BTC Chapter 210 : Is afraid of being a fool

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Lu Zixin rushed out, but the movement in the motorcycle repair shop still did not stop. Lu Zixin asked RI-8901: “What happened to it?”

“The energy fluctuations on the body of the machine are very unstable, and this situation is still going on.” RI-8901 said, “Master, want me to destroy it?”

Say, RI-8901 is ready to open the combat mode, ready to force the destruction of this crazy motorcycle.

“Don’t!” Lu Zixin quickly stopped and said: “It doesn’t have a weapon system, it can’t destroy anything. A motorcycle repair shop, I still have to pay for it.”

“I have to ask first, what happened.” Lu Zixin quickly went to the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group : “@Optimus Prime, I used the imitation mechanical equations for a motorcycle. But it suddenly went crazy and ran into everywhere.”

Fortunately, Optimus Prime immediately returned the news : “Motorcycle? Are you using Level 1 to imitate mechanical equations?”

Mr. L : “Yeah.”

Optimus Prime said : “Well, this situation is possible. Level 1 is not mature enough to mimic mechanical equations. It may cause some defects and malfunctions in use. Now it should be a problem during the life opening process, resulting in Unable to deform and energy leaking.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am afraid it is not a fool.]”

Optimus Prime : “It can be said that now it has become an idiot. In human terms, it is a congenital mental retardation. It wants to be deformed, but it has not succeeded, so it can only be smashed everywhere.”

Mr. L : “…”

Lu Zixin absolutely didn’t think that he just wanted to experience the legendary deformation equation. Who knows that he has created a mental retardation. He looks at the motorcycle repair shop. Now that motorcycle is still rambling inside, it makes a loud noise.

Mr. L : “What about this situation now? Do you want to destroy it?”

Optimus Prime : “In general, destruction is the most appropriate.”

Red Queen : “Heh [emoticon: gloating], the group owner created a mental retardation.”

Red Queen : “[Transformed Red Queen: No deformation, sorry, we are not a group.]”

Mr. L : “It’s a pity. I worked hard all night and now it ruined a motorcycle repair shop.”

Optimus Prime : “In this case, it can still be remedy. But the consequences are still a bit unstable.”

Mr. L : “What?”

Optimus Prime : “Level 1 mimics the energy and transformation of mechanical equations is not high, do you have another piece? If you use that piece, it should be almost the same.”

“Just like this, there are some problems with 30% in its intelligence and personality. See how you decide.”

Lu Zixin asked : “If there is no problem, what is the difference between it and autobot?”

Optimus Prime : “Only the best mechanical life can become a autobot, it is not enough!”

“On our planet Cybertron, when mechanical life is created, it will be given life by fire. At that time, like the firstborn of human beings, we need to learn materials and improve ourselves to grow, that is, a blank sheet of paper. It is a good person or a bad person.”

“But by imitating mechanical equations, some information has already been stored in the molecular structure, so once it is born, the character may be fixed.”

“Character, won’t it be a villain?” Lu Zixin asked worriedly.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: nothing, there is me.]”

Mr. L : “You are more dangerous!”

Optimus Prime : “The core material of our design is that we will not be evil at least when we are born.”

Lu Zixin faced the choice of either using another Level 1 imitation equation or destroying the motorcycle.

The ruin of the first motorcycle that he worked so hard to destroy, he really can’t bear it, but another piece is also very valuable.

After thinking about it for a while, Lu Zixin said : “Forget it, I still use it, so that if I use a mental retardation next time, then both pieces are wasted.”

Only after he finished speaking in the group, he heard a loud noise and saw that the motorcycle broke through the wall and rushed out of the motorcycle repair shop.

Then, it was surrounded by chaos and circles.

“Zhang Qiang, grab it!” Lu Zixin quickly ordered, “Right, don’t destroy it!”

RI-8901 is a bit difficult. It is very simple to kill this motorcycle directly, but it can’t be destroyed. It is very difficult. Even with electromagnetic interference, it is possible to destroy the motorcycle.

At this time, the motorcycle is still in the circle, not running far. If you let it run, at its speed, you can rush to the sea in less than ten minutes! Or rushed into the city, causing riots.

“Right, give it to it, it will calm down.” Lu Zixin handed it the Level 1 to mimic the mechanical equation block.

RI-8901 is on, don’t look big, it seems very bulky, but the speed of moving is not slower than the vehicle.

It rushed over and the motorcycle could feel its presence and hit it directly. RI-8901 did not shy away and reached out to stop it.

boom!” The solid metal shock, the motorcycle hit the RI-8901, but the motorcycle that could break the wall, couldn’t broke the robot RI-8901.

To the surprise of Lu Zixin, the motorcycle actually has nothing to do. You know, with the general metal strength, RI-8901 can be flattened with a punch. It seems that imitating mechanical equations really strengthens the metal atoms of the motorcycle, and it is now estimated to be an unknown alloy.

The motorcycle seems to be a bit “conscious” and feels that this person can’t be beaten. RI-8901 rushed up and grabbed the rear of motorcycle.

The motorcycle didn’t feel good. The rocket accelerated the system, and the turbulent fire appeared in the exhaust pipe.

If there are other people present, I am afraid to be scared to death by this scene! A motorcycle actually ran away, and dragged a person!

The RI-8901 pulled the rear of the motorcycle and turned the motorcycle over, trying to control the faucet.

The motorcycle swayed from side to side, and even played a 180-degree drift, trying to get rid of the RI-8901. However, RI-8901 caught too hard and it couldn’t get rid of RI-8901.

The motorcycle was driving on the road, encountered some vehicles, and even wanted to rampage. The vehicles encountered hurriedly braked, and the drivers screamed.

“Are you crazy!”

“Such riding a motorcycle, you want to die!”

“Alarm, this person must have drunk too much!”

Lu Zixin only saw two eyes, and the RI-8901 and the motorcycle disappeared from his field of vision. Lu Zixin quickly rushed into the motorcycle repair shop, found a well-preserved locomotive, and started to catch up.

The RI-8901 moves very quickly, breaking through the protective film that mimics the mechanical equations and pressing it on the locomotive. This Level 1 equation block is once again integrated into the interior of the motorcycle and begins unfinished modifications.

The motorcycle really stabilized a lot. Although it was still driving, it did not deliberately swing around, and the speed gradually slowed down, but it was still overspeed.

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