BTC Chapter 352 : Quantum Computer Research Institute

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“This is a good thing. Because we decided to sell high-precision equipment to Red Letter Group, the members of National Information Security Administration also issued a warning to us. Now we can avoid the headache.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as Red Letter Group still wants to continue to make computer chips, they must find us.”


“Red Letter Group gave up the lithography machine procurement plan!” The news quickly spread in computer industry.

“Oh, even Red Letter can’t break the monopoly of the computer industry.” Some people feel sorry, they thought that Red Letter could make the domestic industry change.

“Red letter is not stupid, investing in it, just like playing water, there is no return!”

“It seems that the computer development plan of Red Letter Group will die.”

“Their other smart products are already amazing, and they have mastered virtual projection accessories, and the profit is not less than the computer.”

Every action of Red Letter affects everyone’s nerves. Some people look at the prospects, some look at business opportunities, and others are looking for opportunities.

Now that Red Letter does not intend to develop computer chips, many companies and scientific research institutions are relaxed, and finally do not have to face this terrifying competitor.

Shanghai, China Quantum Computer Research Institute. Lu Zixin and Dai Liang came here to visit.

The institute did not allow casual entry, so they talked in the reception room outside.

“President, I introduce. This is Professor Zhu Huagui, a professor at China University of Science and Technology, member of National Academy of Sciences, and the dean of Quandu Quantum Computer Research Institute.” Dai Liang introduced a sparse professor to Lu Zixin.

Zhu Huagui is almost ten years older than Dai Liang, and he is his junior, but in terms of scientific research, Zhu Huagui is no worse than Dai Liang.

It can be said that before joining Red Letter Group, Dai Liang was not in the scientific community as much as Zhu Huagui. It is because Red Letter Group has continuously developed epoch-making products, and Dai Liang has also risen and become a senior professor in the scientific community.

“Hello, Dean Zhu.” Lu Zixin shook hands with him and said, “I am the CEO of Red Letter Group, Lu Yan.”

“Hello, hello!” Zhu Huagui shook hands with Lu Zixin and looked up and down.

He said with emotion: “I always thought that President Lu is a person who is about the same age as me. Who knows that it is so young! It is amazing, amazing!”

“Thanks for the prize.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “Dean Zhu, this time we are here, I think Old Dai has already talked to you? Do you have any thoughts?”

Zhu Huagui did not directly answer, but revealed a difficult color and said: “Old Dai did tell me, and I also talked with several vice presidents and directors of the institute.”

“To be honest, we are very willing to cooperate with Red Letter Group to jointly develop quantum computers. After all, you are big money!”

“Haha.” Lu Zixin smiled and said: “You should know that in terms of research investment, our red letter is never awkward!”

“I know!” Zhu Huagui nodded. “I have two students who are doing research and development at Red Letter Group. They are touted your group every day and want to pull this teacher to Red Letter.”

“You can come!” Dai Liang said quickly, “As long as you come, I promise that your treatment at Red Letter is more than three times higher than here!”

“Old Dai said yes, our Red Letter Group respects Science and Technology talents very much.” Lu Zixin quickly cooperated.

“Old Dai, you have dug the corner of the wall. I am the dean. Who is responsible for the work when I have left here?” Zhu Huagui said without words. “Moreover, when I am at this age, there is nothing to pay for the money. The pursuit, just want to do the work at hand.”

“Dean Zhu, what is the obstacle to cooperation?” Lu Zixin asked.

Zhu Huagui stopped for a long while and said: “The two may not be very clear about our research institute. I will talk about it in detail here, and you will know.”

“Our Quantum Computer Research Institute was established by National Academy of Sciences, China Science and Technology University and Keli Group. The main researchers are also from these three places. Some of research and development funds are funded by National Academy of Sciences and some are provided by the Keli Group.”

“So far, we have developed the first quantum computer in China. Although there is a certain gap compared with international counterparts, we have unique technology patents in the world for quantum information transmission. We have launched quantum information encryption service, established a pilot quantum information network…”

He briefly said that Lu Zixin immediately understood. If the main components of the institute are National Academy of Sciences and Chinese University of Science and Technology, they can talk about cooperation.

But this time it involves Keli Group, another big Internet giant in China, which involves the issue of commercial competition. Keli Group has already made certain achievements in this field and will certainly not agree to Red Letter Group.

“Huagui, you are not authentic. You did not say before, can we carry out joint research and development?” Dai Liang asked. The Keli Group is also one of the founders of the Institute, and he knows.

“I don’t want to marry you.” Zhu Huagui said, “I will never let you see it.”

“You know, although our research institute is a joint organization of three. But many of our researchers are from the National Academy of Sciences and Huaxia University of Science and Technology. If you want to establish a quantum research institute, I think I can provide some help.”


“Of course it’s true!”


Lu Zixin learned more and knew the reason behind it. Originally for the computer industry, the state has paid considerable attention to this, and has always stressed the need to develop core technologies such as China’s own computer chips.

In particular, after the last US technical sanctions against China, China’s high-level officials directly instructed National Academy of Sciences to increase investment in this area and promised subsidies for research and development.

Quantum computers are different from traditional computers. In this respect, there are no quantum computers in the world that can be commercialized on a large scale. If China can take the lead, it will be able to achieve cornering overtaking in the computer industry and break the monopoly of international technology.

Now that Red Letter Group wants to develop a quantum computer, the National Academy of Sciences is of course a great welcome. Immediately, Zhu Huagui said that it can help, even joint research and development.

As long as Red Letter Group determines, they can make a contribution, and even apply for national research subsidies and so on.

Upon hearing the news, Lu Zixin was overjoyed. I really just wanted to sleep and someone gave me a pillow. Even if you can’t cooperate with the Quantum Computer Research Institute of Magic Capital, as long as you find some professionals, they can build a Quantum Computer Research Institute.

Lu Zixin needs to stay a few more days and discuss this matter while visiting Quantum Computer Institute here.

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