BTC Chapter 19 : Tough Giant Company

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In the office, Liu Tong explained things to Lu Zixin.

“Tencent games are all looking up?” Lu Zixin was a little surprised, the other side is giant in the industry. Although they had contacted before and said that they wanted to start cooperation, I did not expect it to be so fast!

“General Lu.” Liu Tong said, and Lu Zixin said, “What do you want to say?”

“They probably want to buy us.” Liu Tong said, “I personally suggest that you must consider it carefully!”

Lu Zixin smiled. Laugh, said: “You can rest assured, I have already thought about it!”

Liu Tong has some doubts, have long thought about it? I don’t know what Lu always thinks. He is really afraid that Lu Zixin is the kind of person who wants to take a trip.

With the current popularity of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, if you really want to take a trip, Lu Zixin can instantly become a local tyrant. But in that case, the eyes are too short.

Liu Tong only hopes that Lu Zixin will not be overwhelmed by heavy profits. He invited Kong Lin and others to the office in the early stage.

“I don’t think General Lu is actually so young!” Seeing Lu Zixin, Kong Lin and others were a little surprised.

They thought the boss of the company was a middle-aged man. They didn’t expect to look so young, just like their company’s interns.

“Welcome everyone.” Lu Zixin initially asked a few words and asked directly: “I don’t know how you want to cooperate with us?”

Referring to this, Kong Lin looked proud and said: “Lu should know, whether it is User groups, or promotional resources, value-added services, our penguin games are the strongest in the country.”

“So, we want the game “Desolate Battlegrounds”, also join our Tencent family…”

He said a lot, although there is no mention of acquisition in the discourse, there is some sense of superiority.

Lu Zixin said: “We are very interested in channel expansion and promotion cooperation. In other respects, it will be avoided.”

“General Lu!” Kong Lin stressed. “You have to know that we will not seek cooperation for no reason. For any company, the priority resources are biased towards company’s internal products.”

“To be honest, our Tencent game is very optimistic about Red Letter game company, we are willing to provide funds to General Lu, and develop together!”

He said euphemism, but still raised the willingness to buy.

This is Lu Zixin will never agree, he knows that the core of his company comes from his own black technology chat group.

It must not be interfered by anyone, no matter how great the benefits of the other party, it is impossible!

Lu Zixin simply and decisively refused: “Sorry, the company refuses all investment.”

“Don’t be busy refused.” Kong Lin said, “General Lu, how hard it is for a small company to work hard, I think you should understand.”

” Although “Desolate Battlegrounds” is hot, but it is estimated that it will take a lot of time to be truly profitable. And the online market is changing rapidly, and no one knows what will happen. As long as Mr. Lu agrees to add Red Letter game to our Tenecent game, we can fully Acquisition!”

“How much do you invest, how much we give! And you can personally earn at least 50 million!”

Hearing this condition, Liu Tong was nervous. Sure enough, the other party should use the money offensive to capture Red Letter game. If the money is removed, it can earn 50 million. If an ordinary person is afraid of the brain, he will immediately agree.

Lu Zixin confidence is actually a bit of a small move. He is now home, less than 100,000, and the rest is invested in the company’s operations.

50 million, five times more than 10 millions he invested before!

“Do not sell.” Lu Zixin still refused.

Kong Lin and other three people looked at each other and looked at each other. The other two nodded.

Kong Lin said: “General Lu is it too little? Then we can find a place to talk slowly. If you can come up with more things to show your own value, such as the data of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, I think It’s not impossible to talk about one hundred million!”

He threw out a bigger temptation, and Liu Tong’s heart was moving. One hundred million! A pickpocket can sell one hundred million. If it is him, he may agree.

“Don’t think about it.” Lu Zixin said, “If you add more money, I won’t sell it. We have a Red Letter game and plan to develop it ourselves. If Tencent intends to cooperate with us in other aspects, we are very happy. Acquisition, It is impossible to buy shares.”

His resolute attitude made Kong Lin three people look ugly. Before coming to the Red Letter game, they were guaranteed and could definitely talk.

Who knows that such a big temptation has been thrown out, and the other party is still unmoved.

Kong Lin voice was a bit unpleasant, stressing: “General Lu, I think you should think carefully!”

“A game, not a fire now, can make money! It also has huge operating costs and faces Competitors. And the model of this game, the profit will be much less than other recharge games!”

“You give up this opportunity, I think other companies can not afford us such a high price!”

“Do not sell, well, I am very busy. You have something to talk to Manager Liu.” Lu Zixin was too lazy to talk to them and went directly to order.

Kong Lin face was stiff, and Lu Zixin was too ignorant. When he came to the door, he gave him face. He didn’t accept it?

How many companies are still waiting to be acquired by Tencent! This Lu Zixin is still looking down on it, it is too arrogant!

Kong Lin stood up and said: “We can do it. But there are still a few words I must say, if you don’t cooperate with us, your company will be very dangerous!”

He said, glanced at the assistant next to him. The assistant nodded and said: “As far as we know, your company has no complete hardware configuration such as its own server so far.”

“A short-term rental cloud server can still support, but over time, it will expose various drawbacks.”

“And, our Tencent game will launch several games of the same kind of meditation, once on the line, The popularity of “Desolate Battlegrounds” will be greatly affected. At that time, it will not be worth the price!”

“And our Tencent game masters more than half of the online game promotion channels, if you do not agree to invest, we will refuse channel cooperation. Not only that, “Desolate Battlegrounds” will be dealt with on our platform.”

“At that time, you are our competitor! General Lu, the acquisition is a good thing for both of us. I hope we will not act as Competitors, the strength of Tencent game, I must understand you.”

“Oh!” Lu Zixin sneered, “Great! If I don’t accept investment, you will refuse channel cooperation, and will suppress us, right?”

Kong Lin didn’t smile and said: “Serious, it’s just a normal market competition.”

Liu Tong couldn’t sit still, stand up and say Road: “Kong Manager, in addition to Tencent game, we can also cooperate with other channels!”

“Yes!” Kong Lin smiled. “But in this industry, we are the strongest! And those big companies will definitely come up. Investing in the requirements. In contrast, we should be very high bidding!”

“General Lu, this is the rule of the market. You see, in recent years there are a lot of smash hit software, games. At the end, still Not working with us?”

His words are simply threats, indeed. There are often red-hot products on the Internet market, but almost no exceptions will be controlled by major capitals.

If not controlled, the giants will immediately imitate a similar product. Roll them with strong capital!

Now, the Red Letter game is going to face this situation!

“Competition? I am accompanying. Manager Liu, send off.” Lu Zixin made a gesture of sending guests, and Kong Lin was not too light.

This person really does not know how good, Tencent games to buy and dare to refuse? Two months ago, the Blue Hole game did the same. But now? Still not honestly working with Tencent.

He said coldly: “General Lu, give you a word, you know nothing about the power of capital, goodbye!”

“I will also send you a sentence!” Lu Zixin stood up and said: “You have no power in science and technology. Know!”

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