BTC Chapter 157 : The brain is getting into water

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The man got out of the car and was surrounded by reporters and fans.

The reporters handed the microphones forward, and the fans shouted his name, squeezing it inside.

“Zuo Qiuting! Ah! I love you!” There are female fans shouting in a scream.

“Husband, you are so handsome!”

“Can you sign me?”

“Zuo Qiuting is the first handsome in the universe!” A group of people shouted with fan list.

“Zuo Qiuting, I like you!” A male fan dressed in a gun was thrown over, but it was unfortunately blocked by the bodyguard.

The reporters handed in the microphones and asked: “Mr. Zuo, do you come to Heavenly King Ding as a singer today?”

“Mr. Zuo, rumored that you want to be HX2 MOUDLE spokesperson, is this time to Pengcheng to sign an endorsement advertisement with them?”

“Mr. Zuo, it is rumored that your endorsement fee has reached 10 million. Is there such a thing?”


Lu Zixin was speechless and asked, “Who is this person? Why don’t I know.”

“Zuo Qiuting, you don’t know!” Lu Wei reveals the incredible expression, as if to think that someone in the world doesn’t know Zuo Qiuting is a sensational thing!

“Zuo Qiuting? Is it a man or a woman? A woman?” Lu Zixin asked strangely, the man dressed like a neutral-style woman.

“Men! He is so handsome!” Lu Wei said, her eyes also showed a bit of fanaticism, excitedly said: “I can’t think of meeting him here, great! I have to go up and find him to sign!”

Su Xiaomeng on the other side did not catch a cold on this star and said: “What is this handsome? It is like a girl.”

“No matter, I will go ahead, wait for me!” Lu Wei has already rushed out, Lu Zixin and Su Xiaomeng are standing in the same place.

Su Xiaomeng casually gave Lu Zixin a popular information, saying: “Zuo Qiuting is the fresh rising star of this year’s, his masterpiece… amount, can’t think of his masterpiece, anyway, there are a lot of fans, it is a first-line star.”

“But I don’t like him. I remember watching the movie he played. From the beginning to the end, an expression was recited. It was so bad that the brains were still screaming at him. It is said that there are still guns. I really don’t understand.”

Lu Zixin was not interested in this person at all. He just heard a reporter asking this person as if he was talking to Red Letter about mobile phone endorsement, so he asked more.

They saw that Lu Wei had already squeezed into the crowd, and her clothes and shoes were trampled and she didn’t care. Su Xiaomeng was surprised: “She is crazy! How do I know such a brain-destroyed friend!”

“Wait to ask her, is it that when I took a shower yesterday, her brain got into the water, and she haven’t done drain them yet!”

Zuo Qiuting was surrounded by the crowd. Whether it was the screaming of the fans or the reporter’s question, he ignored them and went straight to the hotel.

However, the fans were too enthusiastic and blocked the road ahead. Zuo Qiuting was impatient, and whispered to the side guards: “What do you eat? Open the way!”

The bodyguards are hearing this and shouted directly: “Don’t squeeze, now Mr. Zuo does not accept any interviews, let everyone go back!”

The reporter knew very well about Zuo Qiuting’s temper and knew that there was nothing to do. Just let a little take a photo. But the fans are not the same. They saw the reporter retreat and squeezed harder.

A fan excitedly pulled the clothes of Zuo Qiuting, and Zuo Qiuting suddenly became angry. He was looking for a famous designer to design, hand-knitted high-end goods, ready to be worn for the concert, and was touched by this guy. I don’t know if he wash his hands.

He directly hit the hand and shouted to the crowd with anger: “Don’t stop the road!”

The bodyguards also began to force themselves and pushed everyone out. Most of them are women’s powder, their body and strength are small, and they wear high-heeled shoes. They are pushed away immediately, and they almost fell.

Lu Wei is a high school student, and her size is relatively petite. She shouted the name of “Zuo Qiuting” and finally squeezed into the front of Zuo Qiuting. She was excited: “Idol, can I sign?”

“Annoying!” Zuo Qiu-ting whispered, pushing her away and going ahead.

Lu Wei was pushed by this, standing unsteadily, and stepped on by a high-heeled shoe, suddenly a painful, fell to the ground.

Zuo Qiuting did not look at her and walked into the hotel under the escort of the bodyguard.

Lu Wei was miserable, fell in the crowd, and did not know who was stepping on her with high heels, and directly bruise on her white calf.

“Ah, it hurts!” Lu Wei cried, and the people next to her quickly let go.

Some reporters were still taking pictures of her. Two bodyguards saw it and immediately stopped. He said, “What are you shooting? No shots! Please delete them!”

“Lu Wei!” Su Xiaomeng screamed and prepared to help. However, a passerby who came out of the hotel was in front of her, and trotting two steps helped Lu Wei.

“Little younger sister, are you okay?” the man asked.

Lu Wei’s eyes were red, and her face was wronged. She said, “Nothing, thank you.”

She absolutely did not think that she would be pushed away by the idol she liked, and he didn’t look at her. It felt more painful than being trampled.

“That’s awful, no one apologizes when pushing people?” Su Xiaomeng also ran over and said: “I am going to find him to apologize!”

“Don’t…” Lu Wei words have not yet finished, Su Xiaomeng chased the past and shouted: “Who, Zuo Qiuting, you pushed my friend down and thought so?”

Her voice shouted so loudly that the reporters pointed the camera at her. Zuo Qiuting heard a shout, frowned, and the agent next to him whispered: “You go first, I will solve it.”

“Well, these flies are really annoying!” Zuo Qiuting showed a disgusting expression on his face and said he left.

Left a very charming female agent and two bodyguards, the female agent in her thirties, the body is thin, fiercely glaring at Su Xiaomeng, asked: “Little girl, don’t shout! Be careful!”

Su Xiaomeng was unsettled by her own situation, and her involuntary tone was lowered. But she still said with indignation: “Zuo Qiuting pushed my friend and she was injured. How is he not responsible?”

“What do you want to do?” The female agent sternly said, “I have seen this little trick! Don’t you just want to see Zuo Qiuting? Impossible!”

“The ghost wants to see him, I want him to apologize to my friend!” Su Xiaomeng said.

“Cut, yellow hair hoe!” The female agent smiled disdainfully. “You actually want to cheat us, no long eyes?”

Su Xiaomeng pointed to Lu Wei and said to her angrily: “You have blinded dog’s eyes, didn’t you see it?”

“What do you say?” The female agent was angry and said: “You yell and shout like this, insult our Zuo Qiuting, be careful, let the security guard drive you out!”

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