BTC Chapter 209 : Crazy Motorcycle

Edited: XiaXue

One part was assembled and a new motorcycle appeared. With the most advanced mechanical construction, power system, balance system, brake device…

In order to make it look better, Lu Zixin also deliberately rendered the shell into a retro style – although this advanced product is better with a sci-fi style, it is a future event.

“Very good, the first motorcycle was built by us. Well, the cushion is not comfortable enough, it should be replaced with leather; although the tire can be used to buy the best, but the rubber quality is not enough, according to the motion simulation, Tire wear can be very fast; energy supplements are also more troublesome…” Lu Zixin summed it up.

If the manufacturing conditions are too rudimentary, he can make a better one. In the map given by Optimus Prime, there are more sci-fi motorcycle. At that time, the styling is completely different. The power system does not have to rely on chemical fuel efficiency or electricity, and the magnetic suspension will be faster.

“In general, it’s not bad, go out for a ride.” Lu Zixin drove the motorcycles and galloped on the road outside at night.

The motorcycle repair factory is located in the suburbs, and the traffic volume is relatively rare. At night, basically only the trucks that are transporting are driving.

Lu Zixin just started the engine, and the engine made a low roar, like a behemoth. The mechanical structure began to run, and the motorcycle slammed out.

The 100-meter acceleration and start-up time was too fast, Lu Zixin was a little caught off guard, and almost rushed to the rice field next to it.

Fortunately, although he is not a professional racer, his strength and speed are not inferior to others, even if he has adjusted his direction.

The wind whizzed past the ear, and the scenery flashed away. He was like a lightning bolt, sprinting on a flat road.

On the way, the driver of a big trailer is chewing on the betel nut, listening to the song while driving the night trailer. Suddenly, he felt something flashed in front of him and quickly disappeared, but he didn’t see it at all.

“Well? Is it my eyes?” He was puzzled, “Is there something I feel?”

He didn’t care, he continued to drive. In less than three minutes, he saw a shadow flashing from behind and rushed to him. This time, he heard the sound of motorcycle rubbing against the air and saw the motorcycle flashing far away, but still don’t see the motorcycle shadow.

“Motorcycle? I am going, how fast is this? I don’t even see the shadow clearly!” The driver spit out the betel nut in surprise, because it was night, there were few cars on the road, and he was actually speeding.

At such a speed, I can’t see the shadow, the speed of the other party, it is not called speeding, it is clearly super god!

“Call! Fortunately, I have a helmet, or I can’t breathe.” Lu Zixin is still experiencing this speed. The speed of the dashboard shows that it has exceeded 500km/h. This speed has exceeded the fastest speed of Motorcycle Dodge Tomahawk in the world.

And this is not its limit, it can continue to speed up to 1000km/h, and in the stratosphere of 11000~20000m, the standard value of the speed of sound is 1062km/h. It can be said that under the same conditions, this motorcycle runs. It’s faster than the average plane!

It is a pity that it is good to be able to drive to 200km/h or above due to road conditions, driver skills and physical fitness.

Lu Zixin slowed down the speed because he was too fast and his reaction was struggling. This kind of extreme speed, once it hits something, people will crash into a meatloaf!

“Too fast!” Stopped the motorcycle, Lu Zixin nerves are still tight, this thing if you take the game, get a first no problem. If you make a movie, it is not “speed and passion”, but “speed and shadow.”

Lu Zixin returned to motorcycle repair shop and asked RI-8901 to check the status of the motorcycle. The condition is still relatively good, that is, the energy consumption is a bit faster.

“This kind of motorcycle, commercial seems not very big.” Lu Zixin began to think about the commercial value of this motorcycle, it runs fast and seems to be used only for extreme sports, the average person simply can not use its function.

“But you can refer to its mechanical structure.” He continued to think that if the fuel power was changed to clean electric energy, it seems to be good.

Last time Luo Hanshan mentioned that lithium-ion batteries have begun to try small battery manufacturing and wait for it to be made. Even with electricity as the driving energy, the speed will not be lower than the fuel and long battery life, fast charging, more suitable for the masses of consumers.

Not only a motorcycle, but also a car, it should be no problem, maybe Red Letter will become a premium automobile brand in the future? Lu Zixin was very excited and immediately sent a message in the high-level program group of Hongxin Company, saying: “We have to set up a subsidiary again!”

Then it was more than 5:00 in the morning, everyone was sleeping, and no one responded. I don’t know what performance they will see the next day.

This is caused by motorcycles, and there is no problem with the jokes of Hong Zheng. However, Lu Zixin still wants to play more exciting, Optimus Prime gave him two Level 1 imitation mechanical equations. If you don’t use it, he always tickles in his heart and feels that he can’t sleep well.

Fortunately, Lu Zixin took out a Level 1 simulation of the mechanical equation block and prepared it for use on the first motorcycle it built.

“Optimus Prime is a Transformer, a container truck. I want a deformed motorcycle, should I have no problem?” Lu Zixin thought.

He removed the protective film that mimicked the mechanical equation and placed it on the motorcycle. I saw that the small metal block, like the mercury that was pervasive, penetrated into the motorcycle!

Lu Zixin’s eyes stared at the motorcycle without any change. According to the instructions, this kind of imitating mechanical equation is far from the power of fire, so it can’t be changed immediately, it takes a little time.

“Master, its metal structure is changing, and there are strong magnetic field fluctuations.” RI-8901 said on the side, it is also observing this change.

“Well, we are far away.” Lu Zixin took a few steps back and he was afraid of something unexpected.

Ten minutes passed, and the horn of the motorcycle suddenly rang, but the overall situation remained unchanged.

Thirty minutes later, RI-8901 said: “Electromagnetic fluctuations are getting stronger and stronger, reaching peaks.”

It was barely fell and I saw that the motorcycle started to move. It started up on its own and started to be arrogant at the motorcycle repair shop.

You know, this guy’s speed can approach the speed of sound. This starts up like a metal storm, mad at the small motorcycle repair shop and it doesn’t have a turn, that is, a rampage, what equipment, a motorcycle, all of which are smashed by it, and its metal structure has changed from the atomic level, so those things have nothing at all, and everything else is Being smashed…

“The trough, it ruined it!” Lu Zixin yelled and rushed out of the repair shop under the cover of RI-8901.

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