BTC Chapter 337 : Begins!

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On the street, a parade of nearly 1000 people held a sign and shouted slogans to protest. In addition to mobile phone tank model of the previous few days, they have made more “hostile” models, and some people directly painted on the face, or painted graffiti on the body, indicating protest against Red Letter Group.

A reporter is interviewing Isaac, Isaac’s exhilarating punch: “We must resolutely resist the invasion of these Chinese Science and Technology Groups, they will plunder our wealth and let us lose jobs…”

Many passers-by are unclear, so look at their excitement, and some believe that it is true. In fact, most people simply don’t know why.

Some people even spoke in the media, saying that this kind of parade was unreasonable, naive and stupid. Americans should not resist more advanced Science and Technology products, but embrace them and face the world’s competition.

In the Science and Technology Convention and Exhibition Center, Su Zhirong, the general manager of Red Letter Group’s North American market, is hosting the first global conference of Red Letter.

She wore a red letter dress and painted a delicate look. Under the focused lights, it looks elegant and confident, and speaks in a fluent English.

Under the stage, the guests are full and come from all over the world. Needless to say, Chinese people have already widened their eyes and are ready to watch the show.

The guests in other places have different emotions.

Some of American guests expression are serious and do not expect it. They only hope that the products of Red Letter are not too good. In the past few months, the relevant business in US market has been shrinking, and no one wants to shrink more.

Japan and Korean guests, and journalists have similar ideas to them, as well as Britain and Germany.

The audience is much simpler. They don’t care about the contest between these companies. They just want to see if they have the same high-profile Science and Technology products, and better, anyway, they are service users.

In the corner of the venue, several Americans are whispering. They are security guards at the venue, and they are watching the press conference.

“It’s a boring press conference, the chick is okay, it’s not very good-looking.” A security whispered, he said Su Zhirong, with his aesthetics, I don’t think Su Zhirong is a beautiful woman.

“I heard that they spent tens of millions of dollars on this conference, and these Chinese people are too rich!” the black guard next to him said.

At the global launch of Red Letter Group, more than 10,000 spectators were on the scene. In order to welcome guests, more than 20 five-star hotels, flights, trains and reception teams were included.

And it is said that they spend more on some “important” aspects of the conference.

“I’m so curious, can they make money back? I have never heard of Red Letter’s mobile phone before. Some people say that their stuff is better than Apple and Samsung.”

“Who knows?” A guard uncle shrugged. “Don’t forget, there are people outside who are fortunate enough to protest that their products are rubbish! Can they make money, anyway, we can get our own wages.”

“It is also said that today’s rewards are quite a lot. The more such a conference will be, the better!” The black guard said with a smile, revealing a white tooth.

Red Letter has made a lot of noise in the media. Now, on many video, news, social and live websites in United States, you can see the global launch of Red Letter.

On a social media, the first is an advertisement for Red Letter press conference.

“China Red Letters Conference, Operational Virtual Projection…” These terms have attracted some users to click to watch.

As in China, there are also a variety of comments that can be posted here as well as a barrage.

On the barrage, someone brushed: “Resist Red Letter, support Apple!”

“Garbage China mobile phone, roll out United States!”

“Is there really an operational virtual projection phone?”

“I think everyone should be sensible. I heard that the products of Red Letter are really very good.”

“Red letter mobile phone is more expensive than Apple! Never buy it!”

“LG’s curved folding phone is the trend!”


The number of viewers is not too large. If it is the launch conference of Apple mobile phones, it is estimated that the number of viewers will reach more than ten times. In North American market, Red Letter is still lacking in popularity.

After thanking all parties for their support and presence, Su Zhirong said: “A few months ago, we have developed an operational virtual projection technology that has been controversial.”

“Many people speculate that this is a technology that can only be used in the laboratory. But I want to tell you a good news, the guess is completely wrong. Today, we can not only use it in the latest Science and Technology in the product, and it will completely change our lives.”

The audience gave a warm applause, everyone was full of expectations, waiting for the emergence of new products.

However, Su Zhirong just smiled and said: “Before introducing the new product, I would like to introduce a friend who was born just a month ago. Today is the day of her full moon. Welcome to this virtual world friend – Miss Hong Yun!”

Her voice fell, and she saw a colorful vortex of light and shadow behind her. Fans of Red Letter are no strangers to this. This is the second dimension of Red Letter game. It symbolizes the barrier between virtual world and real world.

And many foreigners, for the first time, see such a sight. Some people cried in amazement: “God, what is this?”

“Is this a virtual projection technology? It’s amazing! It’s so beautiful!”

“It looks like I’m watching a movie! I’m a little interested!”

The audience at the scene talked in private, and some people were shooting with their mobile phones.

“Zhao, is this the virtual projection technology of Red Letter? It’s amazing, I thought it was just an ordinary 3D effect!” An American audience said to the Chinese student next to him.

Zhao Deyi is an international student from China to China and a loyal fan of Red Letter. At the press conference, he finally got the tickets and brought a few American friends.

At the beginning, these American friends were not very happy until he asked them to go to the bar to play and they agreed. I didn’t expect the press conference to just begin, they were already surprised.

Zhao Deyi said: “What is this, more beautiful than the light and shadow scene. Unfortunately, “Break the Dimensional Wall” virtual projection movie can not see  in American theater, or else scare your chin!”

“Is there more magic than this?” asked an American friend.

“Of course!” Zhao Deyi said. “Red letter has this technology in the first half of the year. This time they are showing an operational virtual projection, but it is still controlled by smart devices! Too much to expect, if there is such a new mobile phone, I must buy it!”

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