BTC Chapter 214 : Innate talent

Edited: XiaXue

“This voice is really cumbersome, who designed it?” A Jing was dissatisfied.

Iron head retorted: “As a motorcycle, is there anything wrong with this? Little girl, is your mind unhealthy?”

“You!” A Jing was speechless by it, Xu Xiuying said with a smile: “A Jing, a smart program, you still tell it reason!”

Xu Xiuying still sat on the iron head and went out to try. As soon as the result goes out, it is an hour.

“How did you go so long? How is the motorcycle?” asked the companions.

Xu Xiuying’s pretty face was full of surprises and said: “It’s too fierce, almost instantaneous acceleration. The horsepower is far more than the one I used before. This game has a play!”

“Is it really so strong?” Everyone looked curiously at the Iron Head, and they really wanted to know how this motorcycle was.

Hong Zhen questioned: “Is it better than my motorcycle?”

“Well, great!” Xu Xiuying affirmed.

“Hong Zhen, you lost!” Someone snarled, Hong Zhen denied: “The motorcycle is not so comparable, just waiting for the competition, and comparing it on the court. My motorcycle is a race type specially designed for the competition!”

The all-island motorcycle racing venue is located in the motorized circuit in the suburbs. In order to compete, various obstacles have been specially set up here.

They arrived three hours in advance, and when Xu Xiuying and others went through the relevant formalities, Lu Zixin deliberately pulled iron head to the room for education.

“You brat is too bold, this time dare to speak, is it still ready to be deformed next time?” Lu Zixin scolded.

Iron Head said indifferently: “Isn’t that just a word? They already believe that I am a smart voice.”

“The point is that you didn’t listen to me!” Lu Zixin stressed. “This is a serious warning to you. Except for voice, you can’t show other abilities! Otherwise I will build a garage to lock you in. See you still wave everywhere!”

Iron head immediately recognized it and said: “Daddy, I am wrong! I don’t want to be shut down in Little Black House. I swear by your reputation, I will never show any other abnormal behavior.”

“And, in the future, the language is polite, don’t humiliate me.” Lu Zixin stressed.

“Do not worry, Dad, I will only earn you light. Right, should I not swear by the pledge?” Iron head said, “My dream is to become a musician, superstar!”

“You still sing?” Lu Zixin wondered.

“Of course, I have learned a lot of things!” said Iron Head, the front of motorcycle was opened, and there were several small music devices inside, and even the nostalgic tapes in the audiovisual store.

“When did you improve?” Lu Zixin wondered.

“When I was taking a ride with my sister, would you like me to sing it to you?” Iron head still sang without waiting for Lu Zixin to agree: “I am a little bird, how to fly, How to fly and fly is not high…”

Its sound is inherently metallic, and if the sound is raised, it is pure noise. And this guy’s voice System does not know how it is constructed, sings out without a word on the tone, it is difficult to hear the explosion.

“Iron Head! Shut up!” Lu Zixin couldn’t help himself. “Don’t sing.”

“How? I sang well?” Iron head proudly said, “I have learned other things, do you want to listen again, this is the best motorcycle music in the world!”

“Time will never return, the past can only be reminiscent…” The iron head sings and sings and sings again, Lu Zixin bursts into the blue, and can’t wait to give it a foot.

“You are enough!” Lu Zixin shouted, “It must be that when you were born, your brain broke, give up, you didn’t have innate talent!”

Iron head did not care about his blows. Instead, he was full of fighting spirit and said: “Daddy, do you want me to give up my dreams? That is great! If I participate in the talent show in the future, I can say that my family I have always strongly opposed my dreams, but I have always adhered to the ideal! The audience will be very touched!”

“Someone is coming, shut up.” Lu Zixin said, someone knocked at the door outside, Lu Zixin opened the door, a young girl dressed in a staff.

She saw Lu Zixin with a smile on her face.

Lu Zixin wondered: “Do you have anything?”

The staff said: “Hi, hello. Can you sing a little less? It may affect other people.”

Lu Zixin can see that she is smiling, because the song just was too ugly. Lu Zixin can only say with a hard scalp: “Okay.”

As soon as the staff left, Lu Zixin shouted: “Call you not to sing, look people complain.”

“Cut, these vulgar people don’t understand it! The great musicians are lonely.” Iron head is not ashamed and proud.


In the contestant’s rest area, Xu Xiuying is preparing, she is replaced by a professional driver’s suit, which is more aggressive.

“Xu Xiuying? Your Hemu also come to the competition? It is really rare! You can compete at this level?” A man’s voice sounded, Xu Xiuying looked sideways and saw a short-haired young man.

This guy she knows, is another named White Eagle Motorcycle Club, has had a match with her Hemu Motorcycle Club, and also produced a little friction.

When the two clubs competed, because of the violation of the other party, one of their partners was injured in hospital, comminuted fracture, and now the legs and feet are not convenient, can not participate. The two sides also fought in the game for this fight.

“Cao Qing?” Xu Xiuying brow picked up, coldly snorted and said: “I said how bad luck today, I met you!”

Cao Qing said with a smile : “It’s enough bad luck, because you will be on the court, you will be bad luck.”

“Is it a foul? Is it cheating?” A Jing was taunted on the side. “I heard that someone has bought a peripheral bet in advance, and there is an insider.”

The background of White Eagle Motorcycle Club is not small. It has something to do with Guanghai Group. Before, there was a history of buying gambling and then using cheating to win the game.

Cao Qing disdained said: “Oh, others, you have this ability. Right, the two little girls are still grinding tofu? tsk tsk, it is a waste of resources!”

“You courting death!” Xu Xiuying shouted.

“Why, do you want to fight? I never fight with a woman. If it is in bed, then I can consider it.” Cao Qing’s said with a smile.

“You!” Xu Xiuying really wanted to do one with him. Someone immediately said, “You have to argue and quarrel.”

She took a sigh of relief and said, “Wait, see you at the stadium! This time you lose your pants!”

“Hahaha, frankly treat each other?” Cao Qing is still laughing, Xu Xiuying has pulled A Jing out, she does not want to argue with this guy.

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