BTC Chapter 391 : Playing tricks

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Among the thirteen people, only one yellow-skinned face is represented by quantum research center in Japan.

After Walter finished, he immediately voted for himself, choosing Intel Integrated Electronics standard for quantum computers.

Others have begun to vote, but fortunately, two representatives of Russian research institutions voted for Red Letter Group, plus three others, Red Letter Group now has a total of 24 votes.

The other ones are Intel 22 tickets, IBM 19 tickets, and others are worse.

“Red Letter Group ranked first!” In Lu Zixin side Teacher Tian surrounded by computer research center of National Academy of Sciences of China, said excitedly.

“Congratulations, President Lu!”

“This Red Letter Group’s standards can be recognized by international community and it is worth celebrating!”

Representatives of several Chinese research institutions also looked at Lu Zixin and congratulated him!

Lu Zixin is also smiling, and as long as this matter is fixed, then the process of commercialization of the quantum computer from Red Letter Group will be much easier.

As long as the world adopts their standards, then other accessory manufacturers and computer research centers have to follow their footsteps. If you don’t have the technology, you have to spend money to find Red Letter to buy computer and buy hardware…

The results of the vote came out. IEEE Chairman Lancelot and American Computer Society President Walter’s face were slightly pulled down. The discerning people could see that they were very unhappy.

And they haven’t announced the results yet, and everything is still undecided.

IBM’s representative, Plit, stared at the public screen and secretly gritted his teeth. Their company has always considered themselves to be the pioneers of the quantum computer industry, and actually let others take the lead?

“Absolutely not!” Plit looked at Walter, and the two had a secret exchange before the meeting.

“President Lancelot.” Walter greeted Lancelot and signaled something to say.

“Let’s wait a moment, we will be back soon.” Lancelot said, leaving the venue with Walter to discuss.

The venue was still quiet, but Lu Zixin could feel keenly, and there was a lot of hostile sights sweeping him.

After a while, the two presidents returned.

“Sorry, I have kept everyone waiting,” Lancelot said with apologetic. “I just discussed with President Walter for a while.”

“Our two associations believe that Red Letter Group, Intel and IBM are far ahead of other companies in terms of voting results.”

“But—” He turned around, and Lu Zixin and representatives of China Research Institute immediately became alert.

Lancelot continued: “Given the fact that the results of three companies are too close, the gap is small, indicating that there are many supporters of their standards. In order to be fair, we decided to conduct a second re-election from these three companies. In the middle of choosing a unified standard, such a result can also make everyone more convinced.”

He said, and looked at Lu Zixin with a smile, like a polite gentleman.

Lu Zixin is cold-hearted, he expected, the vote will not be so simple! Representatives present, there are too many representatives of American companies and institutions, and representatives of countries like Japan are also supporting the standards of American companies.

Most importantly, the host of voting is American Computer Society and IEEE Association!

Needless to say, American Computer Society is purely a national research organization in United States. Although IEEE Association claims to be a stateless international academic organization, its predecessor is American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Association of Radio Engineers. The Headquarters and its main members are Americans. It is not surprising that US companies are biased.

“I oppose!” Lu Zixin hadn’t spoken yet, Teacher Tian couldn’t help but protested: “The result of the vote is clearly Red Letter Group is first. There is absolutely no need to re-elect!”

“I think so too, the quantum computer computing of our red letter is obvious to all, and this is the result of everyone’s choice!” Lu Zixin also said righteously.

Lancelot was not angry, still smiled and said: “Two representatives, we have considered your opinions. The quantum computer standard of Red Letter Group is indeed very informative, but this time choice is for the whole industry. The standards are used all over the world, so we have to consider everyone’s opinions.”

Walter also said: “Re-election is to make the results more accurate. If everyone supports your standards, you can still get the highest number of votes!”

“The two chairmen are right, I support re-election!” Plit took the lead in support, and representatives of other agencies also voiced their voices and expressed support for re-election.

“This… this is partiality!” Teacher Tian did not use English, but whispered in Chinese dialect.

“Professor Tian, ​​re-election will re-elect, we still insist on our own vote.” The people next to him said helplessly, how can these Chinese representatives not see this little action of the other side?

It’s just that they have too many supporters, and now they are forcibly protesting, and it is estimated that they will not get results.

“Well, since everyone says re-election, then re-elect!” Lu Zixin stood up, loudly said. “Before re-election, I want to tell you one thing!”

Representatives of the agencies looked at Lu Zixin, Lu Zixin loudly said: “The two chairmen and Vice-Chairman Tolan mentioned that the vote was to select a standard suitable for commercial quantum computers.”

“And our red letter, in addition to the quantum computer technology already demonstrated, we have also successfully developed a superconducting quantum computer that can be commercialized on a large scale! It turns out that using our standards is absolutely correct!”

“Heavens, can they already commercialize quantum computers?” Representatives of some foreign research institutions marveled.

“If it is true, then we directly choose the standard of Red Letter Group, which will allow us not to take a lot of detours.” Some representatives do not care whether the standard is Red Letter Group or IBM or Intel. Anyway, it is not theirs. They are convenient, so choose whoever.

“There is nothing to say!” Plitt said quickly. “We have built commercial quantum computers a few years ago.”

If you don’t talk about performance, he is right, some representatives hesitate.

“Everyone please be quiet, we are now starting the second round of voting, this time there are only three options, IBM, Intel, and Red Letter Group from China.” Lancelot said.

Check again and start again.

At the beginning, Lu Zixin and other Chinese representatives, decisively voted Red Letter Group, seven tickets.

Later, some of the representatives who supported them also voted, and the number of votes quickly reached the 23 ticket, and this time, followed by IBM, 19 votes, then Intel 10 votes, five representatives chose to abstain, others are still waiting to see.

In a short period of time, Red Letter Group seems to have taken the lead again. But Lu Zixin always felt that things would not be so simple, because at this time, the representative of Intel had not voted. It is reasonable to say that he should vote for his company for the first time, but he did not.

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