BTC Chapter 158 : The consequences are self-inflicted

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Lu Zixin sees then frowned, the quality of this star and his agent is too low, right? He went up and wanted to support Su Xiaomeng.

Who knows that someone is faster than him, and the person who just helped Lu Wei said something in Lu Wei ear, Lu Wei nodded. She stepped up faster and said to the woman: “Sister Hu, so many reporters look at it, you should not compete with the little girl.”

This is a young woman, it seems to be in twenty, but dressed up, with a cap, body and face is good, but Lu Zixin does not know her.

“Cheng Ying?” Hu Jing, the agent of Zuo Qiuting, recognized her and asked with an unpleasant look: “Do you know them?”

“I don’t know, but the little girl is also a fan of Zuo brother.” Cheng Ying explained, “The little girl fell poorly. Sister Hu, you go, I will handle it.”

“Why? They have not apologized yet!” Su Xiaomeng was dissatisfied.

When Hu Jing saw it, she glanced at Su Xiaomeng and wanted to smack her. Cheng Ying blocked her in front of the two and said: “Little younger sister, don’t be angry, I apologize for them. This is not for you, I am send your friend to the hospital first?”

“Hey, little girl pays attention later, don’t talk nonsense!” Hu Jing coldly snorted and said.

“Speaking in a mess?” Lu Zixin stood up and said to Hu Jing: “I’m talking about you.”

“Brother-in-laws!” Su Xiaomeng looked at Lu Zixin, Cheng Ying and others also looked at him.

Hu Jing frowned: “How come one after another? I am very busy, no time to take care of you!”

Lu Zixin said faintly: “You immediately let the surname Zuo to apologize to them, otherwise today is not finished.”

“Hehe, actually threatened me? I was scared?” Hu Jing did not put him in the eyes, but scolded the reporter at the scene, she said: “I am too lazy to talk nonsense with you, go.”

“Stand up!” Lu Zixin suddenly screamed and scared everyone, and the reporters secretly took this scene.

He was about to attack. The woman named Cheng Ying came over and whispered: “Brother, I am begging you. I apologize for them, do you stop here?”

“Why?” Su Xiaomeng said, “It’s not what you push.”

Cheng Ying reveals a difficult expression and says: “I don’t explain well. In short, I hope that you can be generous, just help.”

Lu Wei came up and said: “Brother Lu, forget it, this elder sister is also very difficult. I am fine.”

Lu Zixin wanted to teach the other side of the scene, but watching Cheng Ying’s appearance, I saw that the reporters had already fixed the camera, thinking that they would let Zuo Qiuting apologize, and there is no shortage of this meeting. .

Then he said, “Okay, I will give you this face.”

He said to Hu Jing and others: “You told Zuo Qiuting that he would take the initiative to apologize before the concert started in the evening, otherwise the consequences will be self-inflicted.”

“Is sick!” Hu Jing went straight away and did not put his words in her heart.

Lu Zixin’s eyes were cold, and Cheng Ying quickly thanked him: “Thank you brother, I will pay visit for your brother and this little girl. So, I will send you to the hospital, and I will pay for the medical expenses.”

The reporters saw it and wanted to interview Lu Wei. Lu Zixin directly shouted: “We don’t accept interviews!”

At this time, the hotel manager came with the security guard, stopped the reporter, and apologized to Lu Zixin: “Sir, I am really embarrassed, actually happened in our hotel. It is our responsibility.”

“We will provide medication for free and help you with half of the room rate.”

They did not go to the hospital. In the hotel room, Cheng Ying took the medicine and wiped Lu Wei with it.

Next to them, Su Xiaomeng said with anger: “I said earlier, the surname Zuo is not worthy of being a star, you still like him.”

Lu Wei was also very disappointed, said faintly: “I don’t know, he is such a person!”

Lu Zixin said: “People on the screen wear masks, and you have to be rational in the future.”

“Yeah.” Lu Wei nodded and said: “I swear, I will not do this kind of brain damage, let my brain feed the dog!”

“Does the dog dislike you!” Su Xiaomeng attacked her and asked: “Is it still hurting?”

“It’s much better.” Lu Wei said, “Thanks to sister Cheng, thank you.”

“No thanks, I should apologize to you.” Cheng Ying said with a smile.

“Right, Sister Cheng, why do you want to apologize for the scum?” Su Xiaomeng asked. “If you were not you, my brother-in-law must have been finished them!”

Cheng Ying’s face became awkward and said: “This is still a bad thing. Zuo brother is also a big star, he can’t apologize.”

“Can’t? I still don’t believe it.” Lu Zixin shouted.

Cheng Ying smiled, did not refute, but did not mind. Zuo Qiuting is now the star of the north and south of the river, wanting him to bow his head and take the initiative to admit mistakes? almost impossible!

“Why do you want to help him? I look at the woman named Hu, not very polite to you.” Lu Zixin wondered.

“Yes. Actually…” Cheng Ying hesitated, or said, “In fact, Zuo Qiuting is my Senior Brother.”

“Senior Brother?” Su Xiaomeng and Lu Wei looked at her differently.

Cheng Ying explained: “It is an entertainment company. He is a senior, and it is also the biggest star of our company. I am here with him is running with a performance, and he is looking for opportunities to show his face.”

“Oh, I understand. Sister Cheng, are you also a star?” Su Xiaomeng suddenly realized, asked.

“Star? I am a 18-line person name, no one knows me at all.” Cheng Ying said a little embarrassed.

“Sister Cheng, you are so beautiful, you can definitely make movie!” Lu Wei said.

From the appearance point of view, Cheng Ying is indeed good, she is learning vocal music and dance, so the body is quite good. And her face is also very distinctive, goose egg face, willow eyebrows, fox eyes, especially the corner of the eye and a little tears, it seems that there is a flavor.

“Lu Wei did not say anything wrong.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“The entertainment circle is not lacking in good looks.” Cheng Ying laughed and laughed and said: “If you want to mix well, you have to be talented, you have to be able to open it, have a background. I just can’t open it. I have been in the company for two months, and I have not done anything. I think I will go back to study.”

“Sister Cheng, are you still studying?”

“Well, I am at Pengcheng University of Art, sophomore year.”

“Great, you can definitely become a star!” Su Xiaomeng encouraged.

“I just thought about it at the beginning, but I signed this entertainment company, but I came in and found out… This circle is too deep, I can’t play.” Cheng Ying shook his head and sighed: “I am really afraid that I will get stuck.”

“Don’t say it, if it’s okay, can I go first? I still have something to deal with.” Cheng Ying asked.

“You are busy,” Lu Zixin said. “Our things are solved by ourselves.” He didn’t plan to forget it.

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