MST Chapter 41 : Accompany you slowly to old

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Talking about the brokerage company, Ye Guang thought of Liu Chiyan originally signed with Century Media, the entertainment company in the domestic is also one of the top, the hands have a lot of big celebrity, these years the most outstanding, the highest achievement, when Liu Chiyan, have to say, Liu Chiyan can become China entertainment Heavenly Queen, in addition to her own conditions, in fact, a big reason is because of Century media packaging and publicity. Otherwise, there are so many people with good images under the sun, many who have the ability to have conditions, and those who have the ability and good image are no longer a minority, but why is it so small?

Entertainment companies may not be able to take you directly to the throne, but without the packaging of an entertainment company, it is almost impossible to get on the throne! If you can sit on the throne because of personal conditions, then the entertainment brokerage company is the cornerstone under the throne. Without the cornerstone, can the throne still be stable? I am afraid that it is not so easy. Take Liu Chiyan, because of the dismissal with Century Media, in recent years, the popularity is not as good as it used to be.

Ye Guang: “Right, I heard that you and Century Media have fallen out because of the contract. What happened?”

Liu Chiyan hear Ye Guang asked this question obviously some unhappy, pout small mouth said: “Hum, at the beginning I was small, and do not understand the curved circle around the entertainment, and they even coax with cheat signed a 10-year contract, is divided into 7:3, I’m 3, although after I became famous after the change into 5:5, But this partition has never changed since I became a Heavenly Queen. Heavenly Queen split mode is only 5:5, that is, those second-line celebrity are not limited to this proportion, the most irritating is that my contract expires, they actually want to renew the contract with 5:5! When am I stupid?”

“No, you are Heavenly Queen, how can the contract be divided so low? Still not comparable to the second line celebrity?” Ye Guang asked.

Liu Chiyan reluctantly said: “I gave them less money. Otherwise it can be because of what.”

Ye Guang was surprised: “Do you give them less?”

Liu Chiyan grinned. “I don’t walk, don’t take business, don’t even participate in activities. The only thing that can make money is the work. Although it is Heavenly Queen, it is also a famous name. The money earned is even better than some second-line celebrity.”

Ye Guang asked: “Why?”

“There are too many nests in the entertainment circle. I am afraid that I will fall into it when I accidentally do so, so I hardly do anything that has nothing to do with the work. I think it is pure, and I think that the artist celebrity should use the work to speak. Others want to do it, I don’t want to do it, don’t do it! I do not want to do!” Liu Chiyan said nothing.

Ye Guang nodded in agreement: “That is, so you opened studio yourself?”

Liu Chiyan sighed. “In fact, I didn’t have much ambition to open Studio. I just thought about myself as a boss, and I don’t have to be bound too much. After finishing with Century Media, I have to do something. I can’t sit on the mountain, and my fans are so many. I can’t just let them out of the entertainment circle and let them down. So I opened Studio and I have a copy of myself.”

Ye Guang nodded. “With your fame, it’s not difficult to open studio. It’s not a big deal to make it bigger and stronger.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “It is good to be bigger and stronger, but this is not what I want to do now…”

“Then what do you want to do most now.” Ye Guang wonders.

Liu Chiyan didn’t answer him immediately. Instead, she propped up slightly, raised her head, and took a proactive kiss on Ye Guang’s lips. Then she put it in his ear and said softly: “I didn’t have much to do before I met you. The thing that I want to do after meeting you is to marry you…”

Ye Guang smiled, scratching her little nose. “You have done this, you succeeded in tricking me.”

Liu Chiyan shouted at him with a shy gesture: “You lied to me.”

Ye Guang doesn’t fight her either. He smiled, “What do you want to say most now?”

Liu Chiyan posted in his ear, and her face was red, but Ye Guang didn’t see it. She said softly: “Now…What I want to do most is to accompany you slowly to the old…”

The sweet words in the bones make Ye Guang’s heart sway.

Ye Guang turned his head and looked at Liu Chiyan with love in her eyes.

Liu Chiyan gently spit out two words, “Kiss me.”

For a long time, the two people who kissed each other were separated by suffocation.

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan’s eyes and said affectionately: “Believe me, I will stay with you until old.”

Liu Chiyan said: “I believe you…Even if you are lying to me, I believe that I am willing to be deceived by you.”

Late at night.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are also in a dilemma. Liu Chiyan is in Ye Guang’s arms, and Ye Guang hugs her. “Sleep, stay up all night is not good, you can rest assured, I will hold you to sleep, not to you. What have you done?”

“You just don’t force me… Well, the other is anyway… up to you.” Liu Chiyan is soft and shy.

Ye Guang took the time to shine.


The next day.

The sun shines brightly.

Ye Guang likes to sleep late, and wakes up at ten o’clock.

It’s so cool to sleep, um, the bed is so soft, how is this environment… By the way, I was at Liu Chiyan’s house last night.

I reached out and touched it. I didn’t touch Liu Chiyan. Ye Guang tried to open his eyes and turned to look at it. Liu Chiyan was gone.

Ye Guang fell asleep, stretched out and saw a piece of paper on the bedside counter.

Open the paper: Breakfast is on the table, bought outside, there are no pots and pans at home, so I have to buy it for you personally. I went to Studio, you got up, if the breakfast was cold, put it in the microwave, remember to eat. Love you. Kiss kiss!

The handwriting is beautiful, and at the end, a little love is painted with a pen.

Ye Guang’s mouth is raised, full of sweetness and happiness.

I got up and washed, Ye Guang ate Liu Chiyan’s breakfast, a box of egg tarts, a sandwich, a hot dog, and a bag of milk. Liu Chiyan knew that he had a big appetite, was prepared enough, and the breakfast was cold, Ye Guang is too lazy to heat, the breakfast prepared by Liu Chiyan, how to eat is fragrant.

After breakfast, Ye Guang did not stay at home, driving to Liu Chiyan’s studio.

Today is an exception, later still have to pay attention to, although their relationship with Liu Chiyan is more special, but after all, in the eyes of outsiders he is only studio new member, the other first don’t say, at least work attitude is to correct, every day late or early to avoid someone see but eyes, And he is the Vice-President, have to set an example, otherwise not to bring bad studio atmosphere, but yesterday did not notice the other when he formally work, when today to enter the job!

Liu Chiyan’s home is very close to Studio, and it takes only a few minutes to drive.

On the first day of work, the car was parked in the underground garage, and Ye Guang felt a little at the door of Studio.

This is the place to fight for it in the future!

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