BTC Chapter 167 : Apple’s Sanctions?

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Apple’s efficiency is very fast, and it took three days from the proposal to the implementation. Soon, the domestic smartphone industry shock, because Apple officially announced a notice to denounce Red Letter.

“About Red Letter’s Red Letter Mobile System ‘Red Tie’ feature is suspected of infringement of our company’s IOS System related rights statement.”

“After investigation and monitoring, Red Letter Mobile System has provided IOS software conversion function in Red Letter mobile phone system without the consent of our company, which has seriously violated the relevant rights and interests of our company.”

“From now on, any IOS software will not be directly downloaded and used on the Red Letter mobile phone system, otherwise it will face penalties such as software removal. In addition, the IOS account is not authorized to other channels, and it is illegal to use it on other than Apple smart devices.”

“Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. shall deal with the infringement and compensate the company for the loss…”

All in all, the meaning of this announcement is that Apple wants to use Red Letter to open the knife, restrict software downloads, and also ask for compensation from Red Letter.

When the announcement came out, it was immediately reported by the media and caused great controversy.

Tencent News: “Apple has a killer, and Red Letter may have to go to court!”

Today’s hot spot: “Apple released the latest announcement, accusing the Red Letter mobile phone system of infringement!”

Xinlang News: “Apple has accused Red Letter of infringement, and more than 4,000 APPs will be on the Red Letter mobile phone!”

Mobile home: “Is Red Letter System really infringing? Legal experts: It is difficult to define!”


Apple’s announcement was not only published in the form of news, but even users of IOS smart devices and software developers received such emails.

Users of Apple phones don’t feel that weird, they are accustomed to this behavior.

However, users of HX2 smartphones are not happy. “Apple started again! Damn it, where is the red letter infringement? No use of their System!”

“That is to say, in the future, HX2 can’t download a lot of software?”

“No wonder I said that I can’t open several softwares, I thought the phone is broken!”

“You don’t have to use it, Android software can also be used on Red Letter System! Everyone downloads the Android version!”

“This is not forcing us. Can I choose only one for Apple phones and Red Letter phones?”

More users complaints than the major software developers. The software they originally designed to use on Red Letter mobile phone, and have to re-develop Red Letter System software, which is a big cost.

Originally, with each update of Android and IOS System, their software will be updated once, and now there is another software update of Red Letter System. The development cost, maintenance cost and so on increase the operating cost again. Some small companies only Can give up one of the versions. Choose one of IOS software and Red Letter software.

Red Letter Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Lu Zixin also knew this news for the first time. However, his heart is not fluctuating, and he even wants to play two qualifying matches.

Tang Gang is not in a hurry this time, but said with a smile: “Apple company is in a hurry, I thought they could make a brilliant move to deal with us, and actually this kind of damage!”

“Prohibiting IOS software from being used directly on Red Letter System has little effect on us. Basically, the software used by domestic users has Android version, just download Android software.”

“And with this opportunity, we can introduce the software standard of Red Letter System, let some software developers, start designing software according to our mobile system! Expand the influence.”

“Their company really doesn’t take us seriously!” Su Zhirong analyzed. “The last downswing did not make them long-term!”

“This is their usual style.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “But this time Apple has to be miscalculated because their opponent is our, Red Letter!”

“They want to go to court, we will fight with them.” This kind of lawsuit dispute, there will be some big companies, and this matter has little effect, Red Letter does not need to care.

“It’s just that we can’t help but fight back,” Lu Zixin continued. “Since they are afraid that we will occupy their market, then we will let their fears become reality. Let users and software developers choose, when One chooses us and knocks them out!”


Everyone in the industry is also talking about this matter.

Rice company, Tian Xiangshan is discussing this with several senior executives.

Tian Xiangshan said: “Apple is trying to make a profit, using their influence to force software developers and Red Letters. If red letter is not handled well, this time may be greatly affected.”

“In fact, it is not just them. The rise of Red Letter has made us very stressed. Because of the emergence of HX2 mobile phone, the high-end smartphones on the market have basically lowered the price and competed with Red Letter.”

“Even Apple has quietly lowered the price of their mobile phones by two hundred, which is a big collision!”

“When the sandpiper and the clam fight each other, it’s the fisherman who benefits.” Tian Xiangshan said, “They fight theirs, licking this time, opening our layout, expanding the influence of the domestic market, while bringing our latest super Android System phones are available in India and other Southeast Asian countries to capture the international market.”

Tencent, as the domestic Internet giant, is also the largest software development company. This announcement by Apple has naturally affected them.

In the conference room, the top management is discussing how to deal with this matter: “Now the mobile phone of Red Letter has cancelled the function of converting IOS software. Many of our mobile apps need to be redesigned to adapt to Red Letter mobile system.”

“This is a lot of work, I am afraid we will not finish it for a while!”

“Work still has to be done. Now there are more than 10 million users of Red Letter smartphones. We can’t give up such a huge user base.”

“As for Red Letter and Apple, we will watch the show.”

One senior executive said: “In fact, I hope that Red Letter can do the work of Apple. The ‘Apple tax’ inside the software application allows us to pay hundreds of millions of dollars each year.”

“It’s very difficult. Apple is big and the user volume and user loyalty are higher than Red Letter. This time, Red Letter mobile phone is probably going to be a big one.”


When the outside world guessed the action of Red Letter, Red Letter quickly responded.

The first is that no infringement is recognized, and a lawsuit is required to accompany him. Red Letter strongly condemns Apple’s behavior that ignores user experience!

Then there is a commitment to the software developer, Red Letter will help them develop the Red Letter mobile phone System software, will not affect their normal operation, and will not charge “application tax.”

For users, Red Letter also has a move. Lu Zixin’s Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant, which he led the team’s successful development, will be released in advance, and all Red Letter mobile phone users can download and use the update version. Not only that, this month Red Letter will also release a new HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone, after the new release, the original HX2 smart phone price dropped by 200, the overall impact on the smart phone market, and Apple just hard in the end!

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