a winner in life!”

“Hm, Boiled Water, where did I see this ID?” a male colleague suddenly said.

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