BTC Chapter 09 : Talk about the price

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Lu Zixin said “Manager Zhang, I think you have misunderstood. My cooperation with you is limited to me personally. It has nothing to do with the company.”

Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming had also just realized this. The company is not big, so they heard Qin Zhijie and Lu Zixin talk.

Zhang Xiaofeng was a little embarrassed and said: “It’s my fault because I didn’t know about it. But we are sincere with the cooperation.”

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Well, this place is not very convenient, let’s change places.”

“As you like.” Zhang Xiaofeng naturally agreed.

From their words, the people of the Death Game Studio have already guessed something. It seems that the people of the Blue Hole Game Company came looking Lu Zixin for cooperation, and Qin Zhijie want to take part in it but mercilessly rejected by Lu Zixin!

The facts that were vaguely guessed made them stunned. The representative of the Blue Hole Company had rushed over just to find Lu Zixin to cooperate!

This is just like the ancient princes who went to the mountains to visit the hermits who were living in the thatched cottages. Does Lu Zixin really have such great ability?

Qin Zhijie do not hesitate to promise such big deals, and Lu Zixin did not hesitate refuse without batting an eyelid to the benefits in return, thinking about it feels exaggerated!

Zhu An feels that his cognition must have been subverted. He mixes with Lu Zixin every day, how come he didn’t know that he is so powerful? To make Qin Zhijie make concessions for him, and he also directly ignore Qin Zhijie!

This kind of thing, he also thought about doing it when he was dreaming. He did not expect that Lu Zixin would actually do it today! Although he wasn’t doing it himself he still feels very refreshed!

Ding Yu was stunned and speechless, Qin Zhijie act to retaining Lu Zixin was already surprising her, and when she guessed that Blue Hole company was looking Lu Zixin for cooperation, she was an even more difficult time trying to calm down!

Lu Zixin actually has such capabilities, why she doesn’t know it at all? She had always thought that she knew Lu Zixin very well. He was just a spare tire that she had prepared, and when Qin Zhijie appeared she immediately abandoned him.

But now she discovered that she didn’t understand anything about Lu Zixin. When did he cooperate with the Blue Hole Game Company? and to be able to make stingy person like Qin Zhijie be willing to divide the shares to retain him!

Thinking of Lu Zixin cold eyes, she realized that in his eyes she was only a fool!

This subversive feelings made her heart hurt. She stared blankly at Lu Zixin, but Lu Zixin did not look at her as he went out with Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming.

“Fuck!” Qin Zhijie’s fist slammed on the table and shocked everyone.

“What are you looking? Get back to work!” Qin Zhijie screamed, everyone quickly silenced, but he was groaning inside his heart: “What is this? Lu Zixin is gone? and he wasn’t able to get anything out of this?”

“General Qin, this is…” Chai Mao came over and carefully asked.

“You!” Qin Zhijie heart was unwilling and asked him: “How did you resign him so quick? Hows the intern contract is written? Do you know how much the company loss this time?”

Qin Zhijie in a fit of anger couldn’t help but to blame Chai Mao. Although Chai Mao was upset, he said: “General Qin, this is something that we didn’t expect at all. It was Lu Zixin that was being sinister, he must have been ready to resign long ago!”

“Right! That vile man said he had given up his wage,” Qin Zhijie said with regret. He did not want to think about it, what “treatment” would they give to Lu Zixin?

If they could have been a little more formal,and be a little more friendly, maybe then Lu Zixin would be willing to work on chicken (pubg) mobile game with the company together, which is also a profitable project, but now they had lost the chance to do so!

Lu Zixin and Zhang Xiaofeng came to a coffee shop to talk about business in a private room.

Before the misunderstanding, both parties had explained it and went straight to the point about the game patch.

“Mr. Lu, eight million is our offer to buyout your patch.” Zhang Xiaofeng said.

Lu Zixin was very excited when he heard this, eight million! He has never had such sum of money and with his previous salary, he did not know how many years it would take to earn that much.

He resisted his excitement and told himself that he could not be too excited. Eight million is just the first offer of the other party. Lu Zixin knows that this procedure is very important to them and the price can be discussed again.

He took a deep breath and calmed down, then said: “8 million? only at this price? you have also seen the level optimization of  this version. If you want research it, the cost is  also more than million and you need a lot of time! and at this time, because of the direct and indirect loss caused by various cheats, it’s definitely more than eight million!”

Zhang Xiaofeng looked at Lu Zixin. If some people did not have calm state of mind and heard the eight million, they will definitely lost their minds and to agreed in one breath.

Lu Zixin can still argue with reason, a little mind. However, this does not mean that Zhang Xiaofeng will easily let him to inflate his profits.

He said: “Mr. Lu is right. However, did Mr. Lu know that Tencent has the full right for the operation of the “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” in China’s region. They also promised, and will help us to optimize the game to combat cheats”

“With the strength of Tencent, I think they can do it.”

Lu Zixin nodded: “They can do it, but it will never be so fast! And I am sure that their optimization will not be higher than my version.”

Zhang Xiaofeng took a sip of coffee and said: “Mr. Lu, you can’t say that. Your software, although it looks okay now. But once it’s released, it will definitely be attacked by hackers all over the world and new vulnerabilities will be developed. It’s a hammer price, and our current offer is very sincere.”

Lu Zixin thought for a while and said: “So be it, Ten million and I promise to continue to maintain this patch within half a year. Once a new problems arise, I will help solve the problems.”

Zhang Xiaofeng heard this and fell into silence. He considered it for a while and said: “Mr. Lu’s price is very accurate! To be honest, the maximum amount that the headquarters gives us is 10 million.”

“But this is 10 million and I can not just agree. In addition, I have a condition that I will need you to agree under these circumstances.”

“Please say.”

Zhang Xiaofeng looked at Lu Zixin and stared at his eyes, said: “In the contract, I need Mr. Lu to write a written regulation to ensure that you have not disclosed this software to other individuals or companies. Once there is a leak, we will have the right to get back our money. Cut costs and keep the right to pursue responsibility.”

“No problem. I promise that this software has never been leaked to the third one!” Lu Zixin promised that he had been very careful after receiving the software and had not leaked it. Moreover, he did not intend to sell it again, to a third-party he’s not stupid, because when that happen he will be in trouble.

“But I want you to guarantee that if it is leaked for your own reasons, it has nothing to do with me.”

“This is natural.” Zhang Xiaofeng nodded, and showed a smile. He had been observing Lu Zixin expression. Just now when Lu Zixin spoke, his eyes did not show the slightest hesitation at all, indicating that he did not lying.

Zhang Xiaofeng said: “In this case, if we both agree, I will let Xiao Li draw a contract.”


“Ah yes, I have one more thing.” Zhang Xiaofeng said, “In fact, we are also coming here to invite Mr. Lu to work for our Blue Hole game company.”

“With Mr. Lu ability, I can guarantee that the annual salary starting from a million is completely not a problem!”

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