MST Chapter 172 : Final song selection

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Several big music figures have got their own songs. After chatting for a while, they have not waited for a long time to leave.

Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang and Jiang Xin also left the TV station and returned to hotel.

at night

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang discussed the song to be sung tomorrow.

Liu Chiyan: “Do you have any thoughts about love and courage? You can write this.”

Ye Guang: “Yes, I have already thought about it, just write this? So no confidence? There is still a second game after the first game.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “It’s not that meaning, it’s not that I don’t have confidence. The second proposition is really affectionate. I have a song I want to sing.”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan with a puzzled look. “What song?”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “Remember the poem you wrote to me on the day of our wedding? There is that song. ”

Ye Guang suddenly realized, “You mean ‘When you are old’.”

Liu Chiyan, um, “Is there any more sincere love than a white-headed person?”

Ye Guang actually wants to say that there was, Ye Guang has some thoughts on the most sincere feelings of the second proposition. In fact, he did not think about love song for this proposition. When he learned this proposition, the first song appeared in his mind was not a love song, but a father who sang and cried countless people in his Dream World. The love of father is like a mountain. This kind of selfless and meaningless friendship is often like a mountain, it feels heavier than love.

But Liu Chiyan already had an idea, and Ye Guang didn’t say this song. ‘When you are old’, it’s actually good. Since Liu Chiyan wants to sing, then sing it.

Ye Guang: “Okay, if you like it, then sing it. I’ll make the song for you.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head, “No, I heard you sing the last time. I have already slowly pondered the song. I will show it to you. If it is not good, you are helping me to correct it.”

Said, Liu Chiyan took a small book from her carry-on bag and turned it to a page that wrote the song ‘When you are old’ and handed it to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang took it and looked at it. Not to mention, Liu Chiyan only heard it twice, and Ye Guang did not have Melody Knowledge at the time, he sang a lot of tones, the tune Liu Chiyan pondered is almost identical to Dream World. It must be said that Goddess Liu is still somewhat talented, not just beautiful.

Ye Guang helped Liu Chiyan to make a few minor changes, then return the book to Liu Chiyan. In fact, Liu Chiyan can sing directly according to her own composition. There is not much problem. In general, the songs are changed a little, but Ye Guang still try to be consistent with Dream World.

Ye Guang felt that he had already copied other people’s things, and it would be a bit bad to not let people’s works appear after all. So, Ye Guang is unwilling to make too many changes to Dream World’s work. Even though there are some places where Dream World’s work is flawed, it may be better to change it, but Ye Guang chose to follow the version of Dream World. It is his only tribute to the original creator.

Changed the song of ‘When you are old’, Ye Guang wrote another song with other proposition.

When writing, Liu Chiyan looked at him and looked at the lyrics written by Ye Guang. Liu Chiyan’s eyes became a crescent moon. This song, the more she see it, the more she like it, the more she thinks it is the songs Ye Guang tailored for them.

Still waiting for Ye Guang to compose music, Liu Chiyan said with joy, “I like this song too much.”

Ye Guang smiled. “I haven’t composed yet.”

“I like it without composing.” Liu Chiyan took Ye Guang arms and shouted with a sweet voice. “Is this husband’s song written for us?”

Ye Guang trembled.

What did Liu Chiyan call him just now… Ye Guang felt a little dizzy, and his whole body seemed to be a little floating.

It seems that this is the first time that Liu Chiyan calls him this way. Originally, Ye Guang used to call Liu Chiyan as ‘wife’, but Liu Chiyan has always called him by his name, and today is the first time she called ‘husband’.

Ye Guang feels that the whole person is numb, and it seemed that something called skin bumps appeared. He calmed down, and Ye Guang responded, “Well, it is written to us, you like it.” At this time, where could he say no?.

Liu Chiyan whispered softly, leaning her head against Ye Guang shoulder. “Love really needs courage to face gossip, but as long as we affirm each other, love makes sense.”

The song written by Ye Guang is ‘courage’ of Dream World, a very classic track.

Liu Chiyan likes this song very much, because the lyrics of this song have deeply resonated with her.

‘Finally made this decision, what other people say I don’t care.’

Doesn’t this lyric mean that she did not hesitate to hide her decision to marry Ye Guang??

‘As long as you’re equally sure. I’d like to go with you at the end of the world’

There is also this sentence, Liu Chiyan has moved her studio to Nanchang for Ye Guang.

‘Love really needs courage to face rumors’

This sentence is also very appropriate, There is indeed a gap between Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang identity. One is a famous Chinese Heavenly Queen, one is unknown young man. They relationship has not been exposed yet, but once it is exposed, there will definitely be countless rumors spread. At that time, in the face of external rumors and pressure from Liu Chiyan fans, undoubtedly, both of them will need a lot of courage to face each other.


The more Liu Chiyan watched this song, the more she liked it, urging Ye Guang to let him make the score.

After a while, Ye Guang wrote the song.

Liu Chiyan took the tune and began to practice the song humming.

Ye Guang: “It’s so late, let’s practice tomorrow..”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “No, I have to learn to sing this song now!”

Ye Guang Hehe smiled and let her go. “You can practice it,  keep quiet, don’t yell at the neighbor.”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, it won’t be too loud, and it will be fine louder. This room has good soundproofing.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t know if it was because she liked this song so much that she was more involved. After practicing it a few times, she sang it in a modest manner.

But her singing style makes Ye Guang sound a little strange. Liang Jingru sings this song in Dream World. The style is somewhat sentimental, but Liu Chiyan sings this song have cheerful taste.

Sure enough, a person’s mood will affect the song she sang.

Although the style is different, but the tunes have not changed, Liu Chiyan’s voice is good, so singing is not bad, Ye Guang did not let her change.

She likes it.

The next day.

Liu Chiyan handed the two prepared songs to the show team, and attached the poems ‘When you are old’, hoping that the show team can put them out on the big screen to make the stage background.

The program team replied that it can only arrange as much as possible. Most of the strongest songs are basically original songs, and there is no rehearsal, and they are live broadcasts, so basically there is no too delicate stage art, background and other things to cooperate with the singing, most of them rely on lighting to rendering the atmosphere. Even if there is a stage and background, the program group will release the stage and background prepared in advance according to the style of the song, these pre-prepared stage and background and singers singing song is not really appropriate.

To prepare the background specifically for a song, this session of The Strongest Voice, Liu Chiyan was the first to ask for it.

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