BTC Chapter 384 : Supercomputer Ranking

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This conference is different from other conferences. There are very few amateur audiences. The participants are high-end talents who work in scientific research or have certain qualifications.

At the beginning of conference, it was a hundred flowers. Every company and organization brings its latest technology or product to display, and the most cutting-edge Science and Technology can be seen everywhere.

When I came here, Lu Zixin’s biggest feeling was that the strength of China Science and Technology industry was still too weak.

Here, there are scientific research institutions and high-Science and Technology companies from Americas and Europe, but there are very few from China, and they can count them with their fingers.

Even thinking, Ke Li, Tencent, Huawei, Shuguang, Inspur… These are the top Chinese companies in the computer or data and information industry, and they can come here.

In the venue, Lu Zixin is talking to several foreigners who are members of IEEE and American Computer Society.

“Mister Lu, Red Letter Group is first time to participate in the Global Supercomputing Conference. I welcome you on behalf of IEEE.” Vice President Tolan Bell said politely.

“Thank you, we are also honored to participate in such academic event.” Lu Zixin returned the ceremony and he shook hands with the others.

“Mister Lu, this time, your Red Letter Group is participating in the business of Computer High Science and Technology. I don’t know what achievements Red Letter Group has in this regard. Can you let us know?” An American asked first.

His name is Plit, an honorary fellow of American Computer Society and the head of a computer research center at IBM International Business Machines.

“Yeah, I am also very curious. As far as I know, Huawei and other companies that participates in the hardware supplier or the information and data industry. Only Red Letter Group is a leader in the computer industry.” Another person said, “And what surprised me the most is that in addition to computer software and computer hardware, I don’t know what computer other hardware products are available in Red Letter Group?”

This person’s words are obviously small and hostile, and several Americans next to him are watching Lu Zixin and others with the same look.

Lu Zixin is not familiar with them, but he also understands where their hostility comes from. When the previous Red Letter entered US market, tariffs, intellectual property fees, market possession, etc. almost sinned the high-profile Science and Technology companies in United States.

These people, more or less have interests with those companies, and are not friendly to Red Letters.

In particular, now that Red Letter want to enter the computer industry, this makes them feel the sense of crisis, so that the words also have a sense of excitement, want to explore the next intention of Red Letter Group.

Tolan Bell also smiled at Lu Zixin and did not speak. Obviously his attitude was consistent with others.

“Computer hardware, Red Letter Group is doing it, and it has achieved certain results. I believe everyone can see it soon.” Lu Zixin’s answer was very smooth, and he said that he did not say the same.

The other party is not satisfied, Plit continues: “I am very much looking forward to seeing the computer with Red Letter brand in the future, just like China Lianxiang Group, it is also very good.”

“Right, if Red Letter Group needs it, we are very happy to provide the necessary hardware.”

His words did not seem to have any problems on the surface, but in fact they secretly brought some intentional or unintentional shackles. Because even Lianxiang Group computer, although the Chinese brand, but the main hardware in the computer is a foreign product.

IBM, which Plit works for, is also a major supplier of hardware for Lianxiang Group. In their eyes, China’s computer is just a shell of assembled goods, the core things are all from them.

Lu Zixin said with a smile, “I think so too. If you need our Red Letter Group to provide hardware services in the future, we are willing to cooperate.”

A few Americans smiled as if they had heard a joke.

Tolan Bell stopped the topic and said: “Mister Lu, I am going to the global supercomputer ranking meeting soon, why not go with us?”

“That’s what I meant.” Lu Zixin nodded.

At this conference, the organizers will jointly select and publish the top 500 supercomputers in the world for computing speed in conjunction with the international top 500 organization.

This kind of action is not only to attract the public’s attention to the computer field, but also to compete with each other and promote the development of the industry.

In the venue, Lu Zixin met several other friends. Huawei President, Wu Zhigao, Bai Chenghui, President of Lianxiang Group, and several experts from Computer Technology Research Center of China National Academy of Sciences.

“Several Chinese friends,  what do you think are the TOP 3 supercomputers this year?” Tolan Bell suddenly asked.

“There are several supercomputers with top performance in the world this year, but to say that TOP 3, there are definitely two of us belonging to China.” A Chinese computer expert said proudly, “China Shenwei supercomputer has been ranked first for several consecutive supercomputers conference, and there is No. 2 Tianhe supercomputer, there is no problem in entering top three!”

“Hahaha!” Tolan Bell laughed and said: “The performance of the two supercomputers in China is really good, but this year, the situation may be a bit different.”

“Different?” Several computer experts from China showed a confused look. “Is there a mechanism to develop a supercomputer with better performance?”

“It will surprise you!” Plit said confidently, listening to his tone, it seems that there is really a supercomputer with faster computing.

Everyone entered the venue and began to judge the supercomputer. In addition to the information collected from international top 500, participants can also provide the latest supercomputer information, review them, and then rank them.

As soon as everyone arrived at the venue, they heard a heated discussion.

“Titanium II supercomputer, the calculation speed is faster than the previous China Shenwei supercomputer!”

“Floating point operations per second exceeds billions of times!”

“Our American supercomputer is still the best in the world!”

“Titan II?” A group of people from China are all surprised.

One expert said: “Titan supercomputer is a supercomputer under US Department of Energy. It was previously top ten supercomputer in the world. Is this Titan II an improved version of Titan supercomputer?”

“Yes!” said a member of American Computer Society. “Titan 2 supercomputer is a more powerful supercomputer that improved by Cray supercomputer based on Titan 1 supercomputer.”

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