MST Chapter 188 : Visit Hospital

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Lung cancer !

Teacher Fan got Lung cancer? How come Lung cancer?

The word Lung cancer is like a heavy hammer on Ye Guang head, so that he can’t come back to his senses.

Ye Guang squinted and asked incredulously, “Mrs. Fan… You… Is it true? Teacher Fan, he really…”

Teacher Fan wife nodded, looked sad, “It’s true. I can’t make a joke about this. It has been a while. Your Teacher Fan has been in the hospital for several months… Probably not too optimistic.” Teacher Fan wife said that, her eyes were a little red.

Affirmed, Ye Guang was silent for a long time. It was a happy thing to meet old man. Ye Guang was happy at first, but suddenly he learned from Teacher Fan wife about Teacher Fan Lung cancer. In an instant, Ye Guang’s heart became heavy, and Teacher Fan kind smile and confucian smile came to mind.

It took a long time for Ye Guang to come back to his senses, “Mrs, in which hospital Teacher Fan is, I want to see him.”

Teacher Fan wife, “No, thank you Little Ye. I know, you are worried about your teacher, but don’t bother.”

Ye Guang shook his head and said, “No, Mrs, tell me, I definitely have to go see Teacher Fan.”

Teacher Fan wife thought for a moment, “Well, then you have time to visit your teacher. I believe he will be very happy to see you. It’s in 312th ward of inpatient department in city hospital. If you have time to come. If you don’t have it, ask the nurse’s station to find out.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Okay, Mrs, you leave me a call, I will go now. If I can’t find it, I will call you.”

Teacher Fan wife: “Go now?”

Ye Guang said, “Go now!” He remembered Teacher Fan in his heart. Since he knows the news, he definitely doesn’t want to delay it. Even if Ye Guang went tomorrow, I’m afraid I have to worry about it tonight. I don’t have a good sleep.

Teacher Fan wife smiled, “You have a heart, OK. Then go, I will not accompany you. I can’t leave. There are many people this weekend. I can earn more.”

Ye Guang: “Okay, you are busy, I’ll find it myself. If I can’t find it, I will call you.”

After chatting with Teacher Fan wife. Ye Guang took Yiyi and left the playground in a hurry. Yiyi was not happy, but did not say anything. She knew Ye Guang is very anxious now. She could hear what Ye Guang and Teacher Fan wife said.

“Yiyi, I will send you home first, I have something to do, I’m sorry, I can’t play with you today, I will take you to play next time.” Ye Guang said sorry to Yiyi.

Yiyi nodded, no noisy or trouble. I have to say, Yiyi is really sensible, knowing the priorities, or switching to other children, maybe it’s already starting to make noise or trouble right now. However, Yiyi still a bit disappointed. She said it was a good day to play, but in fact only played for a long time, and spent the afternoon in that small skewers stall. The only thing that made Yiyi a little happy was eating a lot of delicious skewers, which is not a loss.

“Don’t be unhappy, I will buy you snacks tomorrow.” Ye Guang comforted her.

Yiyi’s eyes brightened, and her mood instantly became much more happy. The best way to comfort foodies is to give him food. This is the best way, there is no one.

Ye Guang returned home with Yiyi.

Liu Chiyan is lazily leaning back on the sofa while watching TV.

When she saw Ye Guang and Yiyi coming back, Liu Chiyan looked at the time and asked, “How come back so early?”

Ye Guang: “There was something temporarily, so I sent Yiyi back first.”

Liu Chiyan: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Guang: “Go to the hospital to see a patient, my high school teacher.”

Liu Chiyan nodded, didn’t ask much, “Oh, then go, be careful on the road, remember to buy something.”

Ye Guang nodded, took the car key and went outside. He took two steps, thought of something, and turned back. “Liu’er, can you give me some money?”

Liu Chiyan was startled and then asked, “Oh, how much.”

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “I don’t know, let me get some first, not enough, I will call you.”

Liu Chiyan glanced at him and said nothing. She returned to the room and brought a bank card to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang took a look, well, the card is the last time he took Yiyi to go shopping, how much money is there? It seems to be 10 million, but Ye Guang memory is not clear.

“This, don’t need so much.”

Liu Chiyan gave him the card, “I didn’t let you use it up. You have to spend all, come back to kneel on keyboard!! Hold it first, if not enough, call me.”

Ye Guang smiled. “My wife is the best. Then I’m leaving, I don’t have to eat at night, I don’t know when I will be back.”

“Go, go, come back early, don’t come back and make a call.” Liu Chiyan waved her hand, “Also, don’t hide private money. If I found it, hum!”

Ye Guang’s sly smile, then turned and went out.

Ye Guang asked Liu Chiyan for money because he was afraid that Teacher Fan needed it. In fact, he thought it should be necessary. Otherwise, Teacher Fan wife could not go to the playground to sell a string. It must be difficult in terms of money.

Ye Guang respected Teacher Fan, so I thought I could help him with the point, and then I asked for money from Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan also guessed Ye Guang want money do, go to a doctor, if just buy some fruit, Ye Guang don’t need to ask her. Since he asked for it, it would definitely not be eight hundred and one thousand things. Liu Chiyan is in charge of Ye Guang financial, but this is divided how to use. As long as Ye Guang is not used to spend money, Liu Chiyan has never stingy when it comes to spending money. Supposedly, if it is the authentic housekeeper, this is actually the case. It’s more time to take care of it. The man goes to see the patient and asks for money. It’s clear that he is just a high school teacher. The woman who is the real housekeeper should restrain her man at this time.

But Liu Chiyan didn’t. First, she really rich, as long as Ye Guang doesn’t mess around, she doesn’t matter how he spends the rest. Second, Liu Chiyan is a clever woman. At this time, even though she is justified, she doesn’t give it. Said to Ye Guang, everything in the past. Even if Ye Guang doesn’t say anything, but Ye Guang will definitely leave a lump in his heart afterwards. If the patient really has some problems because the lack of money, then the lump can be big, which is extremely detrimental to the relationship between both parties.

Smart woman will control men, but a smart woman knows better how to manage a man. What should be controlled, and what shouldn’t be.

Ye Guang went out and found a fruit shop to buy some fruit and hurried to the hospital.

City hospital is quite big, and the inpatient department is also big. Ye Guang looked around and found the nurse station and asked where Mr. Fan’s 312 ward was.

Walking along the corridor in the direction of the nurse. At the corner of the corridor, a doctor in a white coat and a pretty lady were talking.

“The situation is not optimistic. The surgical results are not ideal. The tumor has been removed, but the cancer cells have been spreading.”

“How can this happen… Isn’t it said surgical removal of the tumor has a certain chance to control the further spread of cancer?”

“It’s just that there is a certain chance, now the patient is in this situation, I am afraid… your family members must be mentally prepared.”

“Is there any other way?”

“We can do everything we can, we can only rely on drugs to control as much as possible, but there is a new type of imported drugs, the effect may be better, that is, the price is somewhat expensive.”

“It doesn’t matter, we use it!”

“The new type of drug is indeed more expensive. I personally do not recommend using new drugs in this case. If I change the drug, first course treatment cost is estimated more than 300,000. Moreover, you have already owed more than 70,000 medical expenses to the hospital, and so……”

“Well, I know, we will try to get the money together as soon as possible, can you give me the new drug first?”

“I am afraid, this is not possible. You have already owed a lot. You have to pay the medical expenses as soon as possible. Otherwise, don’t say new drugs, that is, the drugs at this stage must stop…”

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