BTC Chapter 213 : Di Di Di

Edited: XiaXue

“You don’t understand!” Xu Xiuying said in a hurry. “We have prepared for today’s game for a long time! This way, the painstaking efforts are all in vain!”

“This…” Lu Zixin also felt a little overwhelmed and said, “Can you use another motorcycle?”

“How do ordinary motorcycle go to the competition?” Xu Xiuying asked.

“Would you assemble one? Or buy a racing motorcycle?” Lu Zixin asked.

“No! It’s time to get it now!” Xu Xiuying looked at the time and said: “A little game starts in the afternoon, now at 7:00 in the morning, it is not enough!”

At this time, other members of their club also came to the scene, seeing this scene, inevitably surprised and angry.

Although there are compensation, they are still very persistent about the game. Hong Zhen went to check his motorcycle and said: “My motorcycle has only a small problem, and now I can catch up with the game.”

He said, then started to repair it.

“My motorcycle… scrapped!” Xu Xiuying said, looking at Lu Zixin with an angry look.

Lu Zixin said: “Would you like this? Only you and Hong Zhen are right in the competition? Hong Zhen motorcycle can use it himself, use this one for you, can’t you participate?”

He pointed to iron head. Although iron head is now in motorcycle form, their words can be fully understood. It is very eager to stand up and express their opinions, but given that RI-8901 is next to it, it can only hold back.

“Your motorcycle?” Xu Xiuying was awkward, and she was really shocked by Lu Zixin. If you can go to the competition with a single motorcycle, what else does the professional racing motorcycle play?

And Lu Zixin, the motorcycle has been eliminated, when a scooter is OK, racing, it is sleepwalking!

“My motorcycle has been remodeled.” Lu Zixin said. “Don’t believe, just try it.”

Xu Xiuying took a closer look and found out that it was different and it was a very weird feeling. After the transformation of Lu Zixin and Zhang Qiang, it was different.

When the motorcycle became a mechanical life iron head, it itself made atomic changes to the metal, and the overall structure was smoother.

At first glance, very comfortable, like a piece of science and technology.

“This motorcycle?” Xu Xiuying reveals the confused expression, “Really modified?”

“You really modified it?” Hong Zhen also wondered, he was just a joke, who knows that Lu Zixin is really modified it, “Do you want to compare with me?”

“It’s better than nothing, you are happy.” Lu Zixin didn’t take it seriously. The other’s motorcycle couldn’t compare with him. He was already a mechanical life!

“Hehe, you can’t just modify it, the motorcycle will have problems.” Hong Zhen said.

Xu Xiuying also reacted, if blind modification, resulting in various mechanical parts are not coordinated, but it is a major event!

She sighed: “Forget it, I will think again. A Jing, how is your motorcycle?”

A Jing shook her head and said: “Bad, there is a part that has not been changed now.”

“Can you only retire?” Xu Xiuying was very reluctant. The motorcycle was her favorite. It was prepared for so long, and it was going to be on the field. At this time, she suddenly retired. It is regrettable that others are difficult to understand.

“Hey, this motorcycle has something!” At this moment, a member of the club exclaimed, he crouched down and carefully watched the power system and acceleration system of the Iron Head.

The above accessories, a look at the advanced products!

“Di!” At this moment, the motorcycle sounded an alarm. This is the Iron Head who is dissatisfied with him. He is visited like a monkey and touched everywhere. This is an insult to it!

“I have never seen this engine before, where is it produced? How big is the horsepower?”

Not only him, but others have been surprised to study it. Looking closely, they found that the modification of this motorcycle is really good.

Structural design, mechanical parts, can not find anything wrong, at first glance is the professional level staff to do. And a lot of structure, they have not seen it before.

Lu Zixin didn’t want to explain more, he said directly: “This is the transformation of the top machinery manufacturer I brought from the mainland, and the performance definitely does not belong to any race motorcycle!”

“This is the technology of the mainland?” Everyone has revealed surprise expression. It must be known that in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry, only those developed countries are the most famous, and the top motorcycle brands in the mainland have never heard of it.

“Can I experience it?” asked a motorcycle enthusiast.

“Di!” The iron head once again sounded an alarm.

Everyone didn’t care, thinking that this was a normal alarm system. However, when a guy touched the engine, iron head finally couldn’t help it. He said, “Hey, hello, say you, don’t mess!”

It opened its mouth and shocked everyone! The motorcycle will still speak? Hell!

Lu Zixin is also slightly frowned, this iron head is not so good, not very disciplined! It seems that I have to find a time to special education!

“It… is it talking?” The man was stunned and exclaimed.

“What’s the way to talk? You know artificial intelligence? This is motorcycle intelligent voice system.” Iron Head explained.

“In-vehicle Intelligent Voice System?” everyone is puzzled by this explanation.

Xu Xiuying said curiously: “I only heard that the voice system is installed on the super sports car. Is there also on motorcycle?”

“Of course!” Iron head is much better at to the beauty. “And I am still very smart! Beauty, do we want to go for a ride?”

“It’s amazing, can I ride it?” asked the person who touched the engine.

“When you go, wretched man!” Iron head said unceremoniously.

The man was suddenly embarrassed and was stunned by the motorcycle. Did he still go back?

“This is really voice intelligence? How is the dialogue so smooth?” Hong Zhen asked.

Lu Zixin hasn’t explained yet. Xu Wenbin has already expressed his feelings and said: “Every time I see the intelligent voice system of Red Letter, I am surprised that I can’t!”

He wants to represent Red Letter smartphones and naturally understands Red Letter’s Intelligent Voice System. He explained to Lu Zixin: “It can be said that in the smart voice, Red Letter is definitely the best in the world!”

“Red letter? Is that red letter mobile phone?” Hong Zhen remembers, now the network is so developed, a thing is famous, the world can get news.

“Yes.” Xu Wenbin said.

“That is amazing!” Xu Xiuying said, she also experienced the smart voice of red letter mobile phone, since this motorcycle is also used the program, this dialogue is not surprising.

However, why the mobile phone’s smart voice feels very polite, the voice of this motorcycle is a bit different.

“This motorcycle seems to be really different.” Xu Xiuying asked, “Can I really ride?”

“Of course!” The iron head screamed a few times and said: “You should ride me beautifully! The old driver is ready to drive!”

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