BTC Chapter 200 : Is not a person!

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“He wants to smoke, give him a fire!” Outside the hall, came a Tang suit old man, then ordered.

As soon as he arrived, the crowd spread out automatically, and Zhu Jiehao hurriedly greeted him. He respectfully said: “Old Zhao.”

When the maid heard his instructions, she quickly rushed to Lu Zixin to offer the smoke. Lu Zixin sat in a chair and looked with natural look.

This person is about seventy years old, holding a faucet crutches, his hair is white, but his feet are steady, although the wrinkles are full of foreheads, but the look still exudes a majestic momentum.

“Lu boss, I know that you are very energetic on the mainland. But you dare to scatter on my site? you really don’t put my Guanghai in eyes?” Old man asked, behind him dozens of younger brothers in a row, together With a ferocious look, Lu Zixin is quite powerful.

“You can do something?” Lu Zixin spit a cigarette and asked.

Old man coldly snorted and said: “I am Zhao Yibai, the ninth sea of ​​Guanghai!”

Guanghai took the lead and called Old Hai, the one with the greatest power of the entire group.

Zhao Yibai continued: “I have lived these years, what kind of fierce person has seen. But like Lu boss, it is not awkward, but stupid!”

“There are people from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao who come here frequently. Who doesn’t give me a certain thin face? You can have more money, you can play again, pass the channel, you have to give me a plate!”

“Then I want to play the taste of the Raptors crossing the sea.” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“Over the sea?” Zhao Yibai squinted and gave a sharp look, “Do you think your bodyguard is very hard? Double fists are still hard to beat four hands. I don’t say four hands behind me, that is, four hundred fists can also be found. “

“And, we don’t just have fists!”

As soon as his voice fell, several younger brothers pointed their guns at Lu Zixin and Zhang Qiang.

“Zhang Qiang, whoever pointed the gun to me, will ruin their hand.” Lu Zixin ordered that it would not work to deal with these people by conventional means.

Lu Zixin’s voice fell, Zhang Qiang has already acted. He threw Zheng Hao on the ground and then rushed to the guys with guns.

“Old Zhao?” Zhu Xinghao asked Zhao Yibai, Zhao Yibai’s look was cold, and he took the leading cane to the ground and ordered: “Open the fire!”

In his view, Zhang Qiang is only the bodyguard of Lu Zixin, and it does not matter if it is done. If it is Lu Zixin, he has to measure it. After all, Lu Zixin’s identity is there. If he has an accident, it is definitely a big turmoil.

Several people raised their pistols at the same time, aimed at Zhang Qiang, ready to pull the trigger! Then at this moment, an invisible current surged out of Zhang Qiang’s body, almost at the same time, piercing their palms.

“Ah…” A few screams reminded me that there was a pungent smell in the hall. The palms of those gunmen were scorched and the firearms were destroyed!

Zhang Qiang rushed over and screwed up a portrait and threw it out like a throwing ball. He squatted on the wall and stunned him directly.

“Go to death!” Several slender watermelon knives and a few solid steel pipes were greeted by Zhang Qiang.

Xu Wenbin and Qi Xin closed their eyes almost at the same time, for fear of seeing the bloody splash on the spot.

However, this scene did not happen, a watermelon knife was cut on Zhang Qiang’s head, but even his hair was not cut off!

Zhang Qiang’s hair is also a strong current, and the guy who took the knife shook the whole body! The same is true of other weapons, even his fur is not hurt.

“Boom!” Only heard a loud noise, these people were all shot by Zhang Qiang, and the hustle and bustle!

The whole scene is very shocking. Dozens of horses with dozens of sharp weapons can be close to Zhang Qiang! And Zhang Qiang, like a King Kong, is rampant and invincible!

“He…” Zhu Jiehao looked silly. He had seen many fierce people, but he had never seen like this Zhang Qiang! This is not a human at all!

If you say that before today, someone can impervious to sword or spear, he absolutely does not believe! But now, this kind of person appears in front of his eyes! Not only impervious to sword or spear, but also endless!

The thick steel pipe was twisted into a twist, and the marble table, which was nearly a thousand pounds, was stepped in half by his foot!

He almost doubts that this is shooting the Terminator!

Not only him, but even Hainan’s Zhao Yibai of Guanghai frightened his faucet crutches! Before he saw this kind of thing, it was a dead person, and he could also understate it and let people pull it out.

Today, however, there are no dead people, but they are more terrifying than the dead! This is where the monster comes, no – it is a monster! No one can deal with him?

Dozens of younger brothers, less than a minute, all KO. If you dare to do it, you will be beaten, and the rest will see you.

They saw with their own eyes that they usually had the best skills and were able to play a few fierce men. They were dumped by Zhang Qiang, not to mention them.

“Up, you this group of waste!” Zhu Jiehao was terrified.

“He is not a human!” The younger brothers ran back in panic, and no one dared to confront Zhang Qiang.

“With a gun! He is awesome, can you stop the bullet?” Zhao Yibai could still calm down a bit. At this time, the person who took the gun outside the house shot Zhang Qiang directly.

“Death!” Tang Li and others cursed Zhang Qiang.

Who knows that Zhang Qiang did not care about the shooting of the bullets, and went straight to the gunman. The bullet hit him and he could only destroy his clothes, and did not hurt his body!


“What the hell is he, why not be afraid of bullets?”

“Run!” The younger brothers didn’t even have the courage to shoot, and they ran out.

“He… not afraid of bullets?” Xu Wenbin’s eyes are coming out quickly. Is there such a person in the world?

Qi Yan held his head and couldn’t look at it. He kept pleading: “Don’t kill me, it’s not my business!”

Tang Li, Zhu Jiehao, Zheng Yi, including Zhao Yibai, were scared at this time. They are so big, they have never seen such a monster!

Zhao Yibai also often said that the kung fu is higher and he is afraid of bricks. But today, they saw monsters that couldn’t even hurt by gun!

“Come back!” Lu Zixin ordered, he did not come to let Zhang Qiang be the Terminator, so he has not let Zhang Qiang take a life, as for the broken arm, then it should be undertaken by Guanghai.

Zhang Qiang immediately stopped moving and returned to Lu Zixin. The rays in his eyes swept all around and said to Lu Zixin: “There is a sniper in the southeast for 700 meters. Do you want to get rid of it?”

“Sniper?” Lu Zixin raised his mouth slightly and said, “Let me try, you cover me.”

Looking out through the window, 700 meters away is another tall building in the clubhouse, and the sniper is hidden in one of the floors. He thought he was well hidden, but he had already discovered by RI-8901.

“Yes.” RI-8901 has targeted snipers and even sniper rifles. Within 1% of the gunner’s reaction, it can destroy bullets and enemies with high-energy lasers.

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