MST Chapter 189 : See Teacher Fan

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Ye Guang heard some conversation between the doctor and the woman, but he didn’t care. He carried the fruit along the corridor and looked at the number plates of the wards to find Teacher Fan’s ward

After looking for a while, Ye Guang finally found 312 ward. Through the glass on the door, Ye Guang looked inside and could see there was a patient lying on the bed. Ye Guang did not see it because of the angle of view. face.


Ye Guang knocks on the door.

“…Come in.” A weak voice came from inside.

Ye Guang pushed the door in, and then said with a violent heart. He saw clearly it was indeed Teacher Fan on the hospital bed. He could recognize him, but Teacher Fan current appearance is completely different from what he remembered. In his impression, Teacher Fan is very strong, ruddy complexion, full of energy, a little fat, rich and elegant.

Is it really Teacher Fan on the hospital bed? The person lying on the hospital bed had a yellow and haggard face, skinny as a firewood, sunken eye sockets, and his hands were as thin as two dry bones, as if they were already skin and bones, and no flesh color was visible.

Ye Guang stunned.

The person in the hospital bed kept looking at Ye Guang with muddy eyes, there was some confusion in his eyes.

“You are… Little Ye?” Teacher Fan asked indefinitely.

Ye Guang returned to his sense and quickly walked over, “Teacher Fan, it’s me, it’s me, Ye Guang.”

Teacher Fan haggard face showed a happy expression, “Little Ye, it’s really you, why are you here.”

Ye Guang: “Teacher Fan, I’ll come and see you.”

Teacher Fan questioned, “How do you know that I am here?”

Ye Guang: “I meet teacher wife and asked about your situation. I know that you are here, I will come over to see you.”

Teacher Fan smiled, “Okay, okay, thank you Little Ye. I haven’t seen you for so many years. Thank you for remembering me, Little Ye, yes, taller, stronger, more athletic than before, the change is not small.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Yes, when I graduated from high school, I still growing up. The changes in these years are quite big. Teacher Fan, I didn’t expect you to recognize me.”

Teacher Fan: “Hey, can I still not recognize you? You are my most proud student, don’t say these four years, that is, after ten years, you appear in front of me, I still recognize you.”

Ye Guang laughed, “Teacher Fan, where have you been in these years? The family has moved. The school’s work has also resigned. I have been inquiring about it for a long time, but there is no news from you. I don’t know if you are hospitalized here.”

Teacher Fan waved his hand, “I lost my job for a personal reason when you graduated. I moved to the north and lived for a few years with the daughter. This is not because I am sick, I don’t have much time to live, thinking that the fallen leaves could die in his hometown. came back.”

Ye Guang quickly said: “Teacher Fan, don’t say this, your illness will be better.”

Teacher Fan smiled, “I know my own illness. I can’t live for a few days. Little Ye, you don’t have to comfort me.”

Ye Guang stunned, I don’t know how to answer. Lung cancer, is still a worldwide problem, the cure is extremely low, and looking at Teacher Fan’s current appearance, I am afraid the situation is not very optimistic.

Ye Guang is in a heavy mood and doesn’t know what to say.

Teacher Fan waved his hand very freely and easy, “Birth, old age, sickness and death each have their destiny. Little Ye, you don’t have to be sorry for me, don’t talk about me. Little Ye, talk about you, I haven’t seen you for so many years, how are you?”

Ye Guang also followed Teacher Fan words and smiled. “I, I’m alright, that’s it, not long after graduation from college, just mixed up.”

Hearing Ye Guang say this, Teacher Fan is not happy, “How can you be mixed? You were my most proud student in the past. Teacher always had great expectations for you. It is your reckless kid. When you take the college entrance examination, when volunteered for the college entrance examination, you filled in randomly. I was very angry at the time..”

Ye Guang smirked.

Teacher Fan went on to say, “However, it is not important to study any major. It is important to do something meaningful. Little Ye, the teacher has to criticize you. You must not mix up and you must do things well and steadily. Even if you can’t contribute to the country, you can’t cause trouble to the country, you know.”

Ye Guang quickly said, “Teacher Fan, don’t be angry. Look at you, you still know how to educate people. I will say this, I’m okay now. I’m married. It’s not a bad job to benefit the country and the people, but it’s not bad. Don’t worry, I was taught by you. I will definitely not mess around and cause trouble to the country.”

Teacher Fan nodded, “That’s good, doesn’t matter whether it’s high or low work. As long as you work hard, you are contributing to the country. Oh, Little Ye, are you married?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, I got married in April this year. I still haven’t done a wedding. When I do a wedding, you must come.”

Teacher Fan laughed happily, “Okay, it’s good to get married. You, you are smart and clever, but you have a lot of playfulness. Someone can takes care of you if you are married.”

Ye Guang laughed.

Ye Guang and Fan Zhijing met again. There were a lot of topics. The two chatted very happy. During the conversation, someone pushed in the door.

“Huh, Dad, there are guests coming.”

Ye Guang looked back and then stunned. He had seen the person who opened the door, it was the beautiful woman who communicated with the doctor in the corridor before he came to the teacher’s ward. Although Ye Guang didn’t listen carefully to what she said to the doctor. But I also heard a general idea. This woman is called Teacher Fan’s Dad, then… She just talked to the doctor about Teacher Fan?

Thinking of the words the woman and the doctor just said, Ye Guang’s heart is fierce, Teacher Fan really wants… Ye Guang is not willing to think about it.

“Qingwen.” Teacher Fan laughed, “Come, let me introduce him. This is my student, Little Ye, Ye Guang.” Teacher Fan said, then he introduced her to Ye Guang, “Little Ye, this is my daughter, Qingwen.”

Ye Guang quickly got up and reached out, “Sister Qingwen, hello.”

Fan Qingwen looked at Ye Guang, reached out and shook his hand, “Little Ye, hello, you sit, I will pour you a glass of water.”

Fan Qingwen: “Dad, I didn’t expect your students come to see you.”

Teacher Fan: “Your child, how do you talk, why can’t I have students come to see me.”

Fan Qingwen said while pouring water, “Come on, you haven’t taught for several years. Some students still remember you. And the poor students you sponsored so special. All of them are white-eyed wolves.”

Teacher Fan: “That’s two different things.”

Ye Guang was puzzled and asked, “Sister Qingwen, what do you mean by this?”

Fan Qingwen thought about it and said, “Then I’ll talk about it. I’ll be angry when I think of this.” Fan Qingwen is somewhat angry, “My dad has been funding a group of poor students to go to school many years ago. The number is quite large. There are a dozen or twenty people of all ages, including elementary school, middle school, and university. It turns out, more than half of my dad’s salary is spent on funding these students.”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Teacher Fan has always been so dignified.”

Fan Qingwen said, “My dad is high-spirited, but what about the students he subsidized? One by one is a white-eyed wolf who doesn’t recognize people. Little Ye, you said, if someone has been funding you from elementary school to college, I don’t ask you to pay back, but at least you have to be grateful, right?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, that’s for sure.”

Fan Qingwen continued, “But those students my dad funded is better than other. My dad has been sick for a while. because he is sick, his family’s savings is used to pay for medical expenses. My dad has no money to continue to fund those students, but what about those students? I don’t want them to give money for my dad treatment, because they are originally poor students, but because my dad can’t continue funding, you hate my dad instead. What’s going on?”

Ye Guang: “Ah, there is such a thing?”

Is it hatred without funding? Is there such a thing? Can a person be like this?

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