BTC Chapter 18 : Tencent Trick

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“In just two weeks, the popularity from bottom line to the top of summit. “Desolate Battlegrounds” only took two weeks, more than we quietly make, publicize, operate hundreds of millions of mobile game products. You said, why?” In the conference room, a high-level question asked.

“Manager Wang, talk about your opinion.”

A middle-aged man nodded and said: “I analyzed in detail the investigation of this “Desolate Battlegrounds” situation. It comes from a small game company, and may not have a small department of our company.”

“The operation investment is also very poor, purely relying on player’s word of mouth to publicize the fire. Other aspects do not say, its production is really powerful, we do not have a mobile game can compete with it!”

“Others Can do it, can we not do it?”

“This…” The people in the conference room looked at each other, especially the top executives responsible for technology.

After a moment of silence, they shook their heads and sighed, “I may not be able to do so now.”

In Tencent game company, similar things happened. On chicken game, Tencent is invested more!

Just the same mobile game that has already been launched, or is ready to launch, there are six models! It is a well-known studio production inside Tencent.

They were originally prepared to use the strong technology and resource advantages of this wave of surviving mobile games to seize the market.

However, the response is not good. The current mobile games that have been launched have not surpassed the two models of Internet One. Not only that, but they have also killed a black horse and directly went to the top of the list!

“Why is it so much technically different? Shouldn’t we be the top company in game technology worldwide?” asked the high-level Tencent.

When it comes to others, Tencent doesn’t dare to call the first, but in terms of games, they have already taken the world out – at least in terms of profitability.

Everyone is still silent, some people say: “This “Desolate Battlegrounds” is really not picky, the most surprising thing is that it is actually a small company of less than 20 people! It is incredible? Where are they coming from? Technology and energy to make such a game?”

Others are also confused, said: “Yeah, we are a cottage, not a team of 100 people who have original mobile games, and they can’t reach such a level. How did they do it?”

“Small company with less than 20 people?” Some high-level people heard this and their eyes brightened.

“I will hold a meeting to discuss the acquisition of this small company!”

“Yes, buy them! This is our first!”

Think of mobile game, the top of Tencent game has a smile on his face. Tencent company is rich and rich, seeing good, direct acquisition is now!

The opponents of the cows can’t stop their money bombing! Before Blue Hole game relied on “Jesus Survival: The Great Escape” actually resisted the acquisition of Tencent. Later, it was not by Tencent to acquisition of other scattered shares, forcing them to give up the agent?

This is an era when big fish eat small fish. As a giant beast in the capital market, Tencent game has the confidence to easily crush small shrimp like the Red Letter game.

Red Letter Game Company, with the summit of the popular mobile game list in the week, many players, media or related companies have noticed this small and unknown company.

Game media: “Desolate Battlegrounds” reached the top of the week, the player commented: The most conscience game ever!”

“Eat chicken game ushered in the peak of the work, today you eat chicken?”

“The big company, big production, This game is on fire!”

On some live broadcast platforms, there are also more live channels dedicated to “Desolate Battlegrounds”, and some of the anchors that seized the opportunity have gained a lot of popularity.

Companies with sensitive sense of smell have also found Red Letter Game Company to seek cooperation.

The whole company is busy, but everyone is happy. Because this represents the “rich source”! Lu Zixin has already let go, and when they are busy, everyone has a big red envelope.

The channel of the game platform, advertisers, etc., are all to send money to them. And they are also stepping up the development of various value-added services, such as the ability to change the virtual products such as characters and props.

Lu Zixin himself is equally busy, and there is no time for Black Technology Chat Group.

“Here is the Red Letter game?” At the door of the Red Letter game company, three business representatives frowned at the company.

They are all Tencent game to negotiate business, the main purpose is to buy “Red Letter games.” They thought that the game company that could make “Desolate Battlegrounds” would not be so small.

Looking at it now, it’s too unsightly! The number of employees in this company has not been more than the cleaners of their company!

“I am relieved to see this.” One of them smiled. “This small company is difficult to look at in the long run. As long as we use a little money to lure, it is easy to buy or buy shares!”

“Yeah.” The other two Nod in agreement.

They went in and visited, first of all, they met Liu Tong.

“Old Liu, are you working in this company?” One of them actually knows Liu Tong, who is an elite in the industry circle.

“Oh, it is actually a Kong manager, a rare guest, a rare guest!” Liu Tong quickly shook hands with him. This Confucius is the top of the penguin game, and the right to speak is not small.

The other two have lower positions than him. Kong Lin is the main person in charge of this business.

Once again, Kong Lin said: “Old Liu, you said that you did not tell me when you left. Come to our Tencent game! Salary, welfare, definitely better than any other company!”

Liu Tong shook his head and smiled: “Your company is a big temple, I have a small skill, I am afraid I can’t wait. It’s very good.”

“Hey, that’s what it is!” Kong Lin said. “Here, it’s too small!”

“The company is small, but the potential is great, and we will develop soon.” Liu said politely.

“The potential is really good.” Kong Lin nodded. “This time we came, just to talk about this matter.”

He revealed the intention slightly, and Liu Tong felt a little worried.

This kind of thing has not happened in the past few days. The “Desolate Battlegrounds” is so hot. Naturally, representatives of big companies want to buy it, but they have all been rejected.

But this time it is a big penguin game with a penguin game. They want to buy a small company, it’s a breeze.

He now has very high expectations for the future of Red Letter games. I really don’t want to be acquired by Penguin Games and become a game studio of their own.

But if the other party’s bid is too high, Lu Zixin can’t stand the temptation, then it’s troublesome.

“Let’s wait, I will tell the boss.” Liu Tong said.

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  1. Tencent leading the game industry? What a joke. The only reason they even lead in profitability is because of a mix of Chinese nationalism, market monopoly, and a huge domestic population. I could start talking a lot more about this, but if you flex your brain a little, you should figure it out.

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