BTC Chapter 393 : Withdrawal

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Lu Zixin’s remarks made Lancelot, Walter and others angry. This is a blatant challenge to their industry authority, trying to break the rules they set!

“Good!” Lancelot replaced the smiling face, and coldly said: “Since Red Letter Group does not follow the rules and publicly swears at our IEEE Association. From today, including the next global supercomputer conference, we will refuse to invite Red Letter Group to participate in the academic conferences of the industry!”

“The same is true for American Computer Association!” Walter also expressed his attitude.

Representatives from all over the world and institutions looked at Lu Zixin. They were absolutely not thinking that this Chinese person was so just like this, and turned his face directly at the conference table!

According to their impression of Chinese, Red Letter Group should protest and then continue to protest. The IEEE is a little comforting. The fact is that Lu Zixin is going to withdrawal directly and denies the decision of IEEE and American Computer Society.

Teacher Tian and other Chinese representatives looked at Lu Zixin worriedly, although they were also angry at the unfair treatment. But reason tells them that if they really fall out with them, they will be hard to go on the computer industry in the future.

The core technologies are in the hands of these associations and foreign big companies. If the other party has technical restrictions on what kind of “arbitration” they come from, they will be struggling.

“The meeting from the fair and scientific spirit, Red Letter Group does not participate in it!” Lu Zixin’s position is very firm. He directly said: “China has computer research institutions and computer associations. We will hold our own standard academics in China. At the meeting, friends from all over the world are welcome to attend. Of course, except for you.”

Lu Zixin’s hard-to-find attitude makes them stunned, and this is a little room for relaxation!

Lu Zixin has already taken the lead when everyone has not responded!

“This… he…” The remaining China representatives and institutions were somewhat overwhelmed. Teacher Tian gnawed his teeth and said: “Our China Computer Research Center also withdrew from the conference!”

After all, he also turned and left the venue, and several other representatives saw it and quickly followed.

Lancelot and others looked cold and watched them leave.

“Exit the conference?” Lancelot sneered. “Without you, we will still issue standards. When the world uses this standard, see how you play!”

“President Lu, President Lu, you wait!” Professor Tian caught up with Lu Zixin and said, panting, “President Lu, you just said it is good – but you should calm down first, and we have other ways to deal with this. ”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Professor Tian, ​​thank you for your support to our group. You can rest assured, I said it will be done. After returning home, I will write to National Academy of Sciences, and will not make you difficult to do.”

Professor Tian shook his head and said, “I am so old, can I still have this responsibility? The IEEE and American Computer Association have made it clear that it is a black-box operation. Of course I will not agree.”

“But it’s important that most countries in the world now recognize their authority. Once they publish the quantum computer standard, then industry-related manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers around the world, whether upstream or downstream. , will do according to this standard.”

“This is very unfavorable for the development of the quantum computer industry in our country, so I feel that we can join the representatives of other countries to protest together, invalidate the vote, or delay the vote.”

He thought very thoughtfully, but he still couldn’t understand Lu Zixin’s determination.

Lu Zixin simply said: “Professor Tian, ​​what I just said is not impulsive. If you say that IEEE and American Computer Association must have all kinds of moves to deal with us, in the end, we are just changing one way to compromise.”

“So just get rid of them, announce our own standards, and all according to our standards. If they don’t agree, let them play. When we unify the market, the scientific research institutions and computer industries in other countries will naturally keep up. ”

“Oh, that’s what it is, but if it’s so easy, we won’t do it for more than 30 years!” Professor Tian sighed, and he felt that Lu Zixin was too taken for granted.

Those foreign institutions and enterprises, from the beginning of computer industry, have always controlled the absolute right to speak. How easy is it to overthrow them?

Even if the quantum computer of Red Letter is really advanced, can the quantum computer really replace the traditional computer for the general public?

An emerging industry cannot develop if it does not have enough profit to support it.

“Forget it, we will discuss this later. Now we are leaving, the response is very strong, I have to deal with it.” Professor Tian can’t convince Lu Zixin in a short time, can only put this thing aside for the time being and rush to deal other things.

Lu Zixin also had a lot of things to deal with. As soon as he left the scene, he contacted Su Zhirong, because the following public opinion work must be very heavy.

“What? Are you leaving?” Su Zhirong shocked voice came from the phone.

“Well, what do you think? Am I too impulsive?” Lu Zixin asked.

“No, I support you!” Su Zhirong said firmly. “We are not the first time anyway. It was the same when US Federal Communications Commission imposed a ban on us. It is just a change in the field.”

“Yeah, we have to be prepared, maybe they will announce what sanctions are against our group.” Lu Zixin’s mood suddenly improved a lot, Su Zhirong’s words made him happy than those sweet words.

“Well, I will deal with the withdrawal first.”

“Yes, I am responsible for contacting the country, let them post an announcement, and I’ll pick you up when I’m not busy.” Lu Zixin cut off the communication.

At this moment, New Orleans Convention Center is making a mess.

A number of Chinese companies and institutions, led by Red Letter Group, suddenly left the scene, leaving many people confused.

“President Lu, do your Red Letter Group want to leave?” Even president Bai Chenghui got the news and immediately called Lu Zixin.

“Yeah, we immediately withdrew and immediately returned to China.”

“So anxious? If you don’t have a meal at night, I have made a few foreign friends. In fact, there are other ways to deal with this matter.” Bai Chenghui said.

“Thanks to Mr. Bai kindness, I don’t need it for the time being,” Lu Zixin said. “When IEEE and American Computer Society announce the results of the vote, let’s talk about it.”

“Okay.” Bai Chenghui did not say much, said: “There is time for us to talk again.”

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