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“It’s so heavy!” Xue Yao was a little breathless and put Lu Zixin on the bed before she was relaxed.

Lu Zixin lay on his back on his bed, his eyes closed, in a state of half-consciousness and half faintness. Although his physical fitness has improved, it does not mean that he can immunize alcohol. Can those parallel universe superpowers also drink and get drunk?

Today, he drank a lot with Di Chao and Zhu An, and other people’s advice.

“Lu Zixin!” Xue Yao shouted twice and patted him and said, “Remember to take off your clothes, take a bath and sleep, I am gone.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin snorted, I don’t know if I heard Xue Yao’s words. Anyway, people are still lying in bed, no movement.

Xue Yao walked to the door and was about to leave. Looking back, Lu Zixin had already put the shoes on the sheets, and seemed to plan to sleep like this.

“Really, you don’t pay attention to it at all.” Xue Yao looked back and said, “Is it necessary to take off your shoes when you sleep?”

Lu Zixin didn’t say anything at this time. Xue Yao sighed slightly and said, “Yes, it’s cheaper for you today, waiting for you once.”

Said, she went to Lu Zixin to drag the shoes and socks, and took a basin of water to wash his feet.

Then she took off Lu Zixin’s coat, and Lu Zixin felt a little uncomfortable between the two, and then he pulled off the shirt inside, revealing a strong figure.

“You guy, wake up and get it yourself!” Xue Yao said, seeing Lu Zixin’s figure, she blushes slightly.

Lu Zixin’s muscles are not the explosive man-type explosive bulge, but the lines are well defined and the muscles are well-balanced, which is the result of the evolution of each cell.

However, this picture makes Xue Yao feel that the heartbeat is accelerating. The attraction between men and women is mutual.

“Do you want me to rub the body?” Xue Yao thought about it. She saw Lu Zixin’s clothes still have wine marks. He must have sprinkled it on my body, and I went to find a clean towel and wiped it for him.

Lu Zixin only feels warm and someone is gentle in serving him. After Xue Yao wiped his body, she dismissed his belt and fiddled with it, stuffing him into the bed.

“It’s finally got it, it’s really troublesome.”

Xue Yao looked at the sleeping Lu Zixin, a smile appeared on the pretty face, picked up the phone and took a few photos of him, and said to herself: “Sleeping like a child, rare to see, save. ”

After taking the photo, she was a little bit tangled, and she told her that she should leave, but she was a little inexplicable. Today is not just Lu Zixin drinking, she also drank some, but not completely drunk.

She sat by the bed and looked at Lu Zixin, whispering: “I was really happy when you came to power during the day, if it was true…”

She sighed, then carefully looked at Lu Zixin’s face, slowly leaned over and sneaked down.

“Well?” At this moment, Lu Zixin’s nose snorted, and Xue Yao was shocked and panicked to escape.

However, a strong arm caught her, and she didn’t know when Lu Zixin opened his eyes and saw Xue Yao, who was scared by the flowers.

A pair of fans with panic, limpid autumn water, eyes twitching, eyelashes, red lips, warm breath with a breath of breath, and two snow whites that are revealed by leaning over .

One of Lu Zixin’s nerves was ignited, his eyes were lost, and his instincts were greeted.

“Oh…” Alcohol was sprinkled between the breaths, and Xue Yao was also ignited. She stepped on the sheets directly in high heels and sat down.


The next day, Lu Zixin was awakened by the sound of a mobile phone. It was Di Chao who sent him a text message and asked him if he got up.

“I haven’t had much to drink for a long time.” Lu Zixin opened his eyes and suddenly felt something wrong.

“Last night?” Lu Zixin seemed to think of something, and quickly looked around, but did not find the person on the pillow.

The clothes were stacked neatly, and the sheets and shoes were cleaned up. Everything seemed to be fine.

But Lu Zixin found that the sheets broke a hole! It looks like it was cut by scissors, and the edges are still red, leaving a faint smell.

“Floating!” Lu Zixin tried to recall, “What did I do last night? It won’t be…”

Lu Zixin thought of a possibility, he was a little bit forced, and he was very embarrassed. What is this?

“No, Senior Sister, she…” Lu Zixin thought about it, or called Xue Yao.

“Hey, Senior Sister, what about you?” Lu Zixin asked, and felt wrong. He added: “I mean, you have nothing to do now?”

Xue Yao replied with a tired voice: “I am driving, the company has something, I have to hurry back.”

The nature she answered, Lu Zixin could not calm down, said: “That… is last night…”

He hasn’t finished yet, Xue Yao said with a smile : “I drank too much last night, I washed your clothes for you, there is hangover tea on the table, remember to drink. OK, hang up, I have to make up, I am trapped.”

Said, Xue Yao hung up the phone, leaving Lu Zixin a faceless, how to feel that Xue Yao is more calm than him. But Xue Yao is the first time…

After Lu Zixin got up, he quickly quit with Di Chao. For logistics drones, let Zhu An submit the project and let the company audit. As for how to start the project and how to conduct research, Lu Zixin will review after come back from Japan.

On the way to the airport, Lu Zixin is still struggling with this. He didn’t ask anyone, he had to ask in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

However, Lu Zixin only briefly mentioned the matter and immediately fell the contempt, especially Red Queen.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: slag, I don’t know you so weak!] @Mr. L, you are too weak, actually being mated by the same kind!”

Mr. L : “This is not a concept!”

Red Queen : “From the perspective of biological evolution, the more species with better varieties, you should enjoy more mating rights, which is conducive to the inheritance of good genes. The owner, you should do more. [emoticon: the decision is You, breed a pig!]”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen [emoticon: smash your screen along the wireless signal!]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: turn off the wireless signal in time to prevent the group owner GANK.]”

Tony Stark : “Oh, such a small thing, just get used to it.”

Mr. L : “So calm?”

Tony Stark : “When you are good enough, you will naturally attract different opposite sexes. I have experienced such things – oh, I can’t remember how many times.”

Lu Zixin feels that he is a white man. Tony Stark is the world-famous Young Master. As for Bruce Wayne, this big man is superb, but his personal emotional experience seems to be more than ten times richer than him!

And the little spider, he still wants to learn from others in this regard! Creator Luke, this big man is only worried about his own strength.

Optimus Prime and Red Queen don’t need to say anything, it’s not human.

Mr. L : “Forget it, don’t mention this, let’s talk about other things.”

“@Red Queen, I want to study drone logistics system, is there any reference material?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: send you a three-year college entrance exam, five years of simulation.]”

Tony Stark asked : “The drone, large or small, I just just developed a missile-carrying drone that locks satellites around the world and only needs one command to attack the enemy.”

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