BTC Chapter 392 : We refuse!

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“Don’t he think?” Lu Zixin suddenly realized what was happening. Now Red Letter Group is far ahead. In the next representative, he will vote for red letter, and Red Letter Group will be the first.

But if the votes of Intel and IBM add up, the result is not known!

His thoughts fell, and he saw Intel’s representative vote for IBM! As the world’s top computer hardware manufacturer, they actually put down the pride of Intel and voted for IBM, which is a competitor!

Teacher Tian and others widened their eyes. They absolutely did not think that the two giant companies would join hands!

Sure enough, after representatives of Intel voted for IBM, some of the wait-and-see representatives voted. The voting goal is IBM!

Soon, IBM’s votes reached 35 votes, Intel’s subsequent votes did not rise and Red Letter Group had a strong 30 ticket!

Those representatives knew that the standards of Red Letter Group were the most appropriate, but the results were still affected by other factors.

Seeing the results, Lu Zixin’s face has cooled down, as did Teacher Tian and others.

On the other hand, Lancelot, Walter, Plit, and so on, are a happy look, completely unmasked!

“Very well, except for the five representatives who abstained, I can be honored to announce that this vote on the world’s quantum computer standards has been selected from the standards of IBM International Business Machines Co., Ltd….” Lancelot said loudly the announcement.

“Oh…” Some people can’t wait to start applauding.

“Wait!” Lu Zixin stood up and interrupted them.

His eyes were cold and he looked directly at Lancelot. He said: “I feel that the result of this vote is not acceptable. Some of the votes of the delegates have obvious purpose and do not conform to the principle of fair voting!”

Lancelot is not surprised at all. If Red Letter Group is convinced, he is not afraid. The result of the vote has already come out. Here is their home court. It is good to appease.

“Mister Lu, I don’t agree with you. This vote is all publicity, there is no problem! The results of the vote are selected by representatives from major computer research institutions all over the world. You are also involved.”

Tolan Bell also said: “Mister Lu, I know that you want to choose your own company, but everyone’s opinions don’t think so. Please respect our vote and respect the fairness of our IEEE Association and American Computer Association!”

“Respect?” Teacher Tian also stood up and spoke for Red Letter Group. He said: “Red Letter Group won the first vote. You feel that the first and second gaps are too small, so you have to re-elect.”

“We respect your decision. Now the votes of Red Letter Group and IBM are only five votes, so we also ask for a re-elect!”

Lancelot shook his head and continued: “This is not the same. The result of each vote will be not far behind. If we keep re-elect, then our vote will be meaningless and this time, IBM’s standard is greatly affected. Most of the accredited, no need to re-attend.”

“American Computer Society is also this view, there is no need to re-elect. The result of the vote is IBM!” Walter also voiced support for Lancelot.

As a representative of IBM, Plit also stood up and said: “Two, unfortunately, I also think that the standards of Red Letter Group have certain reference, but this is a recognized result, and you are undeniable.”

“IBM will continue to improve standards and technologies, and strive to bring the most appropriate quantum computer standard for computer industry worldwide! Thank you for your support!”

After Plit finished, many people began to applaud!

The China representatives are ugly, and this is cheating. By relying on many people, they forcibly changed the voting results!

If this standard is recognized by international community, then Chinese companies will have to be sucked up by these American companies as before!

Teacher Tian shouted directly: “You completely deviate from the principle of voting! We are going to choose the most suitable quantum computer standard for commercialization, not to choose countries and enterprises!”

“Sir, please sit down,” said a member of American Computer Society.

“Everyone!” At this moment, Lu Zixin suddenly shouted loudly, and the sound of the translator shocked the eardrum.

“Mister Lu, what do you think, we can communicate privately.” Lancelot comforted.

“No, we are not you, communicate privately!” Lu Zixin sneered.

Walter said seriously: “Mister Lu, here is the occasion of the international computer Science and Technology exchange, please pay attention to the words!”

“International Computer Science and Technology Exchange? I want to ask, is the standard of the computer yours, or is it technical?” Lu Zixin asked directly, “Everyone has seen that our quantum computers lead countless times from yours! Why? Should we abandon advanced standards and use relatively backward standards?”

“Is it because our Red Letter Group is not an American company, so we don’t get the highest vote? Mr. Chairman?”

Lu Zixin’s words are extremely sharp, and the sentences are questioning the fairness of voting results, making IEEE Association and American Computer Association look very ugly!

Walter directly yelled: “You are defamation! Our American Computer Association will never favor any party. This is the absolute result of the vote!”

Lancelot said: “The IEEE is a stateless international organization. It is definitely not biased against any company or institution because of the country! Mister Lu, if you are unreasonable, please withdraw temporarily! Do not affect our publication standards!”

The representatives from China, all looked at Lu Zixin with a worried look. Although they also oppose each other’s unfair behavior, the two associations are international authoritative organizations.

In the computer field, their standards are recognized by the international community. In comparison, they are too weak in the professional field! Now Lu Zixin is openly questioning and opposing. I don’t know how to end it?

Lu Zixin still stood straight and looked away from representatives from various countries and institutions. He said: “If the Science and Technology exchange meeting is to let the technology fall back, what is the significance of our gathering here?”

“If IEEE and American Computer Society cannot choose standards on the basis of fairness, then why do we need to recognize your authority and standards?”

“So, today, here, I solemnly declare: ‘Red Letter Group will refuse to recognize IEEE Association and American Computer Society standards for quantum computers and withdraw from global supercomputer conference!’”

“We will manufacture commercial quantum computers with our standards! And welcome everyone to use the standards of Red Letter Group!”

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