BTC Chapter 456 : Doubts of EU Representatives

Edited: XiaXue

China, Beijing, national hotel meeting room, is one of the places where Chinese guests receive foreign guests.

At this moment, the leaders of China Ministry of Industry are negotiating with international business representatives from the Council of European Union.

The content of the talks is the recent mechanical restriction treaty initiated by European Union, which has had a huge impact on China’s automobile industry and other industry. The Chinese side has also taken some measures to counter it, so that the economic and trade relations between the two sides have minimal impact, so such negotiations will occur.

Robertson, the commercial representative from Council of European Union, sat on a soft and comfortable sofa, with real-time translations from the quantum computer software. His expression is calm and confident.

Although Robertson worked for the Council of European Union, he was a German himself. This mechanical restriction treaty was also initiated by Germany, so the council elected him as a representative to visit China.

He has already done his homework before visiting. The effect of EU’s restrictions on treaties was surprisingly good. At the place of publication, it won the support of many countries led by United States and joined forces to restrict China. This is also the rapid development of China’s frontier science and technology in recent years, which has caused the vigilance of other developed countries. In the past history, these countries rarely have such tacit understanding.

This incident directly led to a setback in China’s auto industry and some industries. The demand for foreign industrial products increased, while domestic production capacity declined.

One of Roberts’s big goals in China is to dump industrial products of EU countries at the expense of certain insignificant conditions.

“We believe that these treaties are not conducive to trade between the two parties. We propose to make appropriate amendments or deletions to Articles 3, 8 and 9…” Leaders of Ministry of Industry and Commerce of China described in detail.

“I am very sorry, these are all necessary conditions. It is our self-protection for EU industrial system. I will pass on your opinion to the Council, but I have no right to make a decision.” Robertson is fearless and resolutely not big concessions in the direction, restricting the industrial development of China, and dumping high-end industrial products in Europe are the guidelines that the EU Council has already set and will never change.

There are some dissatisfaction in the hearts of Chinese people. It seems that EU does not intend to solve this problem easily. If it is really only the constraints of EU side, the use of counter-measures will definitely be EU countries.

But this time there are other countries standing in EU, China is a little convenient to play.

The best policy is not. They are prepared to use Chinese policy, continue negotiations, and strive for the dominant position.

At this moment, the secretary of a certain leader whispered a few words in his ear, and the leader suddenly became surprised and turned into a surprise.

“Mr. Robertson, after these few hours of negotiations, we have not yet reached a satisfactory consensus. As a host, I would like to invite you to visit the recent inventions of our industry in China, so that you can understand all of us. Let’s talk again, how?”

“It’s a great honor.” Robertson is not in a hurry. No matter how he talks, now he has the dominant position. The result is nothing more than the distribution of benefits.

As for the small invention mentioned by Chinese side, he has already prepared himself, and it must be a means of showing off to increase the bargaining chip.

Before the visit, they also let Robertson and the delegation take a break for a while.

“What happened? Why suddenly interrupted the talks, I am still ready to mention another of our plans with him.” A leader who did not know the situation asked.

“Don’t mention it!” The Ministry of Industry, who received the news, said with a smile. “Now we are asking him for conditions. He is shirking and rejecting it. It will be reversed later!”

“What happened?”

“Look at this news, what happened when we talked, it is really amazing, our company is really earning a breath! Actually developed such a black Science and Technology!”

“Black Science and Technology, fast, show me!” A group of Chinese grandmother, holding a quantum computer to view the information just passed.

And these materials, it is the press conference of Pengyun Automobile! Who can think of the Pengyun car’s conference, actually here, was watched by a group of big crickets!

Not only that, but when you see the magnetic levitation car, you will become a Science and Technology powder!

“Good guys, magnetic levitation cars, stability and our magnetic suspension high-speed rail can be comparable, but other features, even stronger than the high-speed rail.”

“Yeah, this smart road really opened my eyes! This road has completely become a part of the network. For transportation and management, it is artifact!”

“Universal CNC machine tools!” The Ministry of Industry’s amnesty is difficult to call out according to its own excitement. “This machine tool is the best in the world! How many industrial problems will this solve? God, it’s incredible! The technical gap has been crossed!”

“With this, EU, United States and other countries will limit our treaty, it will become a waste paper! We are fully capable of producing our own high-precision industrial products! No longer subject to them!”

“Hahaha, it’s raining in time! At the juncture of our negotiations, there has been such a happy event. Fortunately, we just did not negotiate, and we will not regret it!”

“This is good, it is not us, but Europe and the United States! Their industrial products, and then want to dump to China, hehe, it is difficult!”

“Transfer import is an export, and the industrial pattern of the future world will undergo major changes!” The long-term visions of big guys eyes have seen a pleasant future.

“Well, don’t say this, let’s share this good news with our European friends and see what he thinks!” At this moment, the conference hall was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

On Robertson’s side, the EU delegation was taking a break. Robertson suddenly received news from the EU Council, let him suspend negotiations, return from China as soon as possible, and renegotiate. It seems that something important happened, and he will be described in detail later.

Robertson was full of doubts, but still loyal to his duties, preparing to suspend negotiations with the Chinese side.

At this time, just after the time when China invited him to visit industrial technology, Robertson should go to the appointment and prepare to suspend the discussion.

The place of visit was in a newly created virtual projection hall at the reception of foreign guests. When Robertson arrived, he found that the people on the Chinese side had become somewhat relaxed and even cheerful.

He was somewhat puzzled, under the arrangement, began to watch the picture of virtual projection.

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