BTC Chapter 17 : Is This?

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However, they still underestimated the black technology from Red Queen, the umbrella company where Red Queen is located, in her time and space, but mastered the world’s cutting-edge high-tech top technology companies.

Regarding the game, there are also many in the database of Red Queen. In the mobile game of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, there are some improvements and content creations made by Red Queen after her data.

These things can deeply attract the interest of players. Therefore, when it is hot, it will be out of control.

At the end of the second week, the download volume of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is still soaring! Its registered account, online players, are increasing every day!

Online is almost always praised, even if there are some bad reviews, it is not a matter of importance.

Today is the day when the game leaderboard is released.

All employees of the Red Letter game are waiting in front of the computer, waiting for the list to refresh.

Last week list, “Desolate Battlegrounds” ranked fifth, in front, there are two games of Tencent, one of the net one, and a mobile game of other game companies.

This week, “Desolate Battlegrounds” has a good chance to enter the top three. As long as you enter top three, it means they have achieved success!

A game that can rank in the top three in the mobile game list is huge. As long as the maintenance is good, tens of millions and hundreds of millions are not problems!

The employees are very nervous. They only joined Red Letter game for one month. Who doesn’t want Red Letter game company to develop? Then they are all veterans!

Zhu An is a little nervous, he is under a lot of pressure, which will prove whether he followed Lu Zixin is the right choice.

Liu is much easier than they are. He is an experienced person after all. He smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I estimate that the top three are 80% likely, and the second is 30%.”

“What about the first?” Lu Zixin asked.

Liu Tong said directly: “It’s very difficult. The first is too difficult. The top three are big traffic users. It is good to be able to kill the top three.”

Luzi Xin smiled and said: “That old Liu, I take a risk with you if not the first, I invite the whole company to dinner..”

Liu is also with the same, said: “!, If the first, and then I call”

The whole The company is only just 20 people, and it doesn’t cost much to eat a meal. Besides, if it is really first, what is a meal? After the red letter company earned, it is more than a million!

Zhu An smiled and said: “Then we made it, we can make a meal anyway!”

Everyone stunned for a while, and it was time to refresh the rankings.

“Refresh!” Zhu An shouted nervously.

On the page, the weekly popular mobile game list has been refreshed.

“Where?” The nerves of everyone were tense, looking for the name of “Desolate Battlegrounds.”

This name is not difficult to find, because it is in the first place on the leaderboard!

“First!” Zhu An can’t believe it, take the glasses off and blow it clean, then look again, still the first!

“The number is actually ranked first!” Liu Tong took a deep breath, he expected success, but did not expect to be so successful.

“Desolate Battlegrounds” has surpassed the major game companies in one fell swoop, what is the “Wild Action” of Net One, Tencent several chickens, and the “Glory of the King”, which has been popular all the time, became the champion of last week game popularity!

“First, it is the first!” All the staff cheered and celebrated loudly.

This first means that Red Letter Games will rise with this mobile game! Only the people in the industry know how difficult it is to get the first.

So many big game companies, the same subject matter, based on what a small company to make the game can rank first? And still only invested a small amount of advertising fees, relying entirely on word of mouth to promote the achievements!

“Ha ha ha, I won!” Lu Zixin also laughed, and he was equally happy. The first one of my own business was a complete success. Black technology has initially demonstrated its strength. Once it was published, it crushed similar products! Although this is just a game, not a high-tech product like a mobile phone or a car.

“General Lu, I lost my heart and take it orally!” Although Liu Tong lost, but his serious face is full of smiles.

“I have been doing this for so long, and I have seen such a feat for the first time! A novice tour, just over two weeks, relying on the player’s word of mouth to promote the first. This is in the game industry, simply It’s a miracle!”

Zhu An shouted: “I want to say two words, it’s really a cow!”

He couldn’t wait to send a message to his girlfriend Xu Bing and wrote: “Bing, I’m gambling! Our company The game has been a huge success, you wait, whether it is a car or a room, I will earn!”

Not only the Red Letter game company, other game companies also noticed changes in the list.

For example, the nearest death game company from Red Letter Game Company, Qin Zhijie saw the list and couldn’t believe it.

“First? They ranked first?” He refreshed the computer several times, but the result is still “Desolate Battlegrounds” ranked first!

He is mixing this line, of course, knowing the meaning of this! The number one popular game, that is a cornucopia! Maybe a month of business flow, you can exceed the death game for a few years!

He regretted that Lu Zixin was not at his company. First of all, cooperation with Blue Hole, this game is also!

If he didn’t drive Lu Zixin away, he would have discovered him for a long time. He could make a piece of money, but now, nothing!

He looked at the cottage game of god of death, and he couldn’t see the shadow on the top of the list. It’s really a hundred thousand miles!

“Qin, your coffee!” At this time, Ding Yu sent coffee in and saw Qin Zhijie face depressed.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Ding Yu asked.

“A fart, you killed me!” Qin Zhijie bad voice.

Ding Yu was awkward, and she was wronged. She did nothing. She glanced at Qin Zhijie computer and saw the above data. At once, the coffee was spilled on the ground.

“The first place in the mobile game list!” Ding Yu eyes widened. How long did it take for Lu Zixin to do this?

“How is it possible?” Ding Yu said with a shocking voice. “His company, the number of people is still not many, can actually press Net One, Tencent, rushed to the first?”

“You ask me? Who do I ask?” Qin Zhijie tone is still not good, he always feels that he has lost a lot of money!

Ding Yu took a deep breath and did not speak. Her heart is like a river, and how long does it take for Lu Zixin to be “out of justice”? The man she looked down on has already made a career!

And this career far exceeds her imagination. Qin Zhijie spent ten years and failed to achieve his achievements. But Lu Zixin only spent more than a month!

If she didn’t see it with her own eyes, she couldn’t believe it! Like Ding Yu and Qin Zhijie, there is no regret in my heart. Why do you make the wrong choice?

“Now, he is estimated to have missed me?” Ding Yu thought of bitterness.

Many noticed the popular list of mobile games, as well as large game companies such as Net One and Tencent. On the mobile game leaderboard, this black horse is really eye-catching.

In today’s era of a smart phone, a hot mobile game is enough to lead the trend!

The network-game mobile game development department directly held a meeting to discuss and study the “Desolate Battlegrounds” to become a new popular tourist champion.

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